Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 20 Months Old

Cody you are 20 months old now and here's what you've been up to.

* We took you shoe shopping this past month and let you pick out your own shoes.  You picked out a pair of red and blue Keen knock offs.  You love them, a little too much and get angry whenever you don't get to wear them.  The only other pair I've seemed to convince you it's ok to wear are your Toms. And I think you only wear those because sister and mom are wearing them and Sarah is always quick to point out that you guys match.
* You have become aware of when you pee in your diaper.  You run to the closest adult and start patting your crotch saying, "poo poo!  Poo poo!"  Until we either convince you it's ok or change you.  
* Still on the topic of appearance you are becoming particular about what you wear.  You also don't like it for things to get on your clothes.  The outfit you are wearing in the picture was purchased when you were out with dad and accidently spilled milk on yourself.  Instead of just letting someone wipe it up and move on with life you were grumpy until dad took you into the clothing store.  He said you happily looked through the racks pulling on different shirts until you pick this out.  You love the car on it and point it out to everyone, "car car!"
* The inevitable happened this past month.  You still want to play whatever Sarah is playing.  So much to your father's dismay you play princesses a lot.  You also have a fondness for fairy wands and run around the house with one saying "bee bo!" all the time.  Bee bo is your way of saying "bippty boppity boo."  Then your dad's worst nightmare happened this past month.  Sarah was playing dress up and you tugged at one and yelled, "me! Mine!" until I got it down for you.
Daddy was not pleased about this picture, but at least you look angry about being in the dress.  You wanted it, but as soon as I put it on you regretted the decision.

* You are adventurous and spunky.  You don't want to cuddle long and always want to be going.  This month you've started getting the stool to help you reach things.  Thankfully you are still a bit short to get the top of the counters.
* You've been a picky eater this month.  You've moved away from oatmeal for breakfast and want cheerios with milk.  We still can't get you to eat any veggies other than carrots even if we give you ranch dressing to dip them in.  But you are eating more fruits.  This month you started eating fresh cut up strawberries and cutie oranges.  But your favorite thing is bananas.  You love bananas!
* I can't think of any new words others would understand that you've picked up this month.  But in our house you can say, "this" and point at what you want and daddy and I understand you.  And just this morning while we were looking at a picture book I could swear you were saying, "what is this?" and "what is it?" which I say to you often when we look at that book.  But you seemed like you were asking what it was for me to tell you.  I'm not sure if anyone else would have understood it past Cody-garble, but I knew what you were saying to me.
* Since the weather has gotten warmer we've spent more time playing outside.  You love to play in the sandbox and kick your new soccer ball around the back yard.  
* But if we're playing inside you enjoy a good tea party with Sarah.
Forgive the poor picture, I was trying to sneak it from out of the room but they caught me anway.

Cody, you are all boy and captain destructo.  You can tear a room apart in under 3 minutes.  You can find any dirt to play in a mile off.  And you seem to know what toy will make the most mess and pick it much to my chagrin.  But you are also full of love for your family.  You sit by Sarah when she gets sent to time out and pat her when she's hurt.  You run full speed when you hear the garage and greet daddy at the door.  And just recently your favorite thing to do is show me that you love me "thiiiiiiiiiis much" by holding your arms as wide as you can.

We love you little man!

Behind the scenes from your monthly picture.  I asked Sarah to stand behind me and try to get you to smile.  Click.  Click.  Click.  I'm really wondering what she was doing by the third picture.  You seem pretty mad.

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  1. Oh my goodness he is too adorable!! Found your blog through Caroline. ; )