Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Memorial Day Weekend 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  We had a blast as we enjoyed some much needed family and friend time.  At first, Chris planned on working in the attic on Monday but that morning over pancakes we decided we really needed to spend time together.  It was the right decision.  

First I'd like to point out that I love all patriotic holidays.  July 4th is probably my favorite of all holidays.  You get all the great food and family bonding without stressing over gifts.  Plus there's cookouts and fireworks.  Win-win!  I hope in the future to add a flag raising ceremony to our tradition and am looking forward to Cody going and putting flags at the National Cemetery when he's a cub scout.  But for now we just talked to the kids about what Memorial Day is and let it completely go over their head.  Oh, and of course I dressed us in our finest red,white, and blue for church.
I love those sailor suits!  And I realized I had something in the closet I could wear too.  

I forgot all about that shirt when I pushed it to the way back after a few too many 8th grade students told me how much they liked that shirt.  That was a surefire way to retire an outfit.  The last time I wore it one of my students said, "Oh Mrs. Schwartz you're wearing my favorite shirt.  I like it!" It went to the bowels of my closet that day.

After spending the morning swimming and eating lunch at Chic-fil-a (yum!) we headed home for the kids to nap while we finished getting ready for the Combs' to come over for a cook out.  Sarah was so excited I wasn't sure she'd actually sleep but she did and was thrilled to see Jessie in her room to wake her up.

As all good cookouts go there was plenty of chips and dips to enjoy as an appetizer.  (Fruit Salsa, and Annie brought Rotel.  YUM!)

And tons of fun games to play outside.  I must inject one thing here about my house.  We have a nice starter home but we've learned some important things.  I wanted a very closed floor plan and I got it.  Well with that means limited entertaining space with our small rooms.  So 2 summers ago we really invested in making our outside a comfortable entertaining space and we love it!  We had a nice large deck built, Ma and Pa Schwartz had previously gifted us a wonderful table and chairs and a huge umbrella that are perfect on the deck.  We also bought Chris a giant man grill.  My parents gifted us a swing set.  And we bought the kids a sand table and picnic table as well as some other outdoor toys.  Now our favorite thing in the world is to have cook outs!  I was a bit embarassed when Tom pointed out that we've been pretty close friends for 2 years and have NEVER had them over.  Whoops.  But in my defense we have invited them before but they have a very busy calendar so it never worked out until now.  Hopefully they had a good enough time that they'll come back over for more cookouts. 

Cody had a blast chasing around the ball with the big badminton racket.

Playing on the swing set

Uh oh!  Ball retrieval time.  Chris had to hoist W over the fence to get it back.

While Chris wasn't throwing kids over the fence to get lost balls he was working his mad grilling skills cooking up some yummy burgers.

Look at that double decker burger

Thankfully Tom is great at modifying meals for his paleo diet.  Buns not allowed?  No problem, just use some lettuce leaves.  I promise there is a burger in there and he said it was tasty even if it didn't have cheese.

Because Annie hates me and she was in charge of dessert she brought ice cream cones.

With treats like this its no wonder why Cody like Annie more than me.

Best Buds

After eating way too much it was time to burn some calories with an epic game of volleyball: kids vs adults.
Sarah and J "played" for a little with the bigger kids eventually they decided to play something else.

Cody took this time to get to slide as much as he wanted without others messing with him.  He just kept climbing up and sliding down all by himself.  What a big boy he's becoming!

 After a while the game took a silly turn:
That's right we tried to play with the "these aren't my arms" style.  It was pretty hilarious.  I think we may have hit the ball once.  

This was a great way to kick off the summer!  Here's to more cookouts, playing outside, volleyball games, marshmallow roasting, and spending the summer hanging with friends!

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