Monday, October 21, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Painting Pumpkins

Back in 2010, I tried to do the standard country fall decorating with hay bales and pumpkins (see here).  I really liked how it looked but I did it wrong, and used chipboard letters, scrapbook paper, and mod podge.  Yeah, after the first rain it was toast.  So I didn't do it again for the past couple of years.

This year, I got bit by the decorating bug and wanted to make it fall festive around here!  But I was smarter and am happy to say all my letters have survived multiple rain storms and after some tweaking they've all stayed up for over a week now!  Yay!  I used cheap wood letters from HobLob, painted them, shalacked them, and used command hooks and hot glue to hang them on the twine.  Look how cute!

This picture is because back in 2010, I stuck my 10 month old Sarah on top of the hay stepped back and took a picture.  So now I just feel it's a must do.

The kids prefer sitting on the pumpkins then on they hay.

I was still in the fall fun spirit so we ran by the local Jones Orchard and picked up some pie size pumpkins to have our friends over to help decorate.  Then I shockingly slapped some paint clothes on the kids and sat back and let them make as much of a mess as they wanted.  I didn't say anything.  I didn't try to guide them or help them.  I just let them be creative.  It was quite a mess and the paint on my drive way proves it.  But they had a great time!

Jess, Sarah, Wyatt, and Cody

Pumpkin Painting

Cody painting "a rainbow".  He only said he was painting a rainbow because that's what Sarah said she was painting.  

And at first she really was painting a rainbow, or sorts.

Everyone pumpkin painting.

Chris is actually artistic.  He painted a very cool Frankenstein.

See what Sarah's rainbow turned into.

But it was definitely a ton of fun and a nice way to spend Family Home Evening with some of our favorite people.  Hopefully we can make pumpkin painting a little Schwartz/Combs tradition.  

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  1. Ha! We did this last night for FHE, too! Looks like Cody has a shiner.. Little boys!