Monday, May 13, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Mother's Day 2013

(Picture not actually taken on Mother's Day)

I love Mother's Day.  I think it's because as a stay at home mom there is no boss's day, or secretary's day, or teacher's appreciation week.  I get Mother's Day.  It's the one day where Chris and the kids are supposed to go overboard showering me with love and affection for the grunt work I do on a daily basis because I'm a mom, and that's my job.  Our first 2 mother's days were pretty rough.  We were dealing with the flood in 2010 and the terrible bang job in 2011.  But since then Chris has really gotten the hang of Mother's Day.  And this weekend he stepped it up and made it a whole weekend affair.  Thursday, he picked up take out from our favorite place after the kids went to bed so we could eat in peace and have a real conversation.  Friday, he arranged for some friends to come over, grilled steaks and we played cards.  Saturday, he took the kids shopping for my present from them, asked his parents to watch the kids and took me to dinner and a movie.  And then Sunday he had the kids wake me up as they brought me their cards and gifts for me.  When he asked Sarah what she wanted to get me she said, "um, kinda like some good smelling soap".  So she picked out some strawberry soap and lotion for me.  Sarah also told me on Saturday after Chris picked me up from my disastrous bike ride that she could smell me and I smelled like sweat.  Thanks dear.  So I guess that's why she thought I needed soap for mother's day.  Cody got me the giant bag of peanut M&Ms from Costco and another big box of the gum I like.  They spoil me!

I'd really like to brag on Chris for a moment so get your puke buckets ready.  Chris's gift to me this year was so sweet and thoughtful and really selfless.  I still wouldn't say that I'm a runner.  I'm slow.  I wheeze like a fat kid.  And I still don't get the whole zen of running.  I chug along every step hating most of them and pushing myself anyway.  And as much as I hate running, Chris hates it even more.  He has started and not finished C25K at least twice.  But I do love going to races.  I love the atmosphere.  I think they're fun.  And after doing the Fairway 5K side by side with Chris that was the most fun I've had at a race.  It was so great to do that alongside him instead of just at the same event as him.  So for Mother's Day this year, Chris registered us for the 4 race M-town series.  And he's going to arrange the babysitting for each of those for us.  I know Chris hates running, but he knows that this is something I really enjoy doing and so he's going to do them with me.  And we're going to run side by side, then enjoy the post race parties for a little bit instead of rushing off as soon as we're done.  I really appreciate Chris seeing how much I enjoy doing these events and even though it's not his favorite thing in the world he still is willing and wants to do them with me.  I can't wait for these date nights!  We'll jog while we talk and laugh and then have some yummy food, listen to the band for a bit, and head home.  It's going to be so great!  I'm really just so thankful to have such a wonderful husband who instead of rolling his eyes at his crazy wife joins in my crazy sometimes.  

Man I love these kids.  They are the greatest gift I've ever been given!  Sometimes after they are in bed I miss them and I just want to go pick them up out of their beds and cuddle them some more.  

Now, for those of you LDS people playing along at home, Sarah is 3 so she's officially a Sunbeam which means, this is the first year I've had a kid singing in sacrament for Mother's Day.  They sent home the song about a month ago and Sarah and I have diligently practiced it over and over so she'd know the words.  Her performance did not disappoint.  They sang, "I Often Go Walking" and since the song mentions gathering "blossoms of blue" they gave each of the kids a sprig of blue silk flowers to hold while the sang.  Sarah was one of the first kids up there since she hopped up and proudly marched down the aisle so she was one of the first to get her flowers.  She proceeds to hang over the front of the thing going, "Mom!  Mom!  Look I got flowers!" as she wildly waved them back and forth.  Awesome!  Tons of people are turning around and smiling and laughing at me.  Sarah sang loud and proud the whole first verse.  She even added in the hand motions she made up pointing at me when the song says, "all flowers remind me of you".  Yep, she was the only kid pointing at her mom for that.  However, the whole second verse she pretty much just swayed back and forth and looked around at the other kids.  It was adorable!  I freaking loved it!  The kids singing in sacrament is always my favorite part of Mother's and Father's day, even before I had kids.  It's the main thing I've been looking forward to since my first was born.  I can't wait for Cody's first mother's day performance.  As of right now, he's not really the showman.  I have a feeling he'll be the kid up there shooting daggers out of his eyes annoyed that he's standing up there holding flowers.  But who knows, perhaps he'll surprise me.

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