Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Swimming Lessons and Break Throughs

I signed Sarah up for swim lessons at the Y.  I've been thinking about it for a while.  We didn't do swim lessons last summer because she spent the first half of the summer screaming in the pool.  She was fine by the end of the summer thank goodness, but still didn't enjoy swimming in "the big pool".  Our Y has two swim class options, during the year they meet 2 times a week for a month, and then in the summer they go 4 days a week for 2 weeks straight.  I was going to sign her up a month ago but I talked to Emily the aquatics director and she thinks the kids learn better in the 2 week class because it's more consistent.  So I signed her up for the first summer session.  I was warned the class fills up fast, but some how it didn't and there are only 2 kids in the class: Sarah and some boy.  It's great!

I've been talking swim class up to Sarah for a couple of weeks now to get her excited.  Yesterday at our first class she was so excited and ready to go.  She even got in the pool before class started, without her floatie!  She was having such a great time playing on the stairs that it was freaking me out with how brave she was being because I was dressed up for a friend's retirement ceremony and was not about to jump in the pool and save her.  (kidding)

Sarah was awesome in swim class.  It might not seem like a big deal to others but I'm still scarred from when she screamed bloody murder in the pool last year and continuously yelled, "help me!  Heeeellllppp me!" and the lifeguard just looked at us with pity.  So for Sarah to be smiling and happy in the "big pool" it's a major break through.  

Waiting for class to start.

Putting on her swim belt.  

I understand why the swim belt strap is so long but it is driving me nuts.  Sarah sits there and fishes with it while she waits for her turn which isn't bad, it's the part where she also chews on it.  ICK!

First step: Practice kicking

Second Step: kicking while swimming

Look at that smile!  She had the biggest smile the whole time.  I love seeing that smile.

Step 3: Working on scooping the arms
Still huge smile!

 Step 4: putting it all together and Mrs. Emily lets go

She was such a trooper!  She followed all the directions and tried everything even jumping off the edge into the pool.  Neither Chris nor I have been able to talk her into that.  Day 2 she was still all smiles!  Not sure if she'll really be able to swim without her puddlejumper by the end of next week or not but at least she's already more comfortable in the big pool.

Cody had a huge break through this week too!  He took this happy face to nursery on Sunday!  That's right, he's been in nursery for 2 months, that's roughly 8 Sundays and each Sunday he has cried hysterically when we dropped him off.  And has cried anytime anyone opened the door because it wasn't mommy or daddy to pick him up.  In recent weeks he's gotten better and has only cried for a few minutes at drop off.  But this Sunday when Chris dropped him off he said Cody happily ran into the room and started playing.  When I went in to pick him up at the end he was all smiles and showing me the picture he colored and even said, "happy" when I asked what the lesson was about.  The picture had "I can be happy" on the bottom.  I am so glad he's finally made the transition to nursery.  I love my happy happy boy!

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