Friday, May 31, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Kroc Center Play Date

The MOPS group had a play date planned for the KROC Center in Memphis.  We were told they have an amazing indoor pool so everyone was excited to go.  If you're not a member there they sell guest passes to try it out but not during the summer months.  So we luckily slipped it into the schedule on the last day possible.  

My crazy was in high gear leading up to this play date.  First I was really excited and invited Annie to go with me.  Then I took the kids to the Y pool by myself last Saturday and Cody cried the whole time and refused to get in.  So I decided going to the Kroc was not a good plan.  I saw some other MOPS mom's at the gym that day and told them I'd probably have to sit this play date out.  Then I really wanted to go because the picture online looked really cool so I asked Chris if he could take off work to go with me and do man on man defense.  

Picture from Kroc's website here.

But he couldn't go so I didn't want to go.  Then Annie said she already told her kids and they were excited so now I felt like I had to go.  So I started stressing out over a bunch of stupid things like what do I pack and where will I keep my junk and this place isn't a place I normally go to so I don't know all the rules and procedures.  And what if Cody cries the whole time?  AHHHHHH.  Then Annie did as she always does and told me to calm my crazy down and shut up.  

So I stress over packed.  How many bags does it take you to go to the pool?

Now in my defense I packed this way thinking I was going to use a locker so each bag serves a different purpose.  I thought they would have day lockers to rent where you put in a code.  I don't know why I thought that.  It was wrong.  They have free lockers to use that you just add a lock to.  I did not pack a lock so I carried all that junk around with me the whole time.  Oops. 

Annie and I got there before the other MOPS moms which was nice.  Our kids were able to swim before the hoard of MOPS filled the pool.  Annie looked at me at one point and said, "I bet members are pissed that they sell guest passes."  She asked if it would bug me if the Y did that and I honestly said yes.  I like that the Kroc sells guest passes but we did fill the pool with our play date.  I'm sure if more members had been there they might not have been fans of the guest pass policy.

I'm not a fan of going places solo especially new places.  I really like to use man-to-man defense.  So I typically try to take one of the kids "aunts", or my sister, or another mom friend with me when I go somewhere like this.  Annie is my go to outing companion if I need a more experienced mom with me.  Taking kids swimming at an unknown pool where I was going to be outnumbered.  Yep, I needed Annie.  First she's really laid back and doesn't feed my crazy with any additional crazy.  Second, Sarah and Jessie play really well together so that means I just have to watch Cody.  And 3rd, she's got a 12 year old who helps with both Sarah and Cody so it's like having a free sitter with me.  Score!  This made the trip much better than if I had just gone with the MOPS people whom I like but don't know very well.

Annie and Sarah in the lazy river.

Sarah was great and had a great time!  She kept her puddle jumper on the whole time just like I asked her to.  She bravely swam around the pool following Jessie from the shallow end to the deep end and even went around the lazy river by herself a few times.  She was all smiles from beginning to end.  Except for the part in the middle when they cleared the pool for a "safety break".  She cried a little because she didn't understand why she had to get out and thought she was in trouble.


Cody wasn't thrilled but he didn't cry and I'll call that a win.  He was content to just hang on to me for dear life most of the time.  I thought he would gladly play in the toddler area but instead he just stood there and people watched.  He held onto his basketball like it was glued to him the whole time.  Someone asked me if it was attached to his wrist with a string because it never left him.

Cody with Addison in the lazy river.

I think Cody actually had a good time.  He even let Addison take him in the lazy a few times.  And some of Jen's kids took him through too.  He liked it until he got sprayed in the face.  Then he was done with the river.  Jen's kids were really nice to Cody.  They swam up to him a few times and talked to him and he'd smile a little and show them his toys.  He even did a new trick for them, when they asked what was on the front of his puddle jumper he roared.  It was so cute!

Sarah in the toddler pool

Sarah and Jessie

One day I'll get the both to look and smile at the same time.

 Normally indoor pools are a bit stuffy and humid.  Not this one.  Their AC worked so well that it was cold!  Either that or they don't have the water temp warm enough.  I know the Y pool is usually 86-88 degrees.  I didn't see this pool's temps posted but the kids lips were blue.  During the safety break they all stood around teeth chattering.

Such a big girl!

Sarah was so brave to swim around the lazy river by herself.  But the poor girl missed the exit and started freaking out because she wasn't strong enough to swim against the current and didn't want to go around again.  Thankfully she calmed down once she grabbed hold of my arm.

After the safety break, the pool's sprayers turned on and the big 2 story slide opened for use.  There was a lighthouse that every so often would pour water out of it.  Each time it went off Cody stopped and turned to watch and his mouth opened wide.  He was enthralled by it.  They also had 3 of these Ka-boom levers.  You push it down and it shoots and big blast of air up from the bottom of the lazy river.  Sarah hit it just in time to bubble up Wyatt.  She thought that was great.

The pool was definitely awesome and fun for a once a year treat, but I'll stick to my Y pool that's only 15 minutes from my house.  However, the other things this gym has to offer makes me sad I don't live in mid-town anymore.  I saw at least 2 different cardio/weight rooms, multiple aerobic classrooms, a fully NBA sized basketball court, and a few other fun things we played in.

Like an indoor soccer field:

And the "Rescue Zone".  The attendant said they have parties and camps and each room in the zone has a rescue challenge the kids have to go through but during open play you can just have a good time and do what you want.  It was 3 stories with something on each level.  The first floor had a dodgeball court and a referree so things didn't get out of hand, and the entrances to the climbing cages.  The second floor was classrooms with the various rescue challenges for camps and parties.  And the third floor had an inflatable obstacle course, plus a spin class.  Random place for a spin class I thought but whatev.

Climbing in the obstacle course.

Sarah and Jessie were pro's at the obstacle climbing course.  They had a big time climbing around in there.  It was about 2 inches to tall for Cody to do by himself but he sure tried.  He was loving it though!  He would run to the next ledge and try to get up and then call, "up please! up!" for some help.

Annie helping Cody up the hole.

One of the climbing cages had a little zip line and an amazing slide.  I didn't get any pictures on the slide because Cody hated it and didn't want to do it again.  It was so slick I pushed him down and he shot out like it was rubbed with grease.  Annie was at the bottom catching and said he looked terrified.  I slid down after him and wound up kicking Sarah in the head because I came down too fast and she hadn't moved.  She was fine and we both laughed about it.

Jessie looks like she's loving the zip line.  Ha!

Annie helping Sarah on the zip line.
(That's the other bonus about going with a friend, it means I have a free hand to actually take pictures.)

Sarah on the zip line.

Cody did the zip line too.  He love hanging on to things like this.  He's a champ on the monkey bars at the Y.

When all was said and done the kids had a great time at the Kroc.  Some were sad when it was time to go.  Others incessantly said thank you as they had so much fun.  Annie and I recently started planning a trip to the City Museum in St. Louis for fall break.  I can't wait to see how much fun this group has in a place like that.
Group picture, well, it's the best we could do.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Memorial Day Weekend 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!  We had a blast as we enjoyed some much needed family and friend time.  At first, Chris planned on working in the attic on Monday but that morning over pancakes we decided we really needed to spend time together.  It was the right decision.  

First I'd like to point out that I love all patriotic holidays.  July 4th is probably my favorite of all holidays.  You get all the great food and family bonding without stressing over gifts.  Plus there's cookouts and fireworks.  Win-win!  I hope in the future to add a flag raising ceremony to our tradition and am looking forward to Cody going and putting flags at the National Cemetery when he's a cub scout.  But for now we just talked to the kids about what Memorial Day is and let it completely go over their head.  Oh, and of course I dressed us in our finest red,white, and blue for church.
I love those sailor suits!  And I realized I had something in the closet I could wear too.  

I forgot all about that shirt when I pushed it to the way back after a few too many 8th grade students told me how much they liked that shirt.  That was a surefire way to retire an outfit.  The last time I wore it one of my students said, "Oh Mrs. Schwartz you're wearing my favorite shirt.  I like it!" It went to the bowels of my closet that day.

After spending the morning swimming and eating lunch at Chic-fil-a (yum!) we headed home for the kids to nap while we finished getting ready for the Combs' to come over for a cook out.  Sarah was so excited I wasn't sure she'd actually sleep but she did and was thrilled to see Jessie in her room to wake her up.

As all good cookouts go there was plenty of chips and dips to enjoy as an appetizer.  (Fruit Salsa, and Annie brought Rotel.  YUM!)

And tons of fun games to play outside.  I must inject one thing here about my house.  We have a nice starter home but we've learned some important things.  I wanted a very closed floor plan and I got it.  Well with that means limited entertaining space with our small rooms.  So 2 summers ago we really invested in making our outside a comfortable entertaining space and we love it!  We had a nice large deck built, Ma and Pa Schwartz had previously gifted us a wonderful table and chairs and a huge umbrella that are perfect on the deck.  We also bought Chris a giant man grill.  My parents gifted us a swing set.  And we bought the kids a sand table and picnic table as well as some other outdoor toys.  Now our favorite thing in the world is to have cook outs!  I was a bit embarassed when Tom pointed out that we've been pretty close friends for 2 years and have NEVER had them over.  Whoops.  But in my defense we have invited them before but they have a very busy calendar so it never worked out until now.  Hopefully they had a good enough time that they'll come back over for more cookouts. 

Cody had a blast chasing around the ball with the big badminton racket.

Playing on the swing set

Uh oh!  Ball retrieval time.  Chris had to hoist W over the fence to get it back.

While Chris wasn't throwing kids over the fence to get lost balls he was working his mad grilling skills cooking up some yummy burgers.

Look at that double decker burger

Thankfully Tom is great at modifying meals for his paleo diet.  Buns not allowed?  No problem, just use some lettuce leaves.  I promise there is a burger in there and he said it was tasty even if it didn't have cheese.

Because Annie hates me and she was in charge of dessert she brought ice cream cones.

With treats like this its no wonder why Cody like Annie more than me.

Best Buds

After eating way too much it was time to burn some calories with an epic game of volleyball: kids vs adults.
Sarah and J "played" for a little with the bigger kids eventually they decided to play something else.

Cody took this time to get to slide as much as he wanted without others messing with him.  He just kept climbing up and sliding down all by himself.  What a big boy he's becoming!

 After a while the game took a silly turn:
That's right we tried to play with the "these aren't my arms" style.  It was pretty hilarious.  I think we may have hit the ball once.  

This was a great way to kick off the summer!  Here's to more cookouts, playing outside, volleyball games, marshmallow roasting, and spending the summer hanging with friends!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Fruit Salsa

Do you remember the Slap Chop, that As Seen On Tv dicing utensil?  Man it was all the rage a few years go.  So popular that Pampered Chef even had one or maybe still has one, not sure which and for all I know they had it first.  As I was looking for something I ran across my pampered chef slap chop and got so excited.  I own it for one sole purpose: to make fruit salsa.  So of course since I found it, I NEEDED to make fruit salsa and homemade cinnamon sugar chips to go with it.  Thankfully because of the holiday weekend and a cookout on the calendar I had the perfect excuse to get down with my slap chop bad self and make some of the best fruit salsa you've ever tasted!
We call this the Jones's Fruit Salsa.  I wish I had a witty reason like "this fruit salsa is so good it'll give the Jones's a run for their money".  But the fact of the matter is we call it the Jones's Fruit Salsa because we literally learned the recipe from our dear friends the Jones's who moved away about 5 years ago.  I should have taken this opportunity to rename it and claim it for my own, but that would be wrong and honestly Schwartz's Fruit Salsa doesn't have the same ring.

Anyway, here's what you'll need:

2 large red apples any kind (I prefer Fiji or Pink Ladies)
2-3 Granny Smith apples
1.5 to 2 packages of strawberries
4-6 kiwis
lemon juice
sugar (to taste)

First peel, core, and dice the apples.  Toss with lemon juice to prevent browning.  

 Cut the tops off the strawberries.  Then I cut them in halves or quarters before going to town with my glorious chopper.  See it sitting in the back waiting to unleash its furry.  Ha!
A word of warning.  Slap chopping is quite addictive.  Be careful!  You want to dice your strawberries not mash them.

Here's where I add sugar to taste.  I actually don't love strawberries so I toss about a tablespoon of sugar on and mix it around.  It's not necessary.  You can skip it, but if you have a batch of sour berries it helps.  Plus if you over lemon juiced the apples I think adding a little sugar helps counter act it.

Dump the strawberries into the apple mix and give a little toss.

Then peel and slap chop your kiwis.  Remember kiwis are a very soft fruit.  If you do use your slap chop be very careful not to pulverize them!  Just a little slapping will do.

Dump the kiwis into the bowl and mix around.

I like my fruit salsa cold so be sure to make it with enough time to chill it before serving to guests.  It's also one of those things that just tastes better the second day when everything had more time to marinate so if you have a lot going on you can easily make it a day in advance.

Now 5 years ago when I learned how to make this Mandy taught me to make it with Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla chips.  Back then, you couldn't buy them.  Now I've seen a few brands that sell them.  However its easy to make and the ones you can buy are a bit pricy.  The only thing is it's a little time consuming because I have to watch the chips so I don't burn them, but worth it to me.

Here's what you'll need:
Package of small flour tortillas (I use about 30)
Spray butter crisco (or Pam because that's what I had)
Cinnamon Sugar
pizza cutter

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  While waiting cut up your tortillas.
Stack 2 or 3 tortillas at a time at cut like a pizza into 8 slices.

Spray your baking sheet with Pam (or crisco).  Lay your tortilla slices on there, fit on as many as you can it doesn't matter if they are touching.  Spray them with the butter flavored Pam or Crisco then shake cinnamon sugar on top of each chip.

*Variation: You can spray the slices with butter flavored crisco then put them in a brown paper bag and pour some cinnamon sugar in the bag.  Then shake the bag to get cinnamon sugar on both the front and the back.  

I've done it that way before, I guess they turn out better but it takes longer so I've gone to the short cut of just spraying on the baking sheet and sprinkling there.

Bake at 400 degrees until they begin to turn light brown and are crispy.  Sorry I don't have an exact time.  I usually do the fruit salsa at this point so I just keep checking the oven and trading out pans.

Finished product, homemade and delicious Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

I hope you enjoy making some fruit salsa and chips.  This is a great snack to bring to any cook out.  It's a light, cool, and refreshing summer treat.  I am so glad I found my slap chopper to remind me of how much I love making and eating this!

Let me know how it goes for you!  And what's your favorite summer treat?

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Zoom through the Zoo 2013

Last night was the first race of the M-town series that Chris registered us for as part of my Mother's Day gift.  I was really excited but a little hesitant about the Zoom through the Zoo.  We've done it once before back in 2011 when I was pregnant with Cody (recap here) and I just remember how much I hurt after that race.  Cody completely tore up my sciatic nerve with his pregnancy.  I still have terrible flare ups and that race was the start of the problem.  I was also nervous for Chris.  After the Fairway 5K I had such a good time I asked him if he wanted to do the Zoom before we heard about the M-town Series.  He told me no, he said he didn't think he'd be ready and I was fine with that.  So I'm really thankful that he's such a trooper because he didn't complain at all when we found out the Zoom was the first race of the series and he still registered us for it because he knew I really wanted to do these races. 

We had a little hiccup getting child care but thankfully my friend Cam always pulls through when we are in a pinch.  She lives close to the zoo so we were able to take them over there and have her watch them while we went and ran.  Cam loves our kids to death so I feel like whenever I ask her to watch them I'm really doing her two favors, 1) I'm letting her spend time with my amazing children, and 2) it's the best form of birth control out there.  HA!  Just kidding.  She said she had a good time with them, and the kids were elated to be with her so that's good.  

While we were waiting for the race to start we ran into some friends.  These girls were some of the lovely ladies I trained for the St. Jude half with.  It was great to see them and chat with them.  Speedy Abish and Bobbie finished long before Chris and I, but I was able to be there at the finish line to cheer for Lilly and Katie.  So that was nice.
Pre race group shot

Alright, so the race takes you through part of the zoo (I'd say about 1.5 miles of it) and then shoots you out and you do the rest through Overton Park which is nice and shady.  Most of the animals are put up for the night but there were a few out so that was nice to see and distract you a bit.  The elephant was really close so I asked Chris if he wanted to stop and take a picture.  He told me no.  Then he did it anyway.  Gotta love that man!  Plus it didn't hurt that the water was just up ahead so it was a good time to take a break and walk a bit.  
No idea why this picture is all stretched out.  We look a little goofy in it.

Chris had a bit of a hard time with this run.  His side hurt a bunch and I'm not sure if it was from dehydration or just not breathing correctly.  He looked pretty miserable through most of the race but didn't complain.  I tried my best to be encouraging and motivating but near the last half mile I felt like he was getting annoyed at me and wanted to yell.  So I decided it was in our best interest to avoid therapy and for me to boogie on ahead.  I wanted to go ahead and get finished to take his picture coming in the home stretch.  I've never been at the back of a race and still had energy!  Now please don't read that the wrong way, I've been at the back of the race plenty of times, but I'm usually dragging and feel like death and want to murder the next person that says, "you're almost there!"  But since the tri and how encouraging people were I decided I wanted to be like that in the races I did.  So once I started be-bopping away from Chris I made it a point to tell others they were doing a good job.  I told one group as we were running up a hill that they were doing great, it was almost over just up this hill and then down and we turn into the parking lot to the finish line.  One girl yelled "thanks for the encouragement!"  And that made me feel good, at least she didn't want to punch me.  Then as I passed another two women one was really pushing the other I could tell it was their first race I told them, "only a quarter of a mile to go.  It'll take about 3 minutes, you can do anything for 3 minutes."  One yelled, "3 minutes how do you know."  So I told them if they could keep my pace we'd be done in three minutes. One girl really tried, I glanced back a few times and she'd say, "we're still here" then one time she realized her friend wasn't and she stopped to walk with her.  I cheered for them at the finish line as they came in and chatted with them a bit.  They said they had a great time and were looking forward to other races.  Finally as I turned into the home stretch I still had plenty of energy so I decided to sprint it out and sprint it hard.  I think at one point I saw my Garmin say 6 something for my pace.  Woah!  It's funny cause coming in that hard and fast near the end of the race a few people were yelling, "Go 636!  Give it that kick yea!"  I'm sure they'd be less impressed if they realized I'd just walked most of the 4 miles.  Ha!

But I did finish ahead of Chris enough to come around and cheer for him as he crossed the finish line.

Go Chris Go!

I'm really proud of him.  That's his first 4 miler.  And really I'm proud of everyone who ran the race.  I'm starting to get a new found appreciation for people who do these events.  I've gone to these races focused on myself for the most part.  I have a goal or a number in mind and I push myself really hard to get it and quite often I do but even then I don't feel proud.  I would bet most of those people back there were running 4 miles probably for the first time.  They had a plan and they stuck to it.  They pushed themselves to do their best and a good majority of them were still smiling.  I like people who smile while they run.  I want to be that person.  I'm going to make more of an effort to really smile and engage people while we run the rest of these together.  It doesn't matter if you are a speedy person at the front, or a straggler at the back, organized races are supposed to be a fun celebration of what you are accomplishing wherever you are on your fitness journey.  Here's to the Harbortown 5k in a few weeks!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 20 Months Old

Cody you are 20 months old now and here's what you've been up to.

* We took you shoe shopping this past month and let you pick out your own shoes.  You picked out a pair of red and blue Keen knock offs.  You love them, a little too much and get angry whenever you don't get to wear them.  The only other pair I've seemed to convince you it's ok to wear are your Toms. And I think you only wear those because sister and mom are wearing them and Sarah is always quick to point out that you guys match.
* You have become aware of when you pee in your diaper.  You run to the closest adult and start patting your crotch saying, "poo poo!  Poo poo!"  Until we either convince you it's ok or change you.  
* Still on the topic of appearance you are becoming particular about what you wear.  You also don't like it for things to get on your clothes.  The outfit you are wearing in the picture was purchased when you were out with dad and accidently spilled milk on yourself.  Instead of just letting someone wipe it up and move on with life you were grumpy until dad took you into the clothing store.  He said you happily looked through the racks pulling on different shirts until you pick this out.  You love the car on it and point it out to everyone, "car car!"
* The inevitable happened this past month.  You still want to play whatever Sarah is playing.  So much to your father's dismay you play princesses a lot.  You also have a fondness for fairy wands and run around the house with one saying "bee bo!" all the time.  Bee bo is your way of saying "bippty boppity boo."  Then your dad's worst nightmare happened this past month.  Sarah was playing dress up and you tugged at one and yelled, "me! Mine!" until I got it down for you.
Daddy was not pleased about this picture, but at least you look angry about being in the dress.  You wanted it, but as soon as I put it on you regretted the decision.

* You are adventurous and spunky.  You don't want to cuddle long and always want to be going.  This month you've started getting the stool to help you reach things.  Thankfully you are still a bit short to get the top of the counters.
* You've been a picky eater this month.  You've moved away from oatmeal for breakfast and want cheerios with milk.  We still can't get you to eat any veggies other than carrots even if we give you ranch dressing to dip them in.  But you are eating more fruits.  This month you started eating fresh cut up strawberries and cutie oranges.  But your favorite thing is bananas.  You love bananas!
* I can't think of any new words others would understand that you've picked up this month.  But in our house you can say, "this" and point at what you want and daddy and I understand you.  And just this morning while we were looking at a picture book I could swear you were saying, "what is this?" and "what is it?" which I say to you often when we look at that book.  But you seemed like you were asking what it was for me to tell you.  I'm not sure if anyone else would have understood it past Cody-garble, but I knew what you were saying to me.
* Since the weather has gotten warmer we've spent more time playing outside.  You love to play in the sandbox and kick your new soccer ball around the back yard.  
* But if we're playing inside you enjoy a good tea party with Sarah.
Forgive the poor picture, I was trying to sneak it from out of the room but they caught me anway.

Cody, you are all boy and captain destructo.  You can tear a room apart in under 3 minutes.  You can find any dirt to play in a mile off.  And you seem to know what toy will make the most mess and pick it much to my chagrin.  But you are also full of love for your family.  You sit by Sarah when she gets sent to time out and pat her when she's hurt.  You run full speed when you hear the garage and greet daddy at the door.  And just recently your favorite thing to do is show me that you love me "thiiiiiiiiiis much" by holding your arms as wide as you can.

We love you little man!

Behind the scenes from your monthly picture.  I asked Sarah to stand behind me and try to get you to smile.  Click.  Click.  Click.  I'm really wondering what she was doing by the third picture.  You seem pretty mad.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Brink Pediatric Dentistry

Dental health is serious in our family.  Growing up we went to the dentist every 6 months like clock work.  I've gone to Dr. Mike Pulido every 6 months ever since I was in 2nd grade when we moved here.    Chris and I thankfully have good dental insurance.  However, even when my parents didn't have dental insurance we still went.  I remember the first time I went when we didn't have dental coverage.  It was weird to get a bill at check out.  It was crazy to see how much a trip to the dentist cost.  And it really made me grateful for my parents and truly understood how important dental care was to my parents.  They were still insisting and willing to pay for us to go to the dentist even without insurance to offset the cost.  Teeth are important people, take good care of them!  I remember being shocked when Chris and I got married and he told me how long it had been since he went to the dentist.  AND HE HAD DENTAL INSURANCE, full preventative care dental insurance and he just wasn't going.  Nope!  So he started going to Pulido too and now he too goes like clock work, every 6 months.  It helps that I schedule the appointments and we go at the same time.  =)  Anyway, last time we were there for our check up the kids were with us and Amie, the wonderful hygienist, asked when we were going to make appointments for Sarah and Cody.  I knew it was time for Sarah to go.  I had always planned on taking her when she was 3.  I think 3 is a good age to start going, I know others take their kids younger or older I think that's a personal decision.  For Sarah, I figured at 3 she could understand what they were doing and not scream bloody murder the whole time.  So I confessed to Amie that as much as I love going to Pulido, I was going to be taking the kids somewhere else.  I almost felt like I was cheating on them.  But I really wanted to take the kids to pediatric dentist where the office would be kid-centric.  At Sarah's 3 year check up last December, I asked my pediatrician who she recommended and she told me, but I didn't write it down and forgot who it was.  I really didn't want to ask again when we were there for Cody's 18 month check up so I waited until the new pediatric dentist office opened up here in Munford.  About a month ago the postcard came in the mail saying the new Brink Pediatric Dentist office in Munford was ready to go.  So I called and set up an appointment for the week after my triathlon.  (That's right, dental health is important but so was not messing with my triathlon training program, ha!)

Today was the day!  I've been telling Sarah for about a week that we were going to go to the dentist to look at her teeth and for her to show him how good a job she does at keeping them clean.  Last night I reminded her that tomorrow we were going to get up and go to the dentist.  So this morning she was very excited to go to the dentist.  

When we got there they were in love!  The waiting room has a huge fish tank which both of the kids ran right to.  There were 2 tvs, 1 at each end of the waiting room, with a movie playing, plenty of books to read, cute animals painted on the wall, and a huge treehouse right in the waiting room!

Exploring the waiting room

Inside the treehouse there were more toys and 2 screens with xbox controllers.  They tried to figure out how to play but couldn't really get the concept.

After a short wait while all the paperwork got squared away it was time to go back.  I tried to keep everything up beat and positive and keep Sarah excited about what was going to happen.  Stephanie, the wonderful hygienist did a great job talking to Sarah and showing her what was going to happen.  She showed her each tool and explained what it would do and how it would feel.  

Sarah watching a movie while the hygienist got everything ready.  That's right, there is a screen above each patient's bed with a movie playing.  Today's selection was Finding Nemo.  This was actually the main reason why I wanted a pediatric dentist.  You can pretty much do whatever Sarah hates, i.e. cut, brush or style her hair, as long as she is staring at the tv.  It's why I still take her to Sweet and Sassy to get her hair cut.  She just zones out and watches the movie and doesn't mind that she's getting brushed, and spritzed, and cut.  So I figured we'd have more success at a dentist's office where there was a tv distracting her.

Time for a check up.  I know she looks miserable in the picture but she really didn't cry at all.  She complained a little about the spin brush when it would bump her lip, but over all she was great.  She even laughed whenever they had to spray and suck out the water in her mouth.  She thought that was funny.

X-Ray time
Sarah has a really sensitive gag reflex.  She easily gags if her food bites are too big or even if something stinks really bad.  The girl has even had her gag reflex flair up over the smell of her own poop!  One time while she was pooping she was gagging so bad that I seriously thought she was going to barf and handed her the trash can.  I called for Chris to come a running cause I thought she might have a stomach bug.  Thankfully she was fine, she just had a stinky poo.  Well, that was a long and odd tangent sorry.  The point was she had a hard time with the bite wings.  They were really bothering her so they eventually tried the other type of x-ray machine.  

Panoramic x-ray.  Much better.

Sarah got a clean bill of health.  She does a great job brushing, no cavities, and we just need to start flossing in the evening back where her molars are because the spacing is something I don't know I tuned out once they said I have to start flossing her.  Oh joy!  I don't even floss my own teeth.  The dentist asked if she was a thumb sucker or still using a paci.  Apparently her top pallet is too narrow.  She could outgrow it but we need to keep an eye on it.  Fixing it now will be easier, quicker, and will make it better when her permanent teeth grow in.  So we'll re-examine in 6 months and see what's happened.

Then it was Cody's turn.  Cody man was not a fan!  He screamed bloody murder and cried huge crocodile tears.  He was mad at me, but wanted me at the same time.  Poor little guy!  However, as mad as he was, he really did a good job.  He's done way worse at shot time at his check ups.  He never held his breath like he does there.  So that was good.  And he was relatively cooperative.  

That brown stuff is chocolate flavored toothpaste not poop.  Though I really don't think it sounds very good.

Cody also got a clean bill of health.  The doctor looked at my concern over his front teeth and said it shouldn't affect his speech and not to worry.  I did get a warning about him still using the paci.  It was one of those, you know he needs to get rid of it or you'll pay the price later.  Right now I'm thinking I'd rather pay the price later.  We'll talk about the paci again when he turns 2.  After it was over Cody perked right up when they showed him to the toy bin to pick his prize.  He got a whistle (yea!) that he's been very happy with and he proudly showed dad his sticker.

All in all it was a great first trip to the dentist.  I don't think anyone was traumatized and both kids got a clean bill of health.  Hopefully this is the start to another generation of healthy mouths.