Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Ballet Memphis Wizard of Oz

About a month ago I saw in an email from The Orpheum that Ballet Memphis was putting on The Wizard of Oz.  I looked into tickets, saw they had floor seats for only $5!  I figured they must be restricted or limited view but for $5 it was worth it.  And while I was worried about Sarah not making it through, again, for $5 if we had to leave at intermission no big deal.  I mentioned it to some other moms at dance but none of them seemed interested; they even thought the show might be "too scary".  Their loss.  I also mentioned it to Bekah whose family loves the Wizard of Oz so she grabbed some tickets and brought her tribe of 7 over to stay the night with us.  I was a little worried about how we were going to accommodate 7 guests but it turned out fine.  Her 4 older kids snuggled into the day bed together.  Her littlest one slept in Cody's crib while Cody slept in the pack in play in Sarah's room.  And poor Bekah and Dustin slept on the floor in the room with their kids, though I did suggest our couch which is quite comfortable.  I think all the kids had a great time playing together.  Sarah fell in love with Miss M.  She followed her around the house and insisted on holding her hand while we walked down main street to the show.  Pre-kid #5, Dustin's grandma made all the kids Wizard of Oz costumes.  So M and D reprised their Halloween rolls, and Bekah offered to bring the scarecrow costume for Sarah but I figured my little princess who must apparently always wear a dress wouldn't go for it.  She was however very excited to wear and blue dress and red shoes like M.

 M, Sarah, and D on Main Street heading to the show.
I do love our Mommy Daughter dates.  

So, I'm a bit of an Earl.  Do you remember that show, My Name is Earl and how Earl never took a picture with his eyes open.  So whenever one of us ends up with our eyes closed in a picture we always say, hey Earl!  This picture would be cute, if I wasn't pulling an Earl.

Since the tickets were only $5, I bought my sister and mother in law some without asking first.  Thankfully they were both good sports and agreed to come.
You just can't go to the Wizard of Oz without your Auntie Em.

Auntie Em who spoils your little girl by getting her a new Good Witch crown and tiara and also embarrasses me by narrating the ballet for Sarah with her outside voice.  
And Grandma Schwartz (sorry for the cell phone picture).  I'm not quite sure if Grandma liked it, but she endured it with a smile.

As for the show I really enjoyed it.  I didn't enjoy it as much as a musical with words and singing and stuff.  But it was interesting.  I'm sure I've been to the Nutcracker before, but I don't remember any of it so for all intents and purposes this was my first ballet.  I thought the dancers did a great job really capturing the movement of their characters.  It was cool to see how fluid the scarecrow moved, and funny to watch them oil the Tin Man and have his parts start working.  I think my favorite was Cowardly Lion.  He was in a word, well, Fabulous.  But seriously, he did a great job.  Sarah also did a great job.  She enjoyed the show and really stayed with it until near the very end.  

After the show the principal characters were in the lobby for quick photo shots.  They had a bit of a nazi line person who was moving you through so fast you barely had time to say, "I enjoyed the show" before she was rushing you along.  So this picture is a miracle because we literally had 1 shot.

Since Sarah did so good I think we might try going to the Nutcracker this Christmas.  Perhaps, that can be a daddy daughter date for Chris and Sarah.

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  1. 1 - Well apparently I'm the only one who didn't go see the Wizard of Oz ballet. And everyone I know who went loved it. Darn, my little dancers will have to wait and hope it comes back again.
    2 - As for the Nutcracker. Don't take her to the full show her first time. It's long and she will never last. But usually around Christmas lots of local places put on just Act II ( the one with the candy and animals). That is what I took my kids to last year. This year I think I'll take the girls to the full production.