Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Schwartz's vs July 4th with Family

So I spend a fair amount of time on Pinterest.  I look for new recipes and pretend that I'm creative and crafty.  It usually gets me in trouble.  I don't know how many months ago but I saw a pin for a Captain America Flag cake and saved it to try to make for Chris's birthday.  Then I decided it would be a fun 4th of July cake.  I told Chris I wanted to make it and he said, "Well, mom is making her jello cake."  Some pouting and showing Chris the pictures on pinterest and he was on board.  See, Chris has to be on board because when I want to bake something a bit over the top I need lots of calm help.  I get frustrated easily so he'll step in and get the project back on track.

So Chris and I spent the morning of the 4th playing in the kitchen together while we neglected gave our kids some unlimited screen time.

What? We can play iPad as long as we want and watch Pat-Pat show!?! Score!

I had baked the cakes the day before, and made the buttercream frosting that morning.  Then it was Chris's turn to start helping.  Step 1: He had to split the levels, stack the cakes, and then level the cake out.
Chris leveling the cake.

Then after crumb coating it and putting it in the fridge for 30 minutes it was time to get out my new cake decorating stuff and go to work.  I've never decorated a cake.  I didn't own tips or bags or anything.  I really just make cake balls.  I think making and decorating cakes is hard.  So that's another reason I needed Chris.  He has the patience and a steady hand.  So he showed me how and then we took turns as my hand would cramp up.
To do the star Chris used a couple cookie cutters.  He used a circle one, and then one of the stars that fit inside.  He pressed down gently just to give us an outline.

We did the blue outside of the star first since it was the only blue that would be on the cake.  (We had plenty left over so in the end he also added a blue rim around the bottom.)

Then it was my turn at piping multiple little stars onto the cake.  you can't really tell here but I'm piping the white onto the outer ring of the shield.  

Then Chris gave my hand a rest and he piped the red ring on the top of the shield.  The red icing was  tough color to get.  We used all the red food gel that we had.  It was two partials that someone had given us but it probably added up to an entire squeeze thing of gel.  We were glad it turned out red because it really looked pink for the longest time.

I piped all the red on the sides of the cake.  It took a while but it was so worth it.  Sorry I can't find the picture with the blue rim.  But imagine a blue line around the bottom.  It looked cool.  I loved how this cake turned out and the icing was delicious.  I am a believer in homemade buttercream.  Heavenly!

So while Chris was in the shower I was looking at the wreck of the kitchen and our odds and ends that were left.  We had some frosting in every color.  I had made some cupcakes with the left over red velvet batter.  And we had a tiny blue cake from the center that got cut out for the stripes.  So I threw together this little desert plate and took it over to our neighbors who are in the Navy.

Then after naps for kids, showers for adults, and some kitchen clean up (which Chris did while I got ready, best husband ever!) it was time to head to the Schwartz's cookout.

Grandma bought the kids a new little golf game they throughly enjoyed.

Sarah with her Minnie Mouse clubs.

Cody with his Cars clubs.

I asked Chris to take a picture of both the kids.  This is what I got.

Apparently this stubborn boy didn't want to take a picture.

Adam and Dennis both got some awesome homemade/custom cornhole boards for Father's Day so they devised that the adults should play a double elimination tournament.

Cody was not pleased that he didn't get to play.

Chris knocked me out in the first round and sent me to the losers bracket.

Then Melissa knocked me of the loser's bracket before going on to play an undefeated Dennis.

 In the end, Melissa beat Dennis twice making her the champion and she was proudly presented with the Schwartz Corn Hole Cup.

Then we FINALLY got to cut into the Captain America Flag cake.
Happy 4th of July!

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  1. Wow, super fancy! The inside was a surprise! Love it!