Monday, June 10, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Harbortown 5K

Chris was out of town all last week.  He left Sunday while we were at church and didn't get home until a couple of hours before we needed to leave for the Harbortown 5k.  And I must say I did alright.  Normally I'm about ready to do hard time when we have long school weeks without Chris, but the kids were great and cooperated for the most part.  Plus I paid Sarah in pennies to behave all week.  She loved that.  The only time it was hard was after I put the kids to bed and I was lonely without anyone to watch tv with me.  And I really had a hard time sleeping.  When you've slept next to the same person every night for almost 9 years it's weird to crawl into bed and them not be there.  I may or may not have let Sarah sleep in my bed Wednesday to fill the void.  

Anyway, so when we got to the race we'd only been together for a couple of hours.  We were hardcore flirting like teenagers the whole time.  It was a great date!  We got there early enough to pick up our packets and then walk down by the river.  Yes, I've lived here since I was in 2nd grade and I've never actually taken a walk down by the river.  It was gorgeous!  Such a wonderful night, not too warm, lowish humidity, and a bit of a breeze off the river.

After failing at a one arm shot, I asked a stranger.  Thanks stranger!
Didn't realize how short this running skirt was until I saw this picture, note to self never wear that again!

When it got closer to time we headed to the start and I confessed to Chris that I was in stalker mode.  I told him I knew a couple of my favorite bloggers were here running this race, Laura and Holly.  So we lingered near the start line for a bit to see if I would spot them to maybe say hello if my social anxiety didn't make me a complete nut job.

One arm attempt to get the pyramid (behind Chris's head) and the start line (behind mine) in the same picture.  Fail.

We did manage to see the cool bloggers!  And I decided not to just be a silent stalker and I tapped Holly on the elbow and said, "Hi, I read your blog."  Then I also had to confess to Hubby Jack that I'm the nerdy girl who emailed him recently asking for a Star Wars blog makeover.  I also met Holly's blog boyfriend Jake, and I might just have to link up with their finish the sentence game they do.  It's always a hoot.  And I met the gorgeous and fashionable Laura and was able to thank her in person, I recently won a give away off her blog.  =)  They were all so nice and friendly!  But before my crazy could come out I excused myself and Chris and I wandered a little farther from the start line so we could be more with our pace group.

No PR for Chris this time, but I think this was one of his better runs!  He did all of his C25K week 4 intervals without stopping short or quitting.  And he even ran for a longer than needed stretch at the beginning because I get a little claustrophobic at the beginning of races until the crowd thins out.  We were also still acting like teenagers the whole time, since we hadn't seen each other in a week.  I think we about made some people barf when I asked Chris if he would stop and take a picture with me and as he ran to catch up he slapped me on my butt.  I heard some girls behind say, "I wish my husband would do that."  I was a tad bit embarrassed but not really.

You can tell we're hardcore and serious about these races.  All serious racers stop to take pictures.

It was a nice race, flat course with great scenery.  I think we'll do that one again next year.  Plus after the race they had some great swag.  You know I'm a sucker for swag.  When you finished you got a Nike cinch bag and hat.  I've thought about getting a hat to run in so I was excited about that.  And near the swag tent we ran into Holly again.  My inner fan girl couldn't contain it anymore so I had to get a picture.
Holly and Me

I asked how she did and I though she said around 33 minutes, which is about the time I run.  So now I have a new blogger goal to be cool enough to get invited to run a race with the cool blogger kids club.  Maybe there will be one in St. Louis I can run when we go for Fall Break.  

We've got another 5K this weekend, the Gibson Guitar.  I'm hoping Chris has a good week training.  If he sticks to the plan he's on week 5 which ends with a 20 minute straight run.  It'll be his first non interval run of the plan!  I need to start thinking of 20 minutes worth of stuff to talk about to distract him from the fact that he's running.  Any suggestions?


  1. I had such a great time with you after the race. I am so happy you said hello. We will make plans to meet up the next time you come to St. Louis. :)

  2. Why is commenting on your blog impossible for me? It won't let me backspace without freezing up. Anywyas, oops misspelled that but too lazy to backspace and deal with the whole freezing up thing.. Remember what I said about red? I like the skirt! Where are you getting your running skirts? Do you like'em better than shorts? Very cool to meet some blog celebrities.. I give ya 6 months, then you'll be making $$$ blogging. Gotta get the comments working right first, though :)

  3. You and the hubs are so cute! And I apologize for not coming over to say hey. I was talking with Laura and two other bloggers when you came to say hello to Holly before the race. Then I didn't want to sit there and stare at you trying to make sure you were you before I acted like a stalker and said "I think I know you" haha!! I get social anxiety like that sometimes.