Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Picture Dump

We had a busy weekend; actually it seems like every weekend is busy really.  But this one was nice because Grandma and Grandpa Smith were in town for baby Allison's blessing.  And since this was an Emily event, I didn't have to clean my house or do any cooking.  Score!

Saturday morning after the race, Chris and I got cleaned up over at Em's house and then we all headed to Shelby Farms Park.  Ever been?  Well if you're visiting Memphis it's worth a little trip over to Shelby Farms to enjoy it.  I still think it's not quite age appropriate for my kids yet but they'll get there eventually and there are areas they can enjoy now like the slides and swings.
Cody really enjoyed sitting on Sarah's lap to swing.  Sarah, not so much.

Sarah enjoyed using the big girl swing.

Sarah really wanted to climb on the ropes area.  She said she was spiderman-girl-princess-Sarah.  But the ropes were just a bit to hard for her to climb.  We tried resting in one of the things I thought was supposed to be a seat, however, I don't see how anyone could sit there comfortably.  I was shocked Chris didn't have to give me a hand getting out of it.

rare picture of Mommy

After the kids were thoroughly sunburnt (whoops!) we headed to lunch, then to walgreens to pick up sunscreen and then tried a more age appropriate park over by the Germantown library while we waited on Grandma and Grandpa to finally make it to town so we could go out to eat for Em's birthday.

Daddy helping our little monkey.

Uncle David had both boys laughing in the bucket swings.

Sunday we headed to Em's ward for Allison's baby blessing.
Nuckolls Family

Sarah holding Allison
Trying to get a picture with all 4 kids looking--good luck!

Moose and Squirrel 

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