Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Rumor Has It

I really like the progression of Cody's face in these pictures.  
1st Picture:  Yay!  We're taking pictures.  I got a new shirt.  Life is good!
2nd Picture:  Hey daddy, what are you doing to my shirt?
3rd Picture:  I don't think I like what's going on here.

I normally wait 12 weeks before telling anyone, even my parents when we are pregnant.  However, it took me a while to get around to making Cody's shirt and so low and behold I'm already 17 weeks along and as my dear friend who was in the know already said, "You're not hiding this from anyone anymore.  I hope you've already busted out the maternity pants."  

So I guess it's time to confirm the whispered rumors.  To which when I told my yoga ladies at lunch they said, "Yes, we thought you looked a little fat."  Thanks guys.  Much love and many vinyasas coming your way!

So to anyone else whose been sideways glancing at me and wondering, nope, not fat, just pregnant.  Baby number 3 popped quickly this time and while I'm only about 4 months along I already look 6 months.  Great.  And now that everyone knows, I'm unbuttoning my regular jeans that I've been stuffing myself into and busting out the elastic waist banded pants.  Yehaw!

PS, can you believe how big Sarah looks in the dress we had made to announce Cody was coming.  They sure are growing up fast.


  1. Well, I have to admit that after I came to yoga that day when I was off I told Loren I suspected you were pregnant. I then explained to him that we just had to wait for you to share the news because you didn't exactly tell me, but I knew you were! Congratulations on #3! So exciting!

  2. 1 - Cody's face in these pictures is perfect!
    2 - I was at that lunch. I don't recall anyone using the word fat
    3 - And I knew for a long time and didn't tell anyone!!!

  3. Cody's face is CLASSIC! He has no idea what's in store for him in a few months! I love the pictures, they are perfect. Great reveal. I can't wait to meet the newest Schwartz baby.

  4. Aww congrats!!! And I agree, Cody's faces are pretty funny :) Hope you have been feeling great :)