Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Brink Pediatric Dentistry

Dental health is serious in our family.  Growing up we went to the dentist every 6 months like clock work.  I've gone to Dr. Mike Pulido every 6 months ever since I was in 2nd grade when we moved here.    Chris and I thankfully have good dental insurance.  However, even when my parents didn't have dental insurance we still went.  I remember the first time I went when we didn't have dental coverage.  It was weird to get a bill at check out.  It was crazy to see how much a trip to the dentist cost.  And it really made me grateful for my parents and truly understood how important dental care was to my parents.  They were still insisting and willing to pay for us to go to the dentist even without insurance to offset the cost.  Teeth are important people, take good care of them!  I remember being shocked when Chris and I got married and he told me how long it had been since he went to the dentist.  AND HE HAD DENTAL INSURANCE, full preventative care dental insurance and he just wasn't going.  Nope!  So he started going to Pulido too and now he too goes like clock work, every 6 months.  It helps that I schedule the appointments and we go at the same time.  =)  Anyway, last time we were there for our check up the kids were with us and Amie, the wonderful hygienist, asked when we were going to make appointments for Sarah and Cody.  I knew it was time for Sarah to go.  I had always planned on taking her when she was 3.  I think 3 is a good age to start going, I know others take their kids younger or older I think that's a personal decision.  For Sarah, I figured at 3 she could understand what they were doing and not scream bloody murder the whole time.  So I confessed to Amie that as much as I love going to Pulido, I was going to be taking the kids somewhere else.  I almost felt like I was cheating on them.  But I really wanted to take the kids to pediatric dentist where the office would be kid-centric.  At Sarah's 3 year check up last December, I asked my pediatrician who she recommended and she told me, but I didn't write it down and forgot who it was.  I really didn't want to ask again when we were there for Cody's 18 month check up so I waited until the new pediatric dentist office opened up here in Munford.  About a month ago the postcard came in the mail saying the new Brink Pediatric Dentist office in Munford was ready to go.  So I called and set up an appointment for the week after my triathlon.  (That's right, dental health is important but so was not messing with my triathlon training program, ha!)

Today was the day!  I've been telling Sarah for about a week that we were going to go to the dentist to look at her teeth and for her to show him how good a job she does at keeping them clean.  Last night I reminded her that tomorrow we were going to get up and go to the dentist.  So this morning she was very excited to go to the dentist.  

When we got there they were in love!  The waiting room has a huge fish tank which both of the kids ran right to.  There were 2 tvs, 1 at each end of the waiting room, with a movie playing, plenty of books to read, cute animals painted on the wall, and a huge treehouse right in the waiting room!

Exploring the waiting room

Inside the treehouse there were more toys and 2 screens with xbox controllers.  They tried to figure out how to play but couldn't really get the concept.

After a short wait while all the paperwork got squared away it was time to go back.  I tried to keep everything up beat and positive and keep Sarah excited about what was going to happen.  Stephanie, the wonderful hygienist did a great job talking to Sarah and showing her what was going to happen.  She showed her each tool and explained what it would do and how it would feel.  

Sarah watching a movie while the hygienist got everything ready.  That's right, there is a screen above each patient's bed with a movie playing.  Today's selection was Finding Nemo.  This was actually the main reason why I wanted a pediatric dentist.  You can pretty much do whatever Sarah hates, i.e. cut, brush or style her hair, as long as she is staring at the tv.  It's why I still take her to Sweet and Sassy to get her hair cut.  She just zones out and watches the movie and doesn't mind that she's getting brushed, and spritzed, and cut.  So I figured we'd have more success at a dentist's office where there was a tv distracting her.

Time for a check up.  I know she looks miserable in the picture but she really didn't cry at all.  She complained a little about the spin brush when it would bump her lip, but over all she was great.  She even laughed whenever they had to spray and suck out the water in her mouth.  She thought that was funny.

X-Ray time
Sarah has a really sensitive gag reflex.  She easily gags if her food bites are too big or even if something stinks really bad.  The girl has even had her gag reflex flair up over the smell of her own poop!  One time while she was pooping she was gagging so bad that I seriously thought she was going to barf and handed her the trash can.  I called for Chris to come a running cause I thought she might have a stomach bug.  Thankfully she was fine, she just had a stinky poo.  Well, that was a long and odd tangent sorry.  The point was she had a hard time with the bite wings.  They were really bothering her so they eventually tried the other type of x-ray machine.  

Panoramic x-ray.  Much better.

Sarah got a clean bill of health.  She does a great job brushing, no cavities, and we just need to start flossing in the evening back where her molars are because the spacing is something I don't know I tuned out once they said I have to start flossing her.  Oh joy!  I don't even floss my own teeth.  The dentist asked if she was a thumb sucker or still using a paci.  Apparently her top pallet is too narrow.  She could outgrow it but we need to keep an eye on it.  Fixing it now will be easier, quicker, and will make it better when her permanent teeth grow in.  So we'll re-examine in 6 months and see what's happened.

Then it was Cody's turn.  Cody man was not a fan!  He screamed bloody murder and cried huge crocodile tears.  He was mad at me, but wanted me at the same time.  Poor little guy!  However, as mad as he was, he really did a good job.  He's done way worse at shot time at his check ups.  He never held his breath like he does there.  So that was good.  And he was relatively cooperative.  

That brown stuff is chocolate flavored toothpaste not poop.  Though I really don't think it sounds very good.

Cody also got a clean bill of health.  The doctor looked at my concern over his front teeth and said it shouldn't affect his speech and not to worry.  I did get a warning about him still using the paci.  It was one of those, you know he needs to get rid of it or you'll pay the price later.  Right now I'm thinking I'd rather pay the price later.  We'll talk about the paci again when he turns 2.  After it was over Cody perked right up when they showed him to the toy bin to pick his prize.  He got a whistle (yea!) that he's been very happy with and he proudly showed dad his sticker.

All in all it was a great first trip to the dentist.  I don't think anyone was traumatized and both kids got a clean bill of health.  Hopefully this is the start to another generation of healthy mouths.

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