Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Halloween 2013

About a month ago Sarah started talking about Halloween.  It was pretty random.  She just one day up and decided to announce she was going to be a cowgirl for halloween.  I was a little surprised since she dresses up like a princess everyday.  But happy with her decision because she already has 2 very cute cowgirl outfits that Grandma Smith made for her last year for the Dixie Stampede.  So, wahoo, she had a costume and was happy and I didn't have to do any work.  I like that.

After announcing she was going to be a cowgirl she immediately declared what Cody was going to be. I think the conversation went a little like this.  "Momma!  I'm going to be a cowboygirl for halloween!  And Cody, he's gonna be my horse!  What are you going to be?"

Cody's gonna be your what?  Horse.  Um, no.  No, he's not.  That's not going to end well because I can see how that's going to play out.  You are going to spend the whole night trying to sit on him and yell "yehaw!"  No, better not do that.  

So I suggested, "How about Cody be a cow for Halloween."  She thought about it for a second and decided this was a good idea.  She immediately told Cody.  "Cody, I'M going to be a cowboygirl for Halloween.  And you're going to be MY cow."  Cody accepted this assignment and immediately said, "Cody cow.  Moo!"

For the next few weeks she told everyone who asked that she was going to be a cowboygirl and Cody was going to be HER cow.  And he'd agree and say, "moo!"

I thought about what to do to make him a cow costume.  Should I get a white shirt and white pants and paint spots on it?  Where would I find white pants?  Maybe I could get someone to make him some white pants?  Should I just break down and find a cow costume and buy it?

Then suddenly last week, two things changed.  First, Sarah finally dropped the boy out of it and started saying cowgirl.  And second, Cody decided he did not want to be a cow.  He wanted to be a cowboy.  He would say, "I cowboy!  Yehaw!"

And I was all about that.  Put him in some jeans and a plaid shirt he already owns.  Chris bought him a Texas Sheriff's Star when he went there for business this summer.  Throw on a dollar store hat and a bandana and we are good to go.  Yes, I support this plan.  Very little work, about $2 worth of stuff to buy.  I even put his Build-a-Bear's spurs around his ankles.  Ha!

The day of trunk-or-treat, Chris decided to spruce up their costumes a little more and surprised them with stick horses.  It's no wonder they like him more than me...he bought them ponies!

I attempted to take a picture of the two of them before we left for trunk-or-treat.  I already have a hard enough time getting them both to smile and look at the camera.  Now I also had to try to get the horses out of the way.  So here's my best attempts at Halloween Costume pictures.
Uh oh, Cody dropped his hat.  And Sarah is looking off at nothing to the left of me.  Awesome.

Great everyone's got their hats now look here.  Oh, you just discovered there are buttons in the ears that make really loud and obnoxious noises.  I'm loving these toys even more now.  

Alright last one, Cody look at me and say Yehaw.  Sarah.  Sarah.  Come on Sarah look at me.  Oh never mind.  I'm done.  Let's go to trunk-or-treat.

I was not feeling great at trunk-or-treat so I opted to sit in the trunk and pass out candy and let Chris walk the kids around.  Which is a bummer cause I prefer to walk at trunk or treat and let Chris handle all the driveway walking on Halloween while I stay in the road.  I also decided that some kids are too old to be trunk or treating.  So those kids I deemed too old, if they came to my car I made them sing a song, with hand motions when applicable.  This for the most part kept the punks away from me.  And for the genuinely good 12 and 13 year olds who did brave my car still hearing the rumors of having to sing me a song, they were awarded bonus candy for being good kids and good sports.

Sarah showing off her "really fast horse" before it was time to start rounding the cars.

Cody prefers to just hop up and down on his.

For Halloween this year we made plans with the Combs to head over to their house and walk around their neighborhood.  We only have about 5 houses in our neighborhood that participate and while it's not like my kids need the candy we just enjoy hanging out with our friends so we went there.  Their neighborhood is great.  It really reminded me of trick-or-treating around Countrywood growing up.  Lots of houses participated.  Lots of neighbors out.  It was great!

Looks like only Chris knew I was taking a picture.

Sarah had a wonderful time.  She got to run with her friends from door to door.  I hope she remembered to say thank you.  She did get a little confused a few times.  Coming down from the door she didn't quite know which group of random adults were hers and our light up sticks from the dollar store weren't working (shocking).  

What do you mean I'm supposed to get out of the wagon?

Cody also had a wonderful time.  He just preferred to stay in the wagon.  He had absolutely no interest in getting out and going to a door unless they had a dog.  He would get out and go up there so he could see the puppy, but he wouldn't carry his bag.  So one of us would take it up there for him.  He also pulled a sucker out early and while he couldn't open it, he was content with it and decided he didn't need any more.  

Score!  Cowgirl Sarah got some good loot and had a rootin' tootin' good time.

Cowboy Cody loved his wagon ride and somehow still ended up with a full bag for me to pilfer through.  

Happy Halloween!


  1. Awww! They are sooo cute. It reminds me of when my madi and drew were the same thing at those same ages. So fun!

  2. I love that you made the big kids sing lol. What a great idea!