Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Schwartz's vs CFA Date Night 2013

Sarah has been looking forward to her Daddy-Daughter date for weeks!  She seriously has told every person she has come in contact with about her upcoming date with her daddy.  So I'm glad that it's finally happened so she can move on to another topic.

The date started out a little rough.  Sarah woke up from nap time super grumpy.  She was still whiney and being a pain when Chris got home from work.  Chris basically had to swoop in and grab Sarah and head out the door to get to the zoo on time.  So her still being grumpy was not helping the situation.  And Cody fell apart when he realized Chris was leaving again.  It was a long week and the kids hadn't seen Chris since he put them to bed Sunday night (the date was Thursday evening).  So for Chris to come in, say hi, give kisses and then try to scoot Sarah and him out the door just broke poor little Cody's heart.  Luckily he perked up because he and I had a date planned too.  (Going to wal-mart then teaching a class a church, wohoo.)

I let Cody decide where he and I would go eat dinner.  He picked CFA so we headed there.  Just shortly after we ordered Chris texted "Call me.  Emergency".  So I did only to learn he and Sarah had just been in an accident.  They were rear ended, but thankfully no one was hurt and the driver that hit them was very apologetic and took full responsibility when the police arrived.  Also, luckily it happened in Millington so the police came quickly (instead of Memphis where it would have taken forever) so they didn't get completely soaked while they waited for the report to be filed and good stuff.

Right after the accident when I first spoke to him he didn't think they'd be able to go on the date.  I asked if the car was still drivable and since it was I encouraged him to still take Sarah to the Zoo date even if they were a little late.  Since I was at CFA I spoke to the manager on duty who communicated with the owner of that location who was at the Date Night and he made arrangements for Chris and Sarah to still be able to eat even if they were late.  Since the Millington police arrived quickly, and car was still drivable, Chris and Sarah were thankfully still able to get to CFA Daddy-Daughter date night. They missed out on a few of the activities that were supposed to be available but Sarah didn't know about them so she still had a great time with Chris.

Arriving at the Zoo for Date Night
This is my new favorite picture of Sarah.  It is a rare genuine smile caught on camera.  She has a beautiful smile but all I ever get is the cheesey forced one for pictures.

Our Chic-fil-a's in the Memphis area join together for Daddy-Daughter date night at host it at the Memphis Zoo with a sneak peak of Zoo lights.  Sarah was really excited.

Of course, it was still raining and they had no umbrella so the first thing they did when they got there was head straight to the gift shop and buy an umbrella.  Chris let Sarah pick one out.
Posing with her new umbrella.

Then they headed to the China Pavilion where dinner was being served.  Sarah got a goodie bag that included a pink tiara.  She loves it!
Dinner time.

After dinner they enjoyed walking around in the rain looking at the various light displays.  They went to the Northwest Passage where the daddy daughter dance was being held and Sarah danced with her handsome man.  They also rode on the carousel.
She loves carousel rides.

They also had ice skating available but Chris didn't take Sarah into the ice rink since they were both still  soaked from standing in the rain during the accident.  He didn't want her to freeze.  It's pretty cold in there!  Plus he figured they didn't have skates in her size.  So instead he took her for her first ferris wheel ride.
On the ferris wheel.

I'm glad they were still able to go and have a great time despite the rocky start to date night.  Chris and Sarah both needed some quality bonding time.  And she's still wearing that crown she got and talking about her date.  

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  1. This is setting the bar high for future dates with boys. Well done.