Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Schwartz's vs the Rest of the Pensacola Trip

After we spent a rainy morning at the Naval Aviation Museum, when we came out the skies had finally cleared and we were able to head to the beach.  And the trip was well worth the drive in the car with the cranky boy.  Sarah and Cody were both very happy to do all the things they'd been talking about for the weeks leading up to the trip.

Chris was quick to get in.  We go so rarely to the beach that I forget he likes it so much.  Me, I'm more of a sit in a chair and watch everyone else, when it comes to the beach.  I only get in if I have to pee.  And that's the truth.

Sarah is very much like her father.  She wanted in that water and quick.  She was fearless charging off and running into the waves.  

Cody was teething pretty bad this day.  In fact his gums were even bleeding.  In all the teeth my kids have cut that's the first time I've seen that.  So he was still a little grumpy when we first got to the beach.  However, after some snacks he set out doing what he likes to do--unloading all the bags.

Chris and Sarah wearing their goggles and looking for seashells.

Riding the waves.

As promised, Chris built a sandcastle with Cody.  It's a pretty difficult task to do.  As quickly as you are building towers Cody is knocking them down.  

Clearly, it's a hat.

Close up of their finished work.

Quick group shot before Cody the destroyer took care of it.

After they finished building sandcastles with Chris he set out to the sand bar a ways out in the gulf with Michael.  Sarah decided to try to drown herself.  Without her puddle jumper on she went down to "wash her hands" and a big wave swept her.  Thankfully Stephanie moves pretty fast and she jumped down there and grabbed Sarah out.  Sarah wasn't phased at all.  She was laughing about it.  So I put her puddle jumper on her and stayed down a little closer to her while she played in the surf.  Again, a giant wave came and crashed over her and swept her under.  I had to reach in a pull her out by the puddle jumper.  And again, she didn't care.  But I did ask her to be more careful and avoid the big waves.  After that she thought it would be most fun to roll around in the surf.  Sand was EVERYWHERE! 

Boogie boarding with Chris.

After hanging out for a while and once we were all sufficiently hungry we packed up.  And got ready to go eat at our favorite place, Flounders.  I had seen on pinterest that baby powder gets sand off and had packed some to test the theory.  Oh man!  It works!  I put the kids down on a towel in the parking lot, stripped off their sand filled suits, doused them in baby powder and then simply wiped it all off.  I am super impressed with that pinterest tip.  It makes any future thoughts of going to the beach not so nauseating.  

We had a nice trip to Pensacola and were glad to spend the time with some old friends.  Thankfully I don't think we scared them too bad with our brood and they might even let us make it an annual thing. 

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