Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Schwartz's vs The Pumpkin Patch 2013

Chris had fall break this week, so that meant he didn't have school on Monday or Tuesday.  While that doesn't seem like much of a break to others, it means that daddy was home from work in time for dinner 2 days this week.  And that a big deal around here.  Then we decided to add some fall fun to fall break and Chris took Friday off of work so we could spend the day together doing fun family things and going to the pumpkin patch.

My idea of fun family things usually involves lots of food.  So we kicked off the day with a traditional Chris took off work trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Yum!  Then after some shopping we headed to the pumpkin patch.  I gave the kids the lecture of "Mommy wants to take some pictures before you get to play.  The better you look at the camera and smile the quicker I'll stop and you can do what you want."  Sarah seemed to get the memo this year.  And while I got all her cheese smiles in the pictures, I'm giving her an A for effort.  Cody on the other hand, not having it.  I got Mr. Gumpy face in all the pictures from him.  What are ya gonna do?

First attempt

Second attempt.  Sarah is R-E-A-L-L-Y trying here.  She wanted to go play with all the other girls and run around.

Third try.  Ok, maybe if we sit on the tractor Cody will smile.  Nope, he's just pointing out that he's not getting to sit in the seat. 

Ok, mom gives up.  Go play and then I'll try again on the hay ride and in the pumpkin field!

So the kids enjoyed the swings, slides, and other play structures available for them.  And my little social Sarah really had a great time making so many new best friends.
Swinging on the tire horse.

I think this is Cody's last year to ride in the rocket swing.

After plenty of time playing and enough time for Cody to find a mud spot to soil his shirt and pants (grumble grumble, I hate mud, dirt, and sand).  They made a call for the tractor to head out to the pumpkin patch and we hopped on for the hay ride.

Ok guys, let's get a fun hay ride picture.  Or not...

Since we went to the same pumpkin patch last year this year I was not surprised.  When you say pumpkin patch I envision picking pumpkins off the vines.  Here, it's just picking up pumpkins randomly scattered in a field.  But the kids loved it.
Cody trying to pick the best pumpkin.

Not so gently changing his mind.  Chris tried to get on to him for "throwing" the pumpkins but in truth he wasn't throwing them.  He was just dropping them as soon as he saw one he liked better.  So I talked to him about putting them down gently before picking up another.

Pumpkins everywhere!

Sarah picked a winner.  "Smile and show mommy the pumpkin you chose".  We've really got to work on LOOKING AT THE CAMERA.

And well, for Cody we just need to work on smiling.  But I promise he was having a great time.

See, he's happy.  Or at least, that's the best I'm going to get today.

They also got to ride on the little kiddie train there.  Cody was very excited.  But extremely disappointed when the ride was over and he didn't get to pick a different barrel to ride in.  I think he got a little spoiled at his birthday party.

Riding the kiddie train.

Cody's turn on the tractor.

Before we left the owner offered to take a family picture for us.  Even he noticed that Cody isn't the smiliest kid in the world.  Oh well, at least everyone's looking at the camera.

Schwartz Family
Priddy Farms
Pumpkin Picking 2013


  1. Sarah is looking so big! Her hair is getting so long. Such a big girl! Love that grumpy, little Cody. My Drew is STILL like that. Awesome family pic!

  2. Great family picture!