Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 2 Years Old!

Cody you are 2 years old now!  You have grown and changed so much in the past few months.  I've been meaning to do a few updates on you but you don't quite cooperate for the camera all the time.  I'm glad Daddy got this great picture of you for your birthday update.

So here are some highlights:

* Your vocabulary is amazing!  You are my new favorite pet because you are just a little parrot.  You love to hear new words and immediately repeat them so you can see how the feel to pronounce and smile big when you get it right.  You even put an up inflection on the end of the word the first time you say it as if you are questioning if you got it right.
* You are actually fun to have conversations with now.  You can express things you remember and will bring up things from a few days ago.  It's fun to see you making connections with what you are currently doing or what's going on with other things.
* You are hilarious and rotten sometimes at the same time.  About 3 weeks ago after Sarah finished her breakfast she went off to play with a new toy she just got.  You weren't done eating so you were still at the table with me.  You heard her playing and said, "Sarah playing Aladdin.  Cody take it."  So I told you, "No. You are not going to take Sarah's toy."  And with sly smirk you said, "Cody take it."
* You are also most definitely a little brother and love nothing more than to irritate your older sister.  You will purposefully pick fights with her about stupid things.  For example she'll say something and you'll look at her and say, "No."  Just to make her made.  Then a yelling exchange of yes and no happens all the while she's getting more upset and you are just smiling about it.
* You still aren't the most adventurous eater.  You hate most vegetables and still only eat carrots.  You're not a fan of many fruits but red grapes, apples, and bananas have made the cut of things you'll eat.
* You're also a pretty slow eater.  At times we'll think you just aren't going to eat dinner but the longer we sit around the table talking you'll actually begin to pick and eat at your food finally.
* You love to play outside.  You like to play chalk, and be pushed around in your Cozy Coup.  You are still too lazy to make the car go yourself.  You also love to play "hit ball" which is your version of golf only it involves hitting any ball with any item you can hold to do so with.
* You love dogs and are always excited when you see one no matter how big they are.
* You've been to the beach and Disney World for the first time in the past two months.
* You love trains, cars, and airplanes.  Sometimes when you hear an airplane overhead you think it's thunder and yell, "it's raining!"
* You empathically emphasize some words when you are upset or feel ignored.  For example, when I haven't answered you quickly enough you go from saying, "mommy", to saying, "Mom.  Mee!"  Likewise you'll do it do Daddy, "Dad. Dee!" and Sarah, "Say.  Rah!"
* You are a pretty social little dude.  You love going to the gym and church to see your friends.  When one of them is upset you get in their face to see why they are sad.
* Speaking of church, you LOVE nursery.  Love may not actually be strong enough.  As soon as the rest hymn is done you say, "nursery!"  And proceed to say that after the last speaker and final song until after the prayer then you finally get to go to nursery.  You take off out of the pew like you are on a mission.  You don't need or what mommy or daddy to take you to nursery, you want your buddy Wyatt (Wy-wy) to take you.
* You have no interest in giving up your crib or your pacifier.  I don't feel like it's important to try to move you to a big bed just yet so no biggie.  You haven't tried to climb out yet so you can stay in your crib as long as you want I guess.
* You have a head of steel.  Ever time I turn around you have new bruise or knot on your noggin'.  It must be a boy thing.  But you usually rebound pretty quickly after you get a boo boo.  You cry for about a minute or 2 and then you are off and running again.
* You are daddy's best friend and tell him frequently and spontaneously that you love him.  It comes out, "I wuv you daddy."  If asked who your friend is you say, "daddy my friend."  If I ask if I can be your friend, you say, "No.  Cody daddy's friend."

You are so much fun and we are so in love with you.  Every day you give us something to laugh about.  You are thoughtful and kind when you want to be.  It's been a great year watching you learn and grow and we are excited for changes this next year brings for you.

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  1. Aw, such a sweet little guy! Happy Birthday, Cody!

    I've been texting you to see if youve been ok since ive not heard from ya in a while. Now i see youve been on vacation all month!

    Pensacola and Disney World.. LUCKY! You guys are having so much fun! How'd the birthday boy like Disney?!