Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Gibson Guitar 5K 2013

Well we're done with the 3rd race of the M-town series.  Only one more 5K date night left.  I've really been having a great time doing these races!  Plus we are racking up some awesome swag.  Oh boy do I love swag!  The swag bags this time were a little random.  We did get a really nice tech tshirt, and since Chris picked up the bags early he wore his for the race.  And the bags also had some nice Nike sweatbands.  Chris was excited about that like I was for the hats we got at Harbortown.  He had mentioned at Harbortown how he thought he wanted to get a sweat band.  And low and behold since I look ridiculous in sweatbands he now has 2.  Winner!  But the bags also had random stuff in there like a box of bandaids, travel sunscreen, and Chris even got some disposable apron thing that wasn't in my bag.

You know who doesn't look ridiculous in a sweatband: Cody.  He was helping me do JM's 30 Day Shred tape Saturday.

So during the week I talked to Chris and kept flipping back and forth on if I was going to run it beside him or just meet him at the finish line.  Part of me wanted to push for a PR, but when I went out to run on Tuesday it was a million degrees with 1000% humidity so I punk'd out and came in and did the elliptical.  So that made me think, perhaps PRing is not such a great plan.  Chris was on Week 5 Day 3 of C25K, so that meant he needed to do a 5 minute warm up walk and then run for 20 minutes straight. This would be his first non-interval run and I was a little nervous that I would be more of a hinderance then a help.  When we get to races I get really claustrophobic at the beginning and jack rabbit out and bob and weave through the crowd until I can find a hole.  I usually over exert myself and then regret it the rest of the race as my pace drops considerably but it works for me.  However, for Chris it means he's been skipping his warm up and burning up all his energy trying to keep up with me and it makes doing his plan and making it through his intervals difficult.  I didn't want to cause him to have a hard 20 minute run when it was his first time.  I remember how intimidating it was the first time I did C25K and saw that I wasn't going to get a walk break.  It really messes with your head.

By the time we got down to the race we decided for me to run ahead and cheer for him at the finish line.  I think he also pushed for that when we ran into a group of other MOPS moms at the potty potties before the race started.  One of them said that she was hoping to run around 9:30 splits.  I figured she'd beat me but if I could keep her in sight I might just PR.  No such luck for a PR for me, but I did beat all the other MOPS mom's across the finish line.  Hollar!

Traditional Pre-race Picture

I had a great run.  Like I said it wasn't a PR but it was pretty darn good.  My official time was 30:54, so right under a 10 min/mile pace.  The race was pretty crowded and surprisingly hilly.  Mostly just little hills but then right at the end just before mile 3 you have to battle up the Beale Street hill.  Some woman was chugging along beside me telling herself, "get up this, you can do it" and I tried to stick with her but I quit and walked about 10 feet from the top.  Beale street beat me.  Oh well.  It was also pretty hot and muggy, but the breeze as we ran down front street was nice.  This race was also better supported.  They had two water stations and enough people to have cups ready to be handed out.  That made me happy.  I did walk the water stations so I didn't choke on the water.  I'm sure if I had worn my belt and ran through them I might have PR'd.  After I crossed the finish line I grabbed two bottles of water and set out to cheer the other runners on and look for Chris.  I walked back to Beale St. and found him handed him the bottle of water and ran with him for a bit.

Chris said he felt good about that run.  He did his warm up walk and ran the first 10 minutes straight and then walked through the water station (which totally doesn't count against you, it's hard to run and drink) then when he picked back up he felt he came in too fast and it bit him after about 3 minutes his pace dropped.  He seems really concerned about pace right now.  I keep telling him pace will come, right now just focus on making it through the intervals.  His official time was 40:44.

He also ran into our 5K buddies.  Remember those girls I mentioned that I ran into near the end of the Zoom through the Zoo and tried to encourage.  Then we saw them again at the Harbortown 5K.  Well, when I ran back to find Chris there they were again!  We chatted for a bit after the race again and all thought it's really funny that we keep seeing each other.  These races have a ton of people.  I even looked it up; the Zoom had 1392 finishers, Harbortown had 1579 finishers, and Gibson had 1734 finishers.  In those huge seas of people we keep running into these same 2 girls.  So we chatted a bit and I learned their names and we took a picture because they are officially some of my running buddies now.
Me, Christina, and Tracey
(Like my new running skirt and completely sweat drenched wife beater tank?  I need to figure out how to look cute when I go running.  Especially if I'm going to use these as date nights.  Also someone at the gym today said they liked my tank and asked me where I got them.  That's right I got complimented on a $3 Hanes A-line undershirt.)

These girls are pretty awesome.  The Zoom was their first race ever and now they've done 3.  They use them as their girls night out and they just have a blast with each other.  I wish my girl friends would run 5Ks with me for girls night out.  And since I had to have Tracey text me this picture I'm now going to stalk them (kidding) but I may send them race reminders about some of the other 5Ks in Memphis that I sign up for.  (Like the Chick-fil-a 5K around Labor Day.  I've always wanted to do that one but never had anyone to run it with me.)

Finally we finished up our date night by heading up to the post race rooftop party on the top of the Gibson Guitar Factory.  As much as this race is advertised and the post race party talked about it was a little disappointing.  I was hungry and they only had some wimpy skimpy deli sandwiches.  Why can't all races have BBQ like the Zoom?  Oh well, the next one says it's going to have hamburgers, hot dogs, and cold watermelon at the post race party.  That's what I'm talking about!
Post race party pic

PS-I would also like to boast that we met Joe Birch (from Action News 5) in the lobby before we went up to the party.  Really nice guy.  We took a picture with him but the random stranger I asked for help apparently must have had shaky hands because it was so blurry it wasn't worth posting.  Sorry.


  1. holy cow. i didn't believe you when you said that was cody in the first pic. i kept seeing sarah; thinking her hair was tied back. i never thought they looked much alike til now.

    congrats on a great race! so close to a PR; woot! i love how these cool people you're meeting! a chick fil a race sounds SUPER fun!

  2. Oh I didn't know yall were signed for the MTown series. I just thought you were doing individual races. A friend sent me the race info on the next one, the July 3rd race. I think I'm signing up for that one. Did you do it last year?