Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Schwartz's vs My Party Weekend

Chris planned my party weekend.  Not all of his plans worked out the way he wanted but I think overall he did a wonderful job making sure I had a great time.  

Friday night he got a sitter and we went downtown to have dinner at The Majestic.  That place is yummy!  And we were that totally annoying couple that sits on the same side of the both and eats food of each others plates.  We were both in the mood for pasta and a steak so he ordered one I ordered the other and we liberally took forkfuls of what we wanted.

His original activity didn't pan out because of some bad calendaring so our plans for after dinner were up in the air.  There was talk of a movie or bowling.  But nothing was out that I wanted to see and I had already planned to go bowling on my actual birthday.  So as we were walking back to the car we noticed there was a Redbirds game about to start.  We checked out what the scalpers were selling and managed to get AWESOME seats.  3rd row, right behind first base.  Again, I'm not a huge fan of baseball (I'm a huge fan of chicken on a stick) but any sporting event can be made better by having the right seats.  I would love to catch another game in those seats.

Friday night Chris told me I could sleep in as long as I wanted on Saturday and that he would take the kids out of the house to run errands.  This is by far the best present anyone can give me.  I love to sleep.  I am incredibly lazy and would lay in bed all day if that was an option.  

At about 9 am he sent the kids in with my first ever breakfast in bed.  That's right married for 9 years, passed through 3 mother's days and this is the first time I've gotten breakfast in bed.  Sarah was in charge of carrying my cup, and Cody the fork.  They were both very excited to be involved and I was only partially terrified of Cody stabbing me with the fork.  After that they were off to run errands and I stayed in bed reading until 1pm!  It was awesome.  Then I got up and took a long an uninterrupted shower without kids banging on the door or screaming about something and even had time and energy to fix my hair and make up.  A real shocker.

Chris left me money for a pedicure so after a nice lunch out without minions screaming at me I headed over to the salon.  He suggested something in the Harry Potter theme and this is what I came up with.  However, trying to explain I wanted a lightening bolt took EVERY nail tech in the place and I was beet red by the time it was over.  

I didn't want a party.  Parties with a bunch of people stress me out.  And I'm a little weird and I get really uncomfortable and awkward when friend groups mix.  So I was surprised to see that when I got back home Chris had invited a couple of my close friends over for dinner and had decorated the deck with Harry Potter balloons.  He learned an important lesson, that latex balloons and extreme heat don't mix.  He started with 50 balloons and I'm not sure how many we had left by the end of dinner.  Ha!

Us in front of the Gryffindor Balloons

Steffanie and Susan made me an awesome banner.  I think the intent was for me to run through it but it was too awesome so we hung it up instead.

Best. Picture. Ever

Chris even came up with some Harry Potter games to play.  The kids loved it and my friends were some pretty good sports.  We did some Quidditch drills.  And after we put the kids to bed we even saddled up the brooms and had some broomstick races.  It was hard to "fly" because I was laughing so much. 

After dinner we went back outside and painted our own wands.  The kids loved this activity the most.

Cody has been obsessed with the wand Chris painted.  He hasn't let that thing out of his sight since Saturday and brandishes it quite fiercely.  I have been afraid for my life these past few days while he madly waves that thing.  I've tried hiding it but that only leads to him wandering around house crying and yelling, "Wand!  My Wand!"  

I made a maroon wand with yellow lightening bolts.  Yeah, I copied Susan's idea.

We ended the evening by watching a Harry Potter movie, The Half Blood Prince, and enjoying some cake Susan and Steffanie brought.  It was a nerd-tastic birthday dinner.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Turning 30

So I've been working on this post for DAYS.  And I'm at the point that I've given up.  I'm not even going to bother moving the pictures into any particular order even though they are definitely not in the order I would have put them up in.

I turned 30 on Monday.  It seemed like a big deal to me, which is odd because I started rounding up last year.  That's right, for a whole year now I've already been saying, "I'm 30" unless someone asked me point blank how old I was.  Rounding up to 30 was easier to explain the old woman inside me.  Such as, "Don't call after 9pm it's past my bed time.  I'm 30 I can't stay up late."  Or, "no I'm not going to the midnight release of {fill in the blank movie}.  I'm 30, I'm too old for that."  Or my favorite, "I really want a swim suit with a skirt.  I'm 30!  It's time."  

So leading up to my 30th birthday I thought a lot about a 30 before 30 list that seems to be popular.  I even tried to write one.  Then for the past couple of days I've been trying to recount 30 things I'm proud of or that I've accomplished.  It gets pretty boring.  So then I got out my "baby book" which is massive and started looking through it and laughed at some of the old pictures.  So I decided I'm just going to post 30ish pictures that I love.  Yep, that's what you're getting.  

I'm 30, here are a bunch of pictures that I deemed worthy of sharing on this momentous occasion.

1.  In Assisi, Italy. 2008

2. Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy.  2008

3.  Rhine River Tour, Germany.  2008

4.  Standard cheesy tourist picture.  Pisa, Italy.  2008

5.  Post gondola ride, Venice, Italy. 2008

6. Before going up the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. 2008

7. At the top of the Dumo in Florence, Italy. 2008

8.  Minutes after having Sarah naturally.  Yes, I look rough in this one and there are better pictures of me the next day where I'm not so puffy and looking like, I don't know, I've been in labor.  But this the very first picture of us as a family.  2009  Read More: Sarah's Birth Story

9. First annual company picnic pony ride picture.  Again, there's a better one but this one makes me laugh cause the horse was peeing and I freaked out. 2010

10. Post having Cody naturally, in my car, on the way to the hospital.  I have a bit of a "what just happened" look on my face.  2011  Read more: Cody's Birth Story

11. Half way through the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013  Read about my race here: Disney Princess Half 2013

12.  Hot date with the hubs. 2012

13.  The zoo keeper talked me into feeding the giraffe by holding a piece of lettuce with my lips.  They call it a "giraffe kiss".  I call it hilarious, and gross. 2012

14. My birthday trip to Disney World last year with my mom, daughter, and friend Cam.  This was one of the sweetest pictures of Sarah (2.5 years old) with a character. 2012  Tons more pictures here: Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Play and Dine

15a. Coming down the homestretch of my very first half marathon ever.  The St. Jude Half in 2012.  I wanted to die.  Read More: Race Recap

15b. Some of the signs my friends made for me.  They were cheering me on in Overton park and then met up with my family at the finish area.

16. Favorite picture of Chris and Sarah when we went down for the Princess Half in 2013.  (Sarah is 3 years old in this picture.)

17. Celebrating in Disney World after the Disney Princess Half.  If I had actually made a 30 before 30 list, this race was on it.  I'm gratefully for all my friends and family that made it possible for me to go.

18a. Body marked and getting ready to go set up my transition area for my first triathlon.  Doing a tri was also on my faux 30-before-30 list.

18b. Right after my first tri.  Read about it here: MIM Olympic Triathlon 2013

19.  Married my best friend.  2004

20.  I just think this picture is hilarious for some reason.  It's from Sarah's birthday party 2013.  See cuter pictures of Sarah and friends here: Sarah's Build a Bear Party.

21.  Cody's 8 month photo session.  This is my favorite picture ever of me and the kids. 2012

22.  Again if I had made a 30-before-30 list another thing on it was get my concealed carry permit.  I took the class two weeks ago and filed the paperwork for the permit 5 days before my birthday.  This was right after the shooting test I got a 100 on.

And finally, some pictures I got out of my baby book.  The book is too fragile to take the pictures out and scan them so I took pictures with my cell phone.  My phone was having issues focusing so I gave up after a bit.  But these pictures where was started the idea for this post.

23.  6 week old baby Natalie

24a.  2 year old Natalie

24b. 2.5 year old Natalie got chicken pox.  I like this picture, I can see a lot of Sarah in it.

25. 4 year old Natalie.  My mom made this dress, she saved it for my kids.  Sarah loves wearing it.

26.  Kindergarten Natalie, looking stylish in the middle of the front row.

27.  1 year old Natalie.  I like this one because I can see a lot of Cody in it.

28.  Peter, Emily, and me.  Obviously as the 3rd kid clothes don't fit.  Ha!  I'm really hoping this picture is around halloween.

29.  Can't remember how old I am but I'm modeling the Easter bonnet I made for school.  And by "I made" I'm sure I mean, my mom made and I helped.  When I showed it to Chris he said, "what is that!?"  Apparently not every school made easter bonnets and had parades?  Mine did, and it was awesome.

30.  Didn't look to see the age on this picture.  But clearly I'm a superstar.  I'm the one on the left.

Bonus 1: We took the traditional birthday picture at Sears each year.  I love that my mom did that.  It's great to look back and see each birthday picture.  Here's my 15th birthday picture.  Mom dropped me off and told me to bring home whatever package I can't remember.  Being on my own I thought it would be hilarious to pick the teddy bear background.  I can't remember if my mom was annoyed by my choice or not.  But I'm now 30 and I still think this picture is hilarious.  So clearly my humor hasn't matured yet.

Bonus 2: On my way to Hogwarts.  London, England 2008

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Schwartz's vs the 6th of July at the Ball Game

I was on the phone at the right time to score some sweet tickets to the ball game for July 6th.  I was having my morning chat with Annie when she mentioned that she was in the mood to go to the ball game.  She checked the schedule and saw that they had fireworks for the July 4th game and then again on July 6th at their Military Appreciation Night.  And since I was on the phone while she discovered this, she asked if my family wanted to come too.  Heck yeah!  We've never been to Tom's awesome company suite at the redbirds.  It was great.  

I love baseball.  Ok, let's be honest.  I love the food at the baseball stadium.  Chicken-on-a-Stick for the win.  We ate dinner before we went to the game but even after having ice cream in the 7th inning Chris could tell I was sad.  So he wandered off and came back with a Chicken-on-a-Stick for me.  It was worth every fried calorie.  So good.  I really want to go to a ball game today just thinking about it.  Yum!

I also love listening to all the player's different "get pumped" songs that play while they are warming up at bat.  It always leads to a fun conversation of what song would you have them play while you warmed up.  Mine changes every time.  Chris has always been consistent with "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and as I was bragging to Annie that I just KNEW he would say that.  He said something else!  What!?!  I can't even remember what he said because it was the wrong answer.  This time I was feeling a little nostalgic and said Destiny's Child, "Survivor".  

What would your get pumped song be?

Chris and the kids.  Sarah rocking her purple socks.  So what if they don't match the outfit?

Hanging out with the Combs is awesome.  Jessie is Sarah's best friend and they can entertain each other for hours.  Having suite seats meant they could run around and get restless without bothering anyone and we didn't have to try to hold them down in seats.  I don't know if the girls watched any of the game but they had a blast playing together.

I'm pretty sure Cody would rather live with the Combs.  He loves them!  Annie is his girlfriend and when he gets a boo-boo if she's around he goes to her before me for the post trauma cuddles.  If you say, "Cody where's your girlfriend" he'll either point to Annie or go running over to her.  And right now Wy-Wy is his best friend.  He can be ornery loading into the car most times but not when you say, "we're going to see Wy-Wy" he beelines to the car and lets you buckle him up.

This picture is giving me issues.  I have night mares caused by it now.  My big 3-0 is coming up.  I thought I was ok with it.  I started rounding up last year when I turned 29.  It was just easier to say things like, "I can't stay up past 9.  I'm 30." or "I can't go to a midnight movie, I'm 30".  Yet when Annie took this for us and I saw it all of a sudden I saw what 30 looks like and I'm not a fan.  Not a fan at all.  I would sit here and point out all the things I don't like about this picture but I hate it when women do that.  Let's just say that since I avoid the mirror during the day, and I am usually the one taking the pictures it's been a while since I've REALLY stared at my own face.  And I'm now a wrinkly 30 year old not the beaming 21 year old bride that is in most of the pictures on the walls of my home. 

After the redbirds won we were treated to another wonderful firework show.  

Now I gotta go eat some chicken on a stick and listen to some 90s pop music.  Yes.