Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Our Stay at the Cozy Cone

Chris has been really stressed out as of late.  School this semester is more difficult than we thought it'd be.  Work has been busy.  The transition has not been fun.  It's a bit of a bummer to lose Dennis and Chris working together.  And my parents are potentially moving 14 hours away from us.  We've had a bit of external pressures weighing us down.  

I called Chris after class on Thursday and was giving the run down of my busy day and about thought he lost it when he said, "Let's go to Disney World tonight."  He told me to call my Aunt and see if she'd be ok with it and we'd pack up and go as soon as he got home from work.  Drive to Atlanta Thursday night, finish the drive on Friday, take Cody to the Magic Kingdom for the first time on Saturday and then do the long drive home Sunday after church and lunch with my grandparents.  See?  Crazy!  But we needed it.  So we did it.

Yep, he went and took Friday and Monday off so he could come home and recover after class on Monday.  I called my Aunt who also thought we were nuts but agreed to it.  (My parents have since asked her to stop "enabling" me.  Ha!)  And on a whim we asked Aunt Sarah if she could book us a room at the Art of Animation.  When I get really stressed out I plan Disney vacations and that resort is one of the ones that really draws my eyes.  It just looks so kid friendly and the value rooms are Little Mermaid themed which Sarah would love!

Chris got home, and we packed in record time.  In fact, we packed so quick that while we both knew the plan was to go swimming at the resort Friday night neither of us remembered to pack our swimsuits.  I didn't even remember to pack diapers for Cody aside from our little diaper bag pack!  Needless to say, Friday morning we had to pop over to a Walmart.  Thus fulfilling our packing theory of, "Eh, there's always a walmart!"

I feel like I should make a note that we actually love road trips.  Chris loves to drive and usually does most of the driving.  Sarah loves road trips because it gives her unlimited access to movies.  I like road trips because it gives me unlimited access to Chris and we talk and laugh most of the time or just hold hands and enjoy the comfortable silence.  And Cody, well, he normally HATES road trips.  That boy is a car demon.  But Chris learned how to recline their car seats and he was a perfect angel this road trip.  He was tons of fun.  He even tried to play eye spy with us.  (Cody: "Eye spy with eye.  That!"  Me: "Is it that Cody?"  Cody: "Yep!")  And when he'd get tired he'd say, "Paci! Blanket! Lay back!", get those three things and go right to sleep and not wake up screaming.  It was a miracle!

So Friday, we roll up at the Art of Animation and the kids are immediately in love with the giant pictures outside.  

Picture with big Ariel

Then they go nuts over the lobby.  It was just beautiful and amazing.  I loved looking and all the sketches and various stages of animations for the different characters.

Lobby art work

The Art of Animation was testing the new disney magic+ bracelets.  If we were regular resort guests with tickets and a dining package it seems pretty cool.  But since we weren't, we just used them to get in and out of our rooms.  While we were checking in though Disney Magic struck and the lovely lady checking us in offered us a complimentary upgrade to a Cars Family Suite.  Heck yeah!  It was awesome!  That actually isn't a strong enough description.  Let's just say, Chris now dreams of a being a regular resort package guest and wants to stay in that exact room again.  It was the stuff dreams are made of.

I didn't have my big camera out and I only took a few pictures but as we walked through Radiator Springs to our room they had all the cars out for the kids to touch and talk to.


Cody absolutely loved the cars.  As we headed to the room for the night he said good night to each one and gave them hugs.  When we got up in the morning and headed for breakfast he insisted on saying good morning to all of them too.  I regret not taking pictures but I thought we'd have time after breakfast.  Oh well.  You get the gist.  

Our Room!
Top left, table and 4 chairs.  This is also the murphy bed.
Top Right, pull out couch and kitchenette area with tv and a comfy chair
Bottom Left, master bedroom that also has a master bathroom
Bottom right, kids bathroom

So let me tell you briefly why this room is amazing.  Four words: Master Bedroom, Closing Door!  That's right, when it was time to go to bed, I could close my bedroom door and not have to hear my kids moving around in their beds which keeps me up all night.  I don't co-sleep.  As soon as those suckers are sleeping through the night they move to their own rooms!  This hotel room has 2 bathrooms, and 3 full size beds.  It's glorious!

Anyway, after a quick meal in the room we changed and headed to the Big Blue Nemo pool.
The splash pad is surrounded by all the school fish from Nemo's class.  I would assume they spray things but the splash pad had just been turned off for the night.  However, the pools all stay open 24/7.

She's such a big girl now!

Chris and Cody swimming.

We swam for a while in the Nemo pool but I wanted to walk around the campus and also check out the Little Mermaid pool.  So we went exploring.

We walked through the Lion King area where they were showing an outdoor movie.  The Lion King area also had some pretty cool statues but I still like the Cars ones better.

Looking at all the treasures in Ariel's Grotto.  Do you see the giant 4 story King Triton behind?

Giant Ariel!

The Little Mermaid pool was a nice quite pool.  About the same size as the one in the Cars area.  Sarah and Chris had a good time swimming in it while Cody and I sat on the edge and dipped our toes in.  We were hoping to wear the kids out before it was time to put them to bed.

Tucking them in for the night.

I know this is a duplicate, but he just looks so sweet and so big in this one.  

Try as we might they were so giddy they didn't go right to sleep.  Chris was doing a little bit of laundry and I was trying to pack and organize for the next day and they are in their beds but whisper yelling back and forth to each other.  So I went out and got in Cody's bed with him and Sarah came over and got in the bed too.  Remember, I don't co sleep.  But the night before in Atlanta, I slept with Sarah and Chris slept with Cody.  While we were driving he mentioned that Cody pats while he's trying to fall asleep.  And sure enough, I climbed in Cody's bed and he curled up next to me and patted me on the back while he tried to fall asleep.  I'm glad we took this trip if for no other reason than that moment.  

After Chris got back from the laundry I moved into the master bedroom, we closed the door and fell right to sleep.  It was great!

The kids also ended up staying in the same bed together.  Knocked out completely and super adorable! Love those munchkins.  

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