Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Swamp Thing (and a Weekend Recap)

I have been a terrible picture taker and blogger recently.  The weather has been so beautiful I've been too busy playing with my kids to stop and run inside to grab the camera or to pause and take a picture.  We have been outside every day since last Friday.  It's been wonderful!  We've played in the cove with our neighbor who has a son Cody's age.  We went to the first ever Atoka BBQ fest and subsequently learned that if you don't know someone with a tent then there is no reason to go to a BBQ contest.  Ha! But the weather was nice and we walked around and let Sarah get a glitter tattoo of a rose on her hand that she proudly wore for 4 days.  And they both played on the bouncy house some church had set up there.  
Ms. Sherry snapped this at the gym when they took the kids out to the playground. 

Sunday was General Conference.  We invited Emily out to watch it at our house.  She said, "Good, then maybe I'll get to hear some of it."  Ha!  I don't think you actually get to listen to conference until your youngest is 6 and old enough to be entertained by the coloring printables you can find online.  But we had a wonderful brunch.  I love general conference food.  It's pretty much the all day long superbowl for Mormons.  I think every family has some special breakfast that they make.  I tried a new pinterest find: Cinnamon Roll Casserole , and we had eggs and the most perfectly baked bacon, and Em brought fruit and yummy muffins.  It was all so good that I wasn't really hungry again until Chris grilled hot wings for dinner.  

And the kids really did play well enough together for their age.  We have some normal sharing issues.  And Sarah has her normal whining issues.  But what was hilarious and unexpected to me was even though Henry has always been the Moose to Cody's squirrel; Cody is the bully.  Anytime Henry wanted something Cody was on top of him taking it away.  Poor Henry, being the first and Allison still being a newborn he hasn't had to learn the hard knocks of siblings steal things.  I just couldn't help laughing at my little antagonizer.  

Then Monday led to more playing outside.  And Tuesday I was a rock star mom and had dinner ready when Chris got home.  That's a rarity that I time it so perfectly.  So since he gets home a little earlier on Tuesday than other days and dinner was ready we got to go outside while daddy went for his run and afterwards enjoy a nice walk together all before bedtime.  Except, it wasn't a nice walk because Cody was in a stubborn mood and was being quite a mule.  One downside to living in the country is no curbs.  We have nasty drainage ditches and tubes under our driveways.  So Cody was running down people's drainage ditches and looking in their driveway pipes.  I kept telling him to stop and dragging him out of their yards.  And he was just being a mule.  So daddy went back to the house to get the wagon.  While we were waiting Cody saw the big drainage pipe at the end of the street in the neighbors yard that has a stepper drainage ditch.  And he went barreling towards it.  And I was tired of getting on to him so I let some natural consequences follow.  And he fell.  Face first.  Into all the slime, mud, and muck.  It was so gross.  I made him stand there until Chris came back to take a picture.  Then we had to hose him off outside because it was thick nasty muck.  Oh he cried!  And he smelled awful!  In fact, if I had thought about the smell, I might have grabbed him before he went down the hill.  Bluh.  It was bad.  But at least we got a picture.

Swamp Cody

Hopefully he learned his lesson, but I'm sure he didn't.  I did however, and won't be letting him down there again.  Yuck!

So that's what we've been up to.  Just enjoying the lovely weather while we have it; we've got Tornado Warnings for tonight.  Welcome to Memphis' Spring!


  1. Wait, who's Allison? Did your sis have another baby?!!

    The swamp pic is priceless! The pic of S is too sweet. They are total opposites.

  2. I can't see that picture of Cody without laughing my face off. Poor little guy. It's absolutely PRICELESS.