Monday, June 17, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Father's Day 2013

Traditional Father's Day Photo 
(see 2010, 2011, 2012 ha just noticed he's wearing the same tie as last year.  Guess what he's getting next year for Father's Day.)

I love father's day.  Not as much as I love mother's day obviously.  But I do enjoy getting ready for father's day and figuring out what to get Chris and what to have the kids do for him.  This year I did a really good job!

The kids got Daddy some star wars books and cute cards.  Cody's favorite toy is Mr. Potato Head, and Sarah has this little McD's ballerina barbie that she calls Barbie-q which makes Chris laugh.  So that's why we picked those cards.  Those books are hilarious!  If you have a Star Wars fan dad or hubs check them out.  We got them on amazon.

Auntie Em helped make new handprint art for Chris.  Sarah made Chris an elephant when she was 18 months old for father's day.  That was her favorite animal at the time.  It hangs in his office.  So Sarah made him a giraffe, and Cody made him a fish because those are their current favorite animals.  The other 2 we made because they are cute and to add to their baby books.  You know.  When I make their baby books....eventually.

And I got Chris a soap and brush shave kit.  This was more of a gift for me.  I can't stand a scruffy man. When we went to my parents for Easter Chris forgot his stuff and had to borrow dad's.  He mentioned how much he liked it so I researched out what was good and popular and picked this Van Der Hagen set.  It had really great reviews and Chris was excited about it.

Chris is a wonderful father.  My friend Eliza had a quote on her fridge or blog one time that said, "Parenting is a tough job, but at least my co-worker is hot."  I always giggle when I think about that.  Parenting is a tough job especially being the stay at home one who always does the dirty work.  When Chris comes home I'm chop liver and the kids are all, "Daddy daddy daddy!"  I can be in mid sentence talking to one of those minions and if they hear the garage door open the will run straight to the door and wait until he walks in.  If I'm feeding Cody and Chris walks in with a mouth full of food he yells, "da-deeeee!"  These kids love their dad and it's really easy to see why.  He's pretty darn awesome.  And he's hot.

Sarah is convinced she's going to marry daddy when she grows up.  At least twice a week while eating breakfast normally but sometimes lunch she looks at the wedding pictures on the wall in the kitchen and talks about how one day when she's bigger she's going to marry daddy because he's her handsome man.  I've tried to explain to her multiple times that daddy's already taken because I'm married to him and that usually leads to tears so for now I just smile and say that's sweet honey.  She'll out grow it one day.  But I absolutely would love for her to marry a man just like Chris.

Me and Dad at my wedding.

And that got me thinking about did I marry a man just like my father?  And in some ways, I guess and other definitely not.  I see more similarities between my dad and Chris when it comes to serving in church.  They are both excellent leaders and teachers.  They are faithful and devoted to serving the Lord and I love that.  Chris and my dad are also very similar in politics and I love listening to them talk about that stuff.  But when it comes down to personality, its my dad and I are very similar.  We both have very fiery personalities, short tempers, and loud kabooms.  When my dad gets mad he throws his hands in the air and we kids love pointing out when one of us does that.  I can remember the first time I caught Pete doing it.  Oh we laughed!  It's dad's trade mark move.  That and his amazing music conducting skills.  I smile every time I think about dad leading music and am honestly trying to emulate it now that I'm the Primary Chorister.  I see a lot of my dad in me, and I'm good with that.  He's a pretty awesome guy.

Chris and Dennis at our wedding.

But no, I married a man just like his father.  And I love that about Chris.  I love that about Chris for so many many reasons.  First because I love Dennis.  I have an amazing father in law.  He is patient, kind, and hard working.  And he taught that to Chris.  I am so thankful for the influence Dennis has been on Chris.  He got him interested in CAD work, helped him get his first job at Wright Medical doing drafting work which made Chris realize he had a talent for that.  He has supported Chris's schooling as he's worked towards his Bachelors in BioMedical Engineering.  He was a great example to Chris about how hard it is to do school as an adult but how important it was.  Chris has told me a few times how he remembers his dad doing homework at the kitchen table.  And now I see Chris doing his at the kitchen table and smile and am thankful that Dennis set that example.  (Of course, I'm much more of a fan of going straight to college from high school like my parents taught us but I know that doesn't work for everyone.)

I'm grateful that Chris is so much like his father because I get to see what Chris is going to be like when he's a little older.  Dennis is in amazing shape.  That 61 year old man plays pick up ice hockey at least 2 times a week I think at 10 pm at night.  He use to skate marathons.  He golfs in the league at work.  He's rebuilding a lake house.  I'm telling you, Dennis is in better shape than I am and I'm half his age.  I pray Chris is that active and healthy when we are 60.

It's great when Dennis and Chris get together, especially if they are working on a project.  You can bet that it'll take twice the time as those two guys discuss and analyze every little detail with their engineering minds.  It is a hoot!  It took them all day to tile our tiny 5'x6' guest bathroom during the flood recovery.  They laid out all the tile, labeled them with masking tape in a grid format (A1, A2, B1, B2...) Because that's just how their minds work and when they get together it's hilarious.  I love it.

And I love that Chris is just like his dad because it gives me hope for Cody.  I would love nothing more than for Cody to grow up and be just like Chris who is just like Dennis.  I would love for another patient, kind, caring, hard working, analytical, biomedical engineer, and active Schwartz man in this family.  I would love to sprinkle some Smith traits in there too.  Wouldn't it be great if Cody served his mission in California just like my dad, learned to play the clarinet, or sat around discussing the latest in conservative talk radio with the rest of the Smith men?

All my favorite men supporting us on our big day.

I must say, as genes go Cody is pretty much destined to grow up to be awesome no matter which side of the family he takes after more.  And I'm really thankful for that.

Happy Father's Day!


  1. What a great post. You, and your children, are very fortunate to have such great male role models in their lives. And I love how you make sure they know that and show your love and respect to the men in your life.

  2. Super adorable handprint art; love it! Very sweet post dedicated to all the dads!