Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Visiting the Great Grand Parents in PbAR

My grandparents are making their annual trip to visit their kids.  You know, the one where they visit my parents for 4 days and one of their other kids in TX for a week and a half.  This year, I guess because Emily also lives in town, we were beckoned over to visit and bring the kids.  After much feet dragging we packed up and headed over and had a wonderful time.  

I was honestly a little nervous about it.  Because I am a terrible person and think kids are loud and messy and I don't want to be around them when I'm 80 so I just assume others don't want to be around them either.  But it was heartwarming to see my grandma and grandpa interact with the kids so much.  Sarah remember who they were from her visit last summer.  She walked right up to them and said, "Hi great grandma!  Hi great grandpa!"  She's a good girl.  

Grandpa Smith with Allison

I was also nervous because Smith gatherings as a rule are loud and in FL they are ridiculous.  But this time the tv miraculously stayed off and the noise level wasn't excessive so I didn't have to pop my favorite candy coated Advils.  

The men working on the Low Country Shrimp Boil.

David and Chris bringing it in.  It made a huge dripping mess.  


Important lesson learned: next time take the folding table and trays outside to transfer, then just bring the trays in.  It was a bit messy.

I was also nervous because routines are important to me.  And nap time is sacred.  Thankfully my wonderful kids are use to napping at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Cody went down in the pack and play like a champ, and my mom even convinced Sarah to take a nap.  This made for happy kids and a happy mommy.  Emily wasn't so lucky the first day.  Henry didn't handle the new place well and was anti-nap.  Good thing he's a passive and happy little dude, so he just scored extra play time with the toys all to himself.

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma always bring the kids new books whenever they see them.

Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, and Allison

Grandpa playing with Cody.

Since the gathering was smaller than the last time we were all together in Gatlinburg, it was nice to actually be able to chat with grandpa and hear various stories.  And Grandma and I were able to look over the new Family Search website.  There are some bugs in it still but it's a fabulous system.  We made a plan that I'm going to work on learning the site and once I get it all figured out I'll head down to Lakeland and we'll scan in everything she has and link it up to the family tree so all our people can see it.  (Then after I get the Smith's squared away and Chris graduates we'll head to TX to work on the Wrights since that will probably take a week or so.) 

Of course, the other thing I was worried about was sleeping at night time.  But mom got hotel rooms for Emily and I so the kids could sleep and everyone could have a bed.  We snuggled and watched a movie on the iPad until the kids were about ready to drop then we had lights off.  Sarah slept, Cody whined every time he heard one of us move in bed.  So that means that I pseudo-slept listening for both of them.  And Chris didn't really sleep at all since we're not great at sharing any bed smaller than a king.  He claims I invade his territory all night.

Sarah and Cody heading in to church.  Love that Cody suited up!

All in all great trip.  Lots of fun memories.  And a few new inside jokes.  It was a win-win trip.

Back row: Chris, me, Mom, Dad, David holding Allison, Emily
Front Row: Grandpa, Grandma, Cody, Sarah, Henry


  1. What great family time! Beautiful kiddos!

    1. Thanks! The boy is rotten to the core, so it's lucky he has a sweet face.

  2. What is PbAR? I love the kiddos in their Sunday best; too cute. I can't believe how hard core you are about sticking to a schedule, even on vacay! You're nuts. I don't know how you sync their naps and feedings with everyone else and everything that's going on. Sounds way more exhausting than just going with the flow and enjoying the trip! Seriously, you got a hotel?! I'd kill for my kids to have cousins to pile into a big nest on the floor to sleep in! Very cool to team up with your grandmother to do some genealogy. I love your little Mormon family. I shouldn't, but I really envy it!

    1. PbAR=Pine Bluff, AR

      And as for my parenting quirks, I say to each their own.