Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Schwartz's vs The Never Ending Recital

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The day has finally come for Sarah's big dance debut.  I've been looking forward to this since I begged and pleaded to get her into dance a year early.  

Sarah has really enjoyed Tippy Toes at Millington School of Dance.  She even stopped fighting me about putting her hair up in a ponytail for class.  I'm not sure if she learned anything technical.  She never dropped fancy french names for steps at home.  But she did look forward to dance every week and would gladly talk about her dance school anytime we passed near it.  I'm positive I'll sign her up for next year, and once the trauma of recital day wears off I'm sure I'll let her participate in the recital again too.

Look how much she's grown!  Man I love that little girl!

Recital day was a long day.  Tippy Toes classes had rehearsal at 9 am downtown at the Cannon Center.  After getting the run down on what to expect that evening, having the girls run through their number a few times, and taking the tour of where to go and what to do behind stage we didn't make it home until 11.

At rehearsal

After rehearsal we took a little walk around main street before we headed back to the car. 

Climbing on a sculpture

Playing in the fountain.

Jessie and Sarah

I'm not going to lie.  Recital day was very stressful.  Running errands took longer than it should have so nap time was completely blown.  By the time we got home at 2:15 Sarah was completely wired and did not take a nap.  We had to be up and over at Annie's at 3:15 for her to help fix Sarah's hair.  Then it was back home to practice her dance a few more times (she was pretty tragic at rehearsal this morning) before trying to figure out what to feed them that would keep them full for the rest of the night.  We were supposed to be down there at 5:15 but dinner took a bit longer so we didn't get down there until 5:45.  Then seating wasn't supposed to start until 6, but apparently they started letting them in at 5:15 so our seats were way up in the back.  All the running and rushing and stressing just made for a cranky Natalie.  Plus, honestly, I was a bit bummed that my parents didn't think coming to the recital was worth the drive.  Logical me gets that 3 hours for 90 seconds isn't worth it, but emotional me really was annoyed.  However, Sarah had a large group of family and friends who endured the show that never ended for her.  Their group was #20 out of #28 songs to be performed.  And so we settled in and enjoyed the many many dances before it was time to go back stage and get ready.

Steffanie braved backstage with me to help get Sarah dressed and ready.  

Sarah and Jessie ready to go.

One of the other mom's putting the finishing touches on Sarah's make up. 

In line back stage waiting to go on stage.

Sarah did a great job!  She actually knew and did most of the dance.  A lot better than rehearsal in the morning when she mostly stood around and just watched the others.  And she seemed to have a great time.  We were pretty far up as you can see from the picture I took.  But luckily Sarah was right next to Jessie during the dance and Annie had great seats so I borrowed their video for you all to see.  Sarah is the 3rd one on the left.

After her performance it was time to greet her fan club.
Daddy, her handsome man, brought her flowers.

Autie Em and Uncle David endured the show that never ended to cheer for their niece.

We're super proud of our tiny dancer.

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz

Then of course it was time to say hi to her "aunts" who spoil her rotten.

Sarah is obsessed with pennies right now.  So Susan and Steffanie cleaned out their purses to reward Sarah for a job well done.  I used those pennies for the rest of the time to get Sarah to look at the camera.  I'd hold one above the lens and she'd stare longingly at it. 

They also went to Build-a-Bear and made a ballerina bear for her.  Steffanie was even willing to endure doing the heart ceremony all by herself as the oldest person in the store surrounded by kids.  She didn't want bad karma of not making the bear full of the "aunties" love for her.  

Aunt Susan 

Holding the penny above the lens works on Sarah and Susan apparently.

Brother giving Sarah some love after a great performance.

Tired little girl

It was quite a long night and we intended to leave after Sarah's dance but we were still in the lobby when they made the call for all the dancers to come back stage for the finale.  So Sarah got to go out for the final bow.  Like I said, it was the show that never ended.  We didn't make it home until after 10:30. That was a pretty big day for some small people.  However, both Sarah and Cody handled it like champs.  I don't recall them having a single melt down.  Me on the other hand, I needed a nap.

Here are the official costume photos:


  1. What a memory! My mother says my recital day (There was only one. Wonder why I didn't do dance after that? Hmmm...) was the second longest day of her life. The first was PIANO recital day. The things we endure for the little people we love. . .

    From this end it all looks precious and fun! Great job, Sarah! And mom!

  2. I enjoyed the recital and would have gladly stayed for the rest! But I thought you were leaving and I didn't want to put David through 8 more songs of chasing Henry around.

  3. I have been waiting for this post!

    Sarah did great and you will learn to chill. Remember, it's just dance, it's supposed to be fun. Although it never occurred to me to ask if you needed help backstage -I'm sorry, I totally could have shown you the ropes back there.

    And I think when I saw you all stressed out that night I showed great restraint in not reminding you that you begged me to help get Sarah into dance! But it's all worth it because she had fun.

    I love her pictures!