Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Letter to Past Chris (age 21) from Future Chris (age 35)


 I really wanted to link up with Holly and Jake's letter to your self today, but they were writing to their 21 year old selves.  When I turned 21, I had just graduated from college and was two weeks from getting married.  Every thing was pretty much on track for me at the moment, now if they ever link up to your 18 year old self, I got a thing or two to say to that moron.  The only thing I really need to tell myself is wear sunscreen on beach vacations stupid...this includes your honeymoon and a few other anniversary trips.  

So I asked Chris if he had anything he would tell his 21 year old self.  He said, "Oh yeah, remember I'm quite a bit older than you."  Yeah right, he's only 6 years older than me and at this age that's nothing.   Now when I hang our 1983 ornaments together on the tree that's a whole different story.  6 years in that time reference is disturbing.  Ha!  Anyway, my dear sweet husband wrote a letter to his 21 year old self so I could participate in my first link up.  Thanks babe!

Dear Christopher (21),

 It is me, you in the future.  It is a very happy future, but I want to warn you about a few things and advise you about a few things.   I don't want to change our over all future outcome but I think that I can ease some hardships without eliminating opportunities to learn.  I think that it will be simpler for you and I both if I break it up into three sections: education, financial, and professional. 

Education.  Let's be honest, your first shot wasn't good.  You dropped the ball.  I need you to pick that ball up again but not right away.  You're not mature enough yet, you still think you can do it without putting any effort into it... That's wrong.  When you get married, you are gonna start up again.  You need to keep this letter and refer to it.  First thing you need to do is meet with your advisor and plan out your whole program semester by semester.  You may hit some difficult spots, but stick with it and don't get distracted by TV or video games.  Do your homework and study hard.  It'll get you thru without a lot of un-needed classes.

 Financial.  Get your money issues settled.  Watch out for credit cards and over spending.  You tend to have a bit of the diarrhea of the wallet, and we can't afford that.  These small things will escalate and make future endeavors difficult.  You'll have an opportunity to move out soon.  Take it.  This section goes with the next so keep that in mind.  Save, save, save.  A nest egg will help.  When you are done with this living arrangement, look at buying in Tipton county.  There are nice homes with low prices and land for sale.  This will be a nice place to live and a spring board into your future adventures. 

Professional.  You have a potential change in workplace coming.  Take it.  Gain experience.  Work hard and keep your skills sharp and your productivity level high.  Keep in touch with people at Wright and when something opens up there for a full time position, take it.  Make sure you show up on time, lazy bones.  Watch out for a girl from your past, she'll threaten this and the first two sections success, keep you standards.  Also, make sure you get a job at Best Buy in the summer of 2000.  It'll be the best decision you'll make until you make the next best decision, three years later, and then again a year later.

So, in closing, it was hard to find things to give you a heads up about without completely changing my life, which has been so fantastic.  I think that you will still make some mistakes and that is ok, that is how you learn.  Keep being Chris and don't become slacker Chris.

 PS, get into shooting and stay in soccer.

 PPS, you are awesome so don't think this was a butt chewing.

 PPPS, May the Schwartz be with you!


So, what would you tell your 21 year old self?


  1. Dear Chris, I thought the point of these letters WAS to be a butt chewing.

    Dear Emily (21), SHUT UP! You DON'T know everything!

  2. I think the question is now.. what blogs are YOU reading?!

  3. No slacker Chris?! Ha!! Thanks for being a good sport and linking up! :)