Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Some Spontaneous Fun

I love routines that's no secret.  But recently we've been drowning in routines.  Monday-Saturday I'm striving to not miss a workout training for my new athletic goal.  Chris's semester schedule has him only seeing the kids 1 night M-Thursday, and then the weekends.  Except that every weekend is overbooked.  Chris is working in the attic 2 Saturdays a month so he doesn't see the kids those days because I take them to get out of the way.  The other 2 Saturdays fill up quickly with errands, and social engagements.  It really just seems like we haven't had a relaxing weekend since Christmas break.  And honestly, I can't tell you the last time Chris and I had a one on one date!  Eek!  

Tuesday, Chris called, his car window was broke; he seemed stressed and miffed and was heading to GM to get it fixed.  To clarify, his car wasn't broken into, the electronic mechanism that moves the window up was broken so his window was stuck down.  This is a huge problem because he didn't feel safe or comfortable leaving his car like that at the UofM.  AND we had bad storms predicted to roll in that afternoon so he needed to get the window fixed ASAP.  He asked if I would pick him up so we could go eat.  But I really saw it as a sign to let go of the routine, slow down, and have some fun as a family.  Saturdays fill up so quickly that we really haven't gotten to have fun together in a while.  So I packed daddy a change of clothes, quickly got myself and the kids ready and told Sarah that daddy had a surprise for her.  

We headed to Pump it Up for Pop in Preschool Playtime!  We took Sarah once about a month before Cody was born, but we haven't been since.  So this was Cody's first time.  
Cody eyeing the big slide, he was a little apprehensive.

Cody HATED the slide until Chris figured out the trick.  Cody doesn't want to ride on your lap, he wants to ride in between your legs with you squeezing him with them, and hold on to both your hands. After we figured that out he had a blast!  The last time I took him down the slide he was so cute.  He back him self into me, reached for my hands, and then started scooting so we'd go down the slide.  Big Smiles the whole way!
Cell phone picture

Sarah was a pro!  She can climb up all the slides all by herself now.  She can even do the entire inflatable obstacle course by herself now.  I followed her through the first time in case she got stuck and was so impressed that she could do each thing by herself.  And also relieved, I'm getting too old to try to climb up tiny slippery inflatable rock type foot holds.

Since Cody (at first) hated the slides he made a home in the bouncy ball court in the first room.  He took some warming up to it but after a while he was giggling as he tried to jump and walk around in there.  He'd laugh when he fell over.  And he loved having us help him dunk the balls in the goal.  Sorry, all the attempts to picture that came out blurry.

Hanging out in the ball court.

The second room had a wider slide, obstacle course, and then a bouncy house with a "rock wall", 2 slides, some letters, and inflatable pylons.  The next pictures are from playing in that bouncy house.  

Sarah killing it on the rock wall.

Cody beating on the letter I.

Look at her go!

His favorite things in this house were to sit in the letter U, and beat on the pylons. 

My favorite picture of the day!  I talked Chris into running and jumping into the pylons so I could take a picture of him.  I'm so glad it turned out. 

Sarah playing peek-a-boo in the pylons.

So sweet, playing at Pump it Up is hot and hard work.  Sometimes you need a little water, and a little help.

As we were leaving PIU, it was close to lunch time so Sarah told Chris, "daddy, I'm hungry I think we need to go to Chick-fil-a, or Costco."  Ha!  She couldn't see either of those from where we were, so she has memorized the area to know that's what's available.  The girl loves her Costco pizza so we went there to sample some snacks, pick up a few things, and have some pizza.  She also loves Costco because they give kids free ice cream at the snack bar.  As soon as she finished her pizza she was begging for the ice cream but we had other plans for later so we talked her out of it.

Next door to Costco is Dick's Sporting Goods so we wandered around there for a little bit.  However, Dick's is like Chris's Target.  You can't go in and just look without buying SOMETHING.  So we left there with 2 new kid sized soccer balls and a portable pop up soccer goal.  Ha!  
We also played a little putt putt in the golf section.

After visiting with a friend who works out there for a bit it was finally time for mommy's treat.  Gigi's cupcakes.  YUM!

Then we headed to Grandma Schwartz's to finish waiting on Chris's car to be ready for pick up.  It was a long fun day and Cody was spent.  He passed out in the car on the ride home, and was starving for dinner.  So daddy grilled while they played with their new soccer stuff and then we had a picnic dinner.

The deck and all it's accessories including giant grill and kids picnic table was the best home improvement project we've done so far.  

 We really needed this day together with nothing to do but have fun.  Days like this remind me that everything we are doing right now is worth it, and it's only for a short time.  In 2 years when Chris is done with school we can have random fun days whenever we want and I can't wait!

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