Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 19 Months Old

Cody, you are 19 months old today!  Here's what you're up to.

* You are starting to parrot more words back to us.  Not that you have tons of new words this month but you are working on repeating sounds so hopefully we'll have another vocabulary burst soon.
* You can now say "airplane".  You use to just call anything that made a noise a choo-choo.
* Speaking of choo-choos, you are still obsessed with trains.  You love them so much that even though you've outgrown your Thomas the Train pjs you still wear them almost every night.  You have a couple of hand me down train toys that you love and carry around with you.
* You've been pretty feisty this month.  You're favorite words have been "no", "mine", "stop", and a word you've created, "Mo!" which is no and mine at the same time.  It's also usually accompanied by a feet stomping dance. 
* You are still having some digestive issues and get about 1.5 teaspoons of Miralax in your morning milk.  You don't always poop everyday still, but your poops are soft now and you don't break out into a  cold sweat and cry every time you have to go.  
* You love to go outside!  We have to be careful about how we tell you we are going.  If we tell you before you put shoes on you cry hysterically the whole time we get you ready to go out.
* You love to slide, swing, color with chalk, and try to do anything sister does including ride her tricycle.

*  You have recently decided you love Sarah's fairy wand.  Not sure if this is because you actually like it or you just like ticking her off by taking it.  But you pick it up and wave it around and say, "bippty, boppity, boooo" with it.  I've recently started trading it out for a battle ax to keep the peace whenever you have it.  You immediately become a little barbarian and start hacking away at things, including my legs when you are mad at me.
* Your bottom two incisors have popped out, and your top two are moving so you've been a little fussy and picky about eating.
* You love to go for wagon rides.
* You hold my hand when you need to show me things, take me places, or are nervous about new places/situations.  It's sweet and I love to hold your hand.  But of course when I really need you to hold my hand like when we are crossing the parking lot you throw an ever loving fit and won't do it. 
* Sometimes you'll hold Sarah's hand to cross the parking lot and that's the sweetest thing ever.
* You still don't give kisses in the traditional sense.  You give us the gift of allowing us to kiss you.  So when daddy says, "give mommy a night night kiss" you lean your head towards me so that I can kiss it.
* Your favorite book to read right now is the Going to Bed Book.  You still still and let us read the whole thing and sometimes you take it with you to bed to look at.
* You are a paci addict and a blanket fiend and I often find you trying to (or successfully) free those two things from your crib so you can have them around the house.
* One last funny story, last week I put bubbles in the bath and you were so offended you refused to sit down.  You stood up the whole time and gave me the stink eye.  I now know not to but bubbles in your bath.  Sorry bud.

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