Monday, April 1, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Easter 2013

We haven't been to visit my parents since Christmas so we headed over to PBAR on Friday after Chris got out of class.  I still can't believe that UofM has classes on Good Friday!  Anyway, we loaded up the car and all went to school with Daddy.  The game plan was for me to let the kids play outside while Chris was in class but then it rained all morning long so instead I let them run around in an empty classroom.  I actually ran up and down the aisles for 8 minutes to kill time near the end because I was really bored and running out of ways to entertain the kids.  It worked.  You do what you gotta do.  I was sorry it was raining though because I know Chris was looking forward to showing the kids all the various decorated tigers around campus.  Oh well, we still have 2.5 more years.  

So the drive over was nice and uneventful, just the way I like it.  Sarah is still the perfect car companion, she zombiefies and blissfully watches the tv the whole time.  Cody rides for about an hour and then starts complaining to get let out.  Or throwing his puppy and then yelling, "drop drop!  Puppy!  PUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEE!  Drop Drop!"  So you pick it up and he throws it again.  And you can't make eye contact with him or he'll reach and try to get out of his seat.  Oh well, maybe in 6 months he'll finally turn into a car movie zombie for me.  

Anyway, Saturday we did some Easter arts and crafts.  Mom found a bunny craft on pinterest.  

Sarah drawing the bunny face on her plate.

Ta da!

Daddy helping Cody decorate his bunny.

Ta da!

Then it was time to dye eggs.  We picked up the only style of dye kit they had left at Target, the marble dye kit.  I must say TOO MANY OPTIONS!  We had 12 color cups for 2 kids and 15 eggs.  Too much!   Much too much!  But we had a great time.  Thankfully, Friday night a friend posted a picture on facebook of their kids dying eggs and she had them use a whisk.  Brilliant idea!  

Mom helped Cody color some designs on the eggs before we dyed them.

 Sarah dying some eggs

 Daddy helping Cody dye eggs.
 Their finished products.
 Sarah's eggs
Showing off their eggs.  

Cody now says, "Cheeeeeeee!" When you get the camera out.

This was the best attempt at getting Sarah to hold out an egg for us to see.

Sunday morning we ran around getting ready for church.  Nothing was going right for me.  I actually bought a curling iron to attempt to curl Sarah's hair and she was cooperating but I just am curling iron inept.  Hence why I didn't own one.  So mom had to take over that task for me.  Then I went to dress Cody in his new suit and some moron at Walmart who thinks they are more important than other people switched the pants on the 18 month suit I bought for Cody for some 24 month pants.  I checked the shirt label in the store to make sure the suit was on the right hanger but never thought to check the pants.  So we had to pin it a whole bunch because Cody is already short.  18 month pants were going to be big on him anyway.  So that put me in a foul mood.  And of course I tired to get a picture of them in their Easter best but it wasn't working.  This is what you get folks!

Won't it be cute to have them hold their baskets for the picture?  Nope, apparently not.

2 instructions, look at the camera and smile.  Fail.

But they were good at church.  My parents' ward had the primary children sing the interlude hymn.  We asked Sarah if she wanted to go sing, she said no, so I shamefully bribed her to go and do it.  She didn't know the song they were singing so she just sort of danced according to dad who was sitting on the stand.  From the congregation it just looked like she was fidgeting.
It was still adorable.  I guess I need to find out what the mother's day and father's day songs are going to be for our ward and start working on them so that she knows them.  Obviously from this picture my parents have a very small ward.

After lunch and nap it was finally time to hunt for Easter eggs.  We actually let the kids hunt for the hard boiled ones a couple of times on Saturday just because it entertains me.  But Sunday we hid the eggs filled with marshmallows and M&Ms for the kids to find.  Dad asked me where I was going to hide the eggs and I told him "like we did yesterday" to which he replied, "all out in the open?" and sounded a little disappointed.  They're 3 and 18 months old grandpa!  I can't really hide them yet.

Sarah did a great job finding eggs.  She had a great time doing it.

Showing off her loot.

Cody did a great job too!  He would go to where some eggs were and put his basket down and then go get the eggs and bring them back to his basket.  

Showing off his haul.

Most candy themed holidays are pretty much see how much I can lie to my children holidays.  Bless Sarah's heart she sure is pretty but so far not the quickest to figure things out.  This past halloween she still had no idea people were giving her candy.  Up until about 2 months ago she had no clue that suckers weren't "fairy wands".  And definitely last Easter I told here the whole point of Easter eggs was to shake them and make music.  

This is what happens when you open an Easter egg and let her know there is sugar stuff inside.  Look at that face!  THIS IS AWESOME!

And this is Cody's expression when you open the eggs to show him there is sugar stuff inside.  He's not surprised.  He's been a bit quicker to figure things like that out.  He already knew at Halloween that people were putting candy into his pumpkin.  

We did watch a couple of videos off Saturday night and I read to Sarah from the Book of Mormon Stories book about Jesus visiting the Nephites after he was Resurrected.  I really had hopes of doing the Holy Week family devotionals that Bekah does but with Chris still in school and he's not home 3 nights a week I thought it would be more overwhelming then spiritual for me to do alone.  So next year hopefully his schedule will be a little better for us to do that together.  All in all it was a fun Easter to spend with family.  


  1. 1. I love your mom's granite countertops; they're gorgeous, edge and all.

    2. I love S's little yellow outfit and her painted nails!

    3. That lame person who switched the sizes on the hanger, SO wrong. Seriously, just so wrong.

    4. I adore the kids' coordinating Easter get-up. S's dress is so pretty! Her hair curls perfectly and I'm a tad bit jealous.

    5. If you go back to your Easter post from last year (or, maybe the year before?) you'll notice I mentioned the whisk tip. It makes a world of a difference!

    6. That is all. I love your cute family!

  2. Hey, your marble eggs turned out way better than ours! And Sarah's curls turned out way better than my attempted curls on Maggie too!