Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Schwartz's vs My Party Weekend

Chris planned my party weekend.  Not all of his plans worked out the way he wanted but I think overall he did a wonderful job making sure I had a great time.  

Friday night he got a sitter and we went downtown to have dinner at The Majestic.  That place is yummy!  And we were that totally annoying couple that sits on the same side of the both and eats food of each others plates.  We were both in the mood for pasta and a steak so he ordered one I ordered the other and we liberally took forkfuls of what we wanted.

His original activity didn't pan out because of some bad calendaring so our plans for after dinner were up in the air.  There was talk of a movie or bowling.  But nothing was out that I wanted to see and I had already planned to go bowling on my actual birthday.  So as we were walking back to the car we noticed there was a Redbirds game about to start.  We checked out what the scalpers were selling and managed to get AWESOME seats.  3rd row, right behind first base.  Again, I'm not a huge fan of baseball (I'm a huge fan of chicken on a stick) but any sporting event can be made better by having the right seats.  I would love to catch another game in those seats.

Friday night Chris told me I could sleep in as long as I wanted on Saturday and that he would take the kids out of the house to run errands.  This is by far the best present anyone can give me.  I love to sleep.  I am incredibly lazy and would lay in bed all day if that was an option.  

At about 9 am he sent the kids in with my first ever breakfast in bed.  That's right married for 9 years, passed through 3 mother's days and this is the first time I've gotten breakfast in bed.  Sarah was in charge of carrying my cup, and Cody the fork.  They were both very excited to be involved and I was only partially terrified of Cody stabbing me with the fork.  After that they were off to run errands and I stayed in bed reading until 1pm!  It was awesome.  Then I got up and took a long an uninterrupted shower without kids banging on the door or screaming about something and even had time and energy to fix my hair and make up.  A real shocker.

Chris left me money for a pedicure so after a nice lunch out without minions screaming at me I headed over to the salon.  He suggested something in the Harry Potter theme and this is what I came up with.  However, trying to explain I wanted a lightening bolt took EVERY nail tech in the place and I was beet red by the time it was over.  

I didn't want a party.  Parties with a bunch of people stress me out.  And I'm a little weird and I get really uncomfortable and awkward when friend groups mix.  So I was surprised to see that when I got back home Chris had invited a couple of my close friends over for dinner and had decorated the deck with Harry Potter balloons.  He learned an important lesson, that latex balloons and extreme heat don't mix.  He started with 50 balloons and I'm not sure how many we had left by the end of dinner.  Ha!

Us in front of the Gryffindor Balloons

Steffanie and Susan made me an awesome banner.  I think the intent was for me to run through it but it was too awesome so we hung it up instead.

Best. Picture. Ever

Chris even came up with some Harry Potter games to play.  The kids loved it and my friends were some pretty good sports.  We did some Quidditch drills.  And after we put the kids to bed we even saddled up the brooms and had some broomstick races.  It was hard to "fly" because I was laughing so much. 

After dinner we went back outside and painted our own wands.  The kids loved this activity the most.

Cody has been obsessed with the wand Chris painted.  He hasn't let that thing out of his sight since Saturday and brandishes it quite fiercely.  I have been afraid for my life these past few days while he madly waves that thing.  I've tried hiding it but that only leads to him wandering around house crying and yelling, "Wand!  My Wand!"  

I made a maroon wand with yellow lightening bolts.  Yeah, I copied Susan's idea.

We ended the evening by watching a Harry Potter movie, The Half Blood Prince, and enjoying some cake Susan and Steffanie brought.  It was a nerd-tastic birthday dinner.


  1. Aw he did a good job letting you sleep in AND get a cute pedi. Plus everything else.

  2. Definitely best.pic.ever! Awesome.