Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Halloween 2013

About a month ago Sarah started talking about Halloween.  It was pretty random.  She just one day up and decided to announce she was going to be a cowgirl for halloween.  I was a little surprised since she dresses up like a princess everyday.  But happy with her decision because she already has 2 very cute cowgirl outfits that Grandma Smith made for her last year for the Dixie Stampede.  So, wahoo, she had a costume and was happy and I didn't have to do any work.  I like that.

After announcing she was going to be a cowgirl she immediately declared what Cody was going to be. I think the conversation went a little like this.  "Momma!  I'm going to be a cowboygirl for halloween!  And Cody, he's gonna be my horse!  What are you going to be?"

Cody's gonna be your what?  Horse.  Um, no.  No, he's not.  That's not going to end well because I can see how that's going to play out.  You are going to spend the whole night trying to sit on him and yell "yehaw!"  No, better not do that.  

So I suggested, "How about Cody be a cow for Halloween."  She thought about it for a second and decided this was a good idea.  She immediately told Cody.  "Cody, I'M going to be a cowboygirl for Halloween.  And you're going to be MY cow."  Cody accepted this assignment and immediately said, "Cody cow.  Moo!"

For the next few weeks she told everyone who asked that she was going to be a cowboygirl and Cody was going to be HER cow.  And he'd agree and say, "moo!"

I thought about what to do to make him a cow costume.  Should I get a white shirt and white pants and paint spots on it?  Where would I find white pants?  Maybe I could get someone to make him some white pants?  Should I just break down and find a cow costume and buy it?

Then suddenly last week, two things changed.  First, Sarah finally dropped the boy out of it and started saying cowgirl.  And second, Cody decided he did not want to be a cow.  He wanted to be a cowboy.  He would say, "I cowboy!  Yehaw!"

And I was all about that.  Put him in some jeans and a plaid shirt he already owns.  Chris bought him a Texas Sheriff's Star when he went there for business this summer.  Throw on a dollar store hat and a bandana and we are good to go.  Yes, I support this plan.  Very little work, about $2 worth of stuff to buy.  I even put his Build-a-Bear's spurs around his ankles.  Ha!

The day of trunk-or-treat, Chris decided to spruce up their costumes a little more and surprised them with stick horses.  It's no wonder they like him more than me...he bought them ponies!

I attempted to take a picture of the two of them before we left for trunk-or-treat.  I already have a hard enough time getting them both to smile and look at the camera.  Now I also had to try to get the horses out of the way.  So here's my best attempts at Halloween Costume pictures.
Uh oh, Cody dropped his hat.  And Sarah is looking off at nothing to the left of me.  Awesome.

Great everyone's got their hats now look here.  Oh, you just discovered there are buttons in the ears that make really loud and obnoxious noises.  I'm loving these toys even more now.  

Alright last one, Cody look at me and say Yehaw.  Sarah.  Sarah.  Come on Sarah look at me.  Oh never mind.  I'm done.  Let's go to trunk-or-treat.

I was not feeling great at trunk-or-treat so I opted to sit in the trunk and pass out candy and let Chris walk the kids around.  Which is a bummer cause I prefer to walk at trunk or treat and let Chris handle all the driveway walking on Halloween while I stay in the road.  I also decided that some kids are too old to be trunk or treating.  So those kids I deemed too old, if they came to my car I made them sing a song, with hand motions when applicable.  This for the most part kept the punks away from me.  And for the genuinely good 12 and 13 year olds who did brave my car still hearing the rumors of having to sing me a song, they were awarded bonus candy for being good kids and good sports.

Sarah showing off her "really fast horse" before it was time to start rounding the cars.

Cody prefers to just hop up and down on his.

For Halloween this year we made plans with the Combs to head over to their house and walk around their neighborhood.  We only have about 5 houses in our neighborhood that participate and while it's not like my kids need the candy we just enjoy hanging out with our friends so we went there.  Their neighborhood is great.  It really reminded me of trick-or-treating around Countrywood growing up.  Lots of houses participated.  Lots of neighbors out.  It was great!

Looks like only Chris knew I was taking a picture.

Sarah had a wonderful time.  She got to run with her friends from door to door.  I hope she remembered to say thank you.  She did get a little confused a few times.  Coming down from the door she didn't quite know which group of random adults were hers and our light up sticks from the dollar store weren't working (shocking).  

What do you mean I'm supposed to get out of the wagon?

Cody also had a wonderful time.  He just preferred to stay in the wagon.  He had absolutely no interest in getting out and going to a door unless they had a dog.  He would get out and go up there so he could see the puppy, but he wouldn't carry his bag.  So one of us would take it up there for him.  He also pulled a sucker out early and while he couldn't open it, he was content with it and decided he didn't need any more.  

Score!  Cowgirl Sarah got some good loot and had a rootin' tootin' good time.

Cowboy Cody loved his wagon ride and somehow still ended up with a full bag for me to pilfer through.  

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Rumor Has It

I really like the progression of Cody's face in these pictures.  
1st Picture:  Yay!  We're taking pictures.  I got a new shirt.  Life is good!
2nd Picture:  Hey daddy, what are you doing to my shirt?
3rd Picture:  I don't think I like what's going on here.

I normally wait 12 weeks before telling anyone, even my parents when we are pregnant.  However, it took me a while to get around to making Cody's shirt and so low and behold I'm already 17 weeks along and as my dear friend who was in the know already said, "You're not hiding this from anyone anymore.  I hope you've already busted out the maternity pants."  

So I guess it's time to confirm the whispered rumors.  To which when I told my yoga ladies at lunch they said, "Yes, we thought you looked a little fat."  Thanks guys.  Much love and many vinyasas coming your way!

So to anyone else whose been sideways glancing at me and wondering, nope, not fat, just pregnant.  Baby number 3 popped quickly this time and while I'm only about 4 months along I already look 6 months.  Great.  And now that everyone knows, I'm unbuttoning my regular jeans that I've been stuffing myself into and busting out the elastic waist banded pants.  Yehaw!

PS, can you believe how big Sarah looks in the dress we had made to announce Cody was coming.  They sure are growing up fast.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Schwartz's vs A Fly on the Schwartz Walls

Oh to be a fly on the Schwartz walls.  If they had any sense of humor they'd all die from laughing at the crazy things they hear around this place.  I've been meaning to do an update of funny things that have been said or heard but I don't write them down and then I forget.  So here's a random jumble of things that will hopefully make you laugh.  They most certainly make me laugh.

First up.  Sarah.

Before I go say anything about Sarah let me first share with you what makes me laugh the most about her.  I got to dress and control what she wore for 3 years.  Every day she was well coordinated and looked cute, with hair fixed and a bow.  Then one day she had an opinion about what she wore.  By then I had Cody to deal with and so in a desperate move to get to the gym on time I told her to go get dressed.  She came out looking CRAZY but she had a shirt, pants, underwear, shoes and socks so I let it go.  Now, I let her wear whatever she wants Monday thru Saturday and I decide what she wears for church on Sunday.  (And I'll step in during the week if we are going to see people I don't want to be embarrassed in front of, like Chris's coworkers.)  She has her own hashtag on instagram (#mydaughterdressesherself) for days that are really off the wall.  You can follow me here.

So here's a quick peak at a few of the more classic outfits.
Flower print shirt and plaid capri pants.  Yes please.

Bold choice to go mixing prints.  Here we have a heart dress and butterfly leggins.  Later this outfit was completed with inside out purple socks and her knock off Keens.

This one has me screaming LEGGINGS AREN'T PANTS.  But I guess it works on a 3 year old.  Stripped leggings and a flower embroidered tank top that wasn't long enough to cover her butt.

But I bring this up to share this story with you:
First off after I finished dressing Cody I came out and saw Sarah laying on the couch like this.  I asked, "what are you doing Sarah."  Her response, "I'm just hanging out."  Bahahahahaha!  What!  When have you ever seen me "just hanging out" looking like that.  Nope.  It's a bit too sultry for my taste for a 3 year old.  

Also this is another fine example of #mydaughterdressesherself.  On the surface it really doesn't look too bad.  It's a sparkly pink skirt that has shorts underneath and a tanktop with a geometric pink and orange smocked design around the top.  The main problem is she insisted on wearing this when it was only 60 degrees outside and refused to put on a jacket because it would cover up her "cute outfit".  


Sour Notes

I'm the primary chorister for my ward.  I added "I Love to See the Temple" to the program and asked some girls to volunteer to sing it.  Of course Sarah volunteered so I added her to the group and have been working on teaching her the song.

The last line is "I'll prepare myself while I am young, this is my sacred duty."

Sarah is singing it around the house.
Sarah: I'll prepare myself while I am youuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnngggggggg.  This is my favorite doody.  HAHAHAHAH.  Doody.  

I've tried to explain it's duty not doody but she's not getting it.  She may be pulled from the group lest we have a tragic moment in the program.

Lunch Time Funnies

Tuesday the kids were eating lunch and I was finishing putting the toys all away in the toy closet.  (They put them back in bins but can't always get the bins back on the shelves.)  Here's what I heard coming from the table.

Cody:  Hey!!!
Sarah:  Sarah tax!

At this point I figured she stole some food off his plate.  These suspicions were confirmed when she followed up with,

Sarah: Well, you weren't eating it so I had to tax you.

bahahahaha!  That's how it goes around here.  What you don't mommy-tax your kids and steal things from their plates?

Bath Time Blunders

Kids: laughing and giggling saying something I can't quite understand from the kitchen while I'm doing dishes.
Chris: (with a loud and stern voice responds) No! There are no naked parties in this house!"


Chris gets Cody out of the bathtub.
Cody: I want to talk to mommy!
Chris wraps him up in a towel so he can come talk to me.
Cody: Mommy!  Mommy!  *throws towel open* I nakies!

This happens almost nightly now.  Cody still thinks its funny every time.


Chris gets Cody out of the bathtub.
Cody: I want to talk to Mommy!
Chris wraps him up in a towel.  He throws it off and comes running to find me.
Cody gets distracted by his favorite toy right now and picks it up.
Imagine this but with no clothes on and a sumo squat stance.
Cody: Mommy, I nakies and I got a sword!
Chris: What are we Spartans now?!?


Cody's Favorite Shirt

Let it be said first that I barely have a say in what Cody wears anymore.  If I just try to pull something out for him he protests.  He likes to be given choices.  And sometimes will tell you what he wants to wear.  "flag shirt" or "choo choo shirt".  But his favorite is this one:
Hunk Shirt!

He calls this one his "hunk shirt" for obvious reasons.  But it's hilarious how he says it.  I need to record it.  I love asking him what shirt he's wearing when he has it on because he points and proudly says, "hunk" or "hunk shirt".  This morning I put it on him and went through the routine.

Mom: Cody what shirt are you wearing?
Cody: Hunk shirt!
Cody: Sarah!  Sar-rah!  I hunky!

Last night we were having dinner and I wanted him to tell Chris (cause it's cute)
Mom: Cody, tell Daddy what shirt you're wearing.
Cody: (lifts up bib and points) Hunk shirt!
Everyone laughs, Sarah feels the need to add to the conversation.
Sarah: I'm going to call you honkey Cody.
Cody's Homeschooling 

Our dear sweet 2 year old son only knows about 4 of his colors.  However, he can accurately name and identify all of the Disney Princesses.  I guess that's what happens when you have an older sister.


Wake up Call

This last one probably won't be as funny without having heard it but it made us laugh when my mom told us so I want to remember it.

My parents were in town for Cody's birthday party.  Dad slept on the couch and my mom slept on the day bed in Cody's room.  In the morning, Cody saw someone on the bed and started calling out to it.  Only he thought it was Sarah.  My mom then listened for about 5 minutes of Cody saying over and over again in different inflections, "Sarah.  Saaaaarrrrrraaaahhhh.  Sar!  Rah!"

She said he tried standing up and calling over the crib.  When that didn't work he ploped down and in a more defeated and grumpy tone said, "sarah."

After she was entertained enough she rolled over so he could see her face.

With much shock he said, "Grandma?!?"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Camping

Remember that one time we took the kids camping and I only took one picture.

Yeah, this is the one picture.

And it was of them in the back seat with all the junk packed up cause we were heading home.

Good times....good times...

But since I can't put a blog post up about taking the kids camping for the first time with only a picture of them in the packed up ready to go car, let's talk about camping.

Ah, camping.  That was my finest "catch me a man lie" I told Chris.  Dating Natalie says, "Oh yes!  I love to go camping!  It's so great sleeping in a tent out in the woods."  Married Natalie says, "I hate nature and have a very nice temperpedic bed.  Why would I want to go sleep in the woods, on the cold hard ground, where bugs could touch me." 

Chris loves camping!  He loves the pretending to be homeless primitive camping where they dig holes and have to bring in their own water.

I can tolerate camping.  Even tent camping.  As long as it's only for 1 night and there are flushing toilets available.  This girl doesn't dig holes for anything. 

Early in our marriage we had some other friends who loved camping so we went maybe 2 or 3 times.  And it was great.  I enjoy the social aspect of sitting around a camp fire chatting with friends and roasting things on extended poles because I'm not cooking my food on dirty sticks.  But after they moved I got a reprieve from camping.  No one else to go with, means I don't have to go! 

In truth, I loved camping as a kid.  I did all my time at LDS girls' camp.  Every summer I spent a week in the woods, sleeping in a tent on the hard ground (no air mattress you sissies), in the pouring rain.  And I loved it!  Then maybe in our 4th or 5th year of marriage I got sent to girls camp as a leader.  And that's when I realized I hated camping now.  And the girls don't even tent camp we slept in cabins on cots and I STILL hated it.  I have a death fear of ticks.  And a low tolerance level for loud preteen and teenage girls now that I'm not one of them.

So camping is generally a no go for me.  

Then the ward planned a camp out and Chris really loves camping and he really wanted to go and our friends were going to be there.  So the social pull worked on me and I agreed to it.  So we bought the kids some sleeping bags and headed off to the woods.  Here are the highlights from our kids first camping trip (and reasons for the lack of pictures).

1.  I was hangry.  It was a ward camp out so the hot dogs were being provided and were supposed to be there at 6.  We got there at 5:30 and got everything pitched and ready.  I hadn't eaten since BRUNCH that morning.  NO LUNCH.  And now the person in charge of food is late.  I was ready to murder someone.  And luckily we were in the woods and I had many sharp objects available so I'm fairly certain I could have gotten away with it.

2.  It got dark, fast!  By the time the people in charge of the food showed up, set up, and got a fire going it was pitch black.  And refer to #1, I was hangry.  So I was not about to walk back to my campsite to get my camera to take pictures of the kids not really eating their hotdogs.  But eating enough chips that they can probably poop out a frito-lays factory.  Thankfully Chris is a wise man and he plied me with as many hotdogs as I wanted without questioning me.  And kept walking back to our campsite to get the various things I wanted.

3.  Campfire Sing-A-Long  At 8:30 there was a fireside which was also supposed to have a primary song sing-a-long.  We headed over there because that was the night's entertainment.  While we're waiting for everything to get started someone asks me to lead the group in a primary song sing-a-long.  Say what!  Thankfully Annie, who is also a wise woman and was aware that I might still be on a murderous streak, joined in at least.  So everyone was seranaded with a duet by me, Annie, and a few of the kids who mumbled out some of the words.

4.  "Very Tired Sarah"  It was a really long day for the kids, neither had naps because we'd had our family fun day all morning and then came home packed up and headed to the camp site. Sarah near the end of the fireside was so exhausted she seemed like she was going to cry.  So we skipped the smores and socializing with people to take the "very tired kids" back to the tent.

5.  Magic Tent Energy  However, suddenly upon entering the tent in their pjs the kids were recharged and had all the energy in the world.  They ran around our tiny 4 man tent jumping and pillow fighting and giggling.  It was hard to be angry when it was so freaking hilarious.  We had to change their sleeping arrangements 3 times before we got them calmed down and they finally fell asleep.  At one point they were just touching each other and then busting out giggling like it was the funniest thing in the world.

6.  Tent Sleeping Champ Sarah, once she fell asleep she was out.  She didn't wake up but once when the temperature really started to drop and she needed help getting back into her sleeping bag.  Cody woke up a bunch but was easily put back to sleep by Chris.

7.  Worst Tent Sleeper  Natalie.  I'm actually not sure I slept.  With my sciatic nerve issues I was in excruciating pain.  Add in the cold weather and hard ground and my hips were aching.  But I think what really makes me a tent fail is at I-don't-know-what-time, I started nudging Chris because I needed to go potty and was not about to walk in the dark to the bath house by myself.  So since I carefully worded the delegation earlier in the evening, "Chris, you are responsible for taking WHOEVER needs to go potty to the bathroom" he had to get up and take me.  Adding more fun to the mix was trying to climb out over Cody who was sleeping right next to the door's zipper.

8. Morning Downpour  There was a slight 10% chance of rain.  Yeah, it poured at about 5:30 in the morning.  So when we got up at 7 it was still raining and I was having none of it.  We weren't going to hang out at a muddy camp to play games and try to cook food on wet firewood.  So we carefully rolled everything up and I carried the kids to the car while Chris ran loads of things to the car.  We packed up as quick as we could and headed to Chick-fil-a for breakfast.

All in all it wasn't that bad.  And the kids enjoyed it.  I just need 1) a bigger and better air mattress and 2) a smaller group.  I don't want to go to a ward campout.  I just want to camp out with a few friends and their kids and sit around the fire and eat and chat.  And maybe only be forced to do this once at most twice a year.

Like I said, I got a nice bed, why would I want to go pretend I don't and sleep in the woods.  I don't need that to camp.  My mother taught me right.  Camping is having to go to the bathroom down the hall.  (And on that note I technically camped all through college since I never got into the suite dorms.)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Schwartz's vs The Pumpkin Patch 2013

Chris had fall break this week, so that meant he didn't have school on Monday or Tuesday.  While that doesn't seem like much of a break to others, it means that daddy was home from work in time for dinner 2 days this week.  And that a big deal around here.  Then we decided to add some fall fun to fall break and Chris took Friday off of work so we could spend the day together doing fun family things and going to the pumpkin patch.

My idea of fun family things usually involves lots of food.  So we kicked off the day with a traditional Chris took off work trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Yum!  Then after some shopping we headed to the pumpkin patch.  I gave the kids the lecture of "Mommy wants to take some pictures before you get to play.  The better you look at the camera and smile the quicker I'll stop and you can do what you want."  Sarah seemed to get the memo this year.  And while I got all her cheese smiles in the pictures, I'm giving her an A for effort.  Cody on the other hand, not having it.  I got Mr. Gumpy face in all the pictures from him.  What are ya gonna do?

First attempt

Second attempt.  Sarah is R-E-A-L-L-Y trying here.  She wanted to go play with all the other girls and run around.

Third try.  Ok, maybe if we sit on the tractor Cody will smile.  Nope, he's just pointing out that he's not getting to sit in the seat. 

Ok, mom gives up.  Go play and then I'll try again on the hay ride and in the pumpkin field!

So the kids enjoyed the swings, slides, and other play structures available for them.  And my little social Sarah really had a great time making so many new best friends.
Swinging on the tire horse.

I think this is Cody's last year to ride in the rocket swing.

After plenty of time playing and enough time for Cody to find a mud spot to soil his shirt and pants (grumble grumble, I hate mud, dirt, and sand).  They made a call for the tractor to head out to the pumpkin patch and we hopped on for the hay ride.

Ok guys, let's get a fun hay ride picture.  Or not...

Since we went to the same pumpkin patch last year this year I was not surprised.  When you say pumpkin patch I envision picking pumpkins off the vines.  Here, it's just picking up pumpkins randomly scattered in a field.  But the kids loved it.
Cody trying to pick the best pumpkin.

Not so gently changing his mind.  Chris tried to get on to him for "throwing" the pumpkins but in truth he wasn't throwing them.  He was just dropping them as soon as he saw one he liked better.  So I talked to him about putting them down gently before picking up another.

Pumpkins everywhere!

Sarah picked a winner.  "Smile and show mommy the pumpkin you chose".  We've really got to work on LOOKING AT THE CAMERA.

And well, for Cody we just need to work on smiling.  But I promise he was having a great time.

See, he's happy.  Or at least, that's the best I'm going to get today.

They also got to ride on the little kiddie train there.  Cody was very excited.  But extremely disappointed when the ride was over and he didn't get to pick a different barrel to ride in.  I think he got a little spoiled at his birthday party.

Riding the kiddie train.

Cody's turn on the tractor.

Before we left the owner offered to take a family picture for us.  Even he noticed that Cody isn't the smiliest kid in the world.  Oh well, at least everyone's looking at the camera.

Schwartz Family
Priddy Farms
Pumpkin Picking 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Painting Pumpkins

Back in 2010, I tried to do the standard country fall decorating with hay bales and pumpkins (see here).  I really liked how it looked but I did it wrong, and used chipboard letters, scrapbook paper, and mod podge.  Yeah, after the first rain it was toast.  So I didn't do it again for the past couple of years.

This year, I got bit by the decorating bug and wanted to make it fall festive around here!  But I was smarter and am happy to say all my letters have survived multiple rain storms and after some tweaking they've all stayed up for over a week now!  Yay!  I used cheap wood letters from HobLob, painted them, shalacked them, and used command hooks and hot glue to hang them on the twine.  Look how cute!

This picture is because back in 2010, I stuck my 10 month old Sarah on top of the hay stepped back and took a picture.  So now I just feel it's a must do.

The kids prefer sitting on the pumpkins then on they hay.

I was still in the fall fun spirit so we ran by the local Jones Orchard and picked up some pie size pumpkins to have our friends over to help decorate.  Then I shockingly slapped some paint clothes on the kids and sat back and let them make as much of a mess as they wanted.  I didn't say anything.  I didn't try to guide them or help them.  I just let them be creative.  It was quite a mess and the paint on my drive way proves it.  But they had a great time!

Jess, Sarah, Wyatt, and Cody

Pumpkin Painting

Cody painting "a rainbow".  He only said he was painting a rainbow because that's what Sarah said she was painting.  

And at first she really was painting a rainbow, or sorts.

Everyone pumpkin painting.

Chris is actually artistic.  He painted a very cool Frankenstein.

See what Sarah's rainbow turned into.

But it was definitely a ton of fun and a nice way to spend Family Home Evening with some of our favorite people.  Hopefully we can make pumpkin painting a little Schwartz/Combs tradition.