Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Some Spontaneous Fun

I love routines that's no secret.  But recently we've been drowning in routines.  Monday-Saturday I'm striving to not miss a workout training for my new athletic goal.  Chris's semester schedule has him only seeing the kids 1 night M-Thursday, and then the weekends.  Except that every weekend is overbooked.  Chris is working in the attic 2 Saturdays a month so he doesn't see the kids those days because I take them to get out of the way.  The other 2 Saturdays fill up quickly with errands, and social engagements.  It really just seems like we haven't had a relaxing weekend since Christmas break.  And honestly, I can't tell you the last time Chris and I had a one on one date!  Eek!  

Tuesday, Chris called, his car window was broke; he seemed stressed and miffed and was heading to GM to get it fixed.  To clarify, his car wasn't broken into, the electronic mechanism that moves the window up was broken so his window was stuck down.  This is a huge problem because he didn't feel safe or comfortable leaving his car like that at the UofM.  AND we had bad storms predicted to roll in that afternoon so he needed to get the window fixed ASAP.  He asked if I would pick him up so we could go eat.  But I really saw it as a sign to let go of the routine, slow down, and have some fun as a family.  Saturdays fill up so quickly that we really haven't gotten to have fun together in a while.  So I packed daddy a change of clothes, quickly got myself and the kids ready and told Sarah that daddy had a surprise for her.  

We headed to Pump it Up for Pop in Preschool Playtime!  We took Sarah once about a month before Cody was born, but we haven't been since.  So this was Cody's first time.  
Cody eyeing the big slide, he was a little apprehensive.

Cody HATED the slide until Chris figured out the trick.  Cody doesn't want to ride on your lap, he wants to ride in between your legs with you squeezing him with them, and hold on to both your hands. After we figured that out he had a blast!  The last time I took him down the slide he was so cute.  He back him self into me, reached for my hands, and then started scooting so we'd go down the slide.  Big Smiles the whole way!
Cell phone picture

Sarah was a pro!  She can climb up all the slides all by herself now.  She can even do the entire inflatable obstacle course by herself now.  I followed her through the first time in case she got stuck and was so impressed that she could do each thing by herself.  And also relieved, I'm getting too old to try to climb up tiny slippery inflatable rock type foot holds.

Since Cody (at first) hated the slides he made a home in the bouncy ball court in the first room.  He took some warming up to it but after a while he was giggling as he tried to jump and walk around in there.  He'd laugh when he fell over.  And he loved having us help him dunk the balls in the goal.  Sorry, all the attempts to picture that came out blurry.

Hanging out in the ball court.

The second room had a wider slide, obstacle course, and then a bouncy house with a "rock wall", 2 slides, some letters, and inflatable pylons.  The next pictures are from playing in that bouncy house.  

Sarah killing it on the rock wall.

Cody beating on the letter I.

Look at her go!

His favorite things in this house were to sit in the letter U, and beat on the pylons. 

My favorite picture of the day!  I talked Chris into running and jumping into the pylons so I could take a picture of him.  I'm so glad it turned out. 

Sarah playing peek-a-boo in the pylons.

So sweet, playing at Pump it Up is hot and hard work.  Sometimes you need a little water, and a little help.

As we were leaving PIU, it was close to lunch time so Sarah told Chris, "daddy, I'm hungry I think we need to go to Chick-fil-a, or Costco."  Ha!  She couldn't see either of those from where we were, so she has memorized the area to know that's what's available.  The girl loves her Costco pizza so we went there to sample some snacks, pick up a few things, and have some pizza.  She also loves Costco because they give kids free ice cream at the snack bar.  As soon as she finished her pizza she was begging for the ice cream but we had other plans for later so we talked her out of it.

Next door to Costco is Dick's Sporting Goods so we wandered around there for a little bit.  However, Dick's is like Chris's Target.  You can't go in and just look without buying SOMETHING.  So we left there with 2 new kid sized soccer balls and a portable pop up soccer goal.  Ha!  
We also played a little putt putt in the golf section.

After visiting with a friend who works out there for a bit it was finally time for mommy's treat.  Gigi's cupcakes.  YUM!

Then we headed to Grandma Schwartz's to finish waiting on Chris's car to be ready for pick up.  It was a long fun day and Cody was spent.  He passed out in the car on the ride home, and was starving for dinner.  So daddy grilled while they played with their new soccer stuff and then we had a picnic dinner.

The deck and all it's accessories including giant grill and kids picnic table was the best home improvement project we've done so far.  

 We really needed this day together with nothing to do but have fun.  Days like this remind me that everything we are doing right now is worth it, and it's only for a short time.  In 2 years when Chris is done with school we can have random fun days whenever we want and I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Ballet Memphis Wizard of Oz

About a month ago I saw in an email from The Orpheum that Ballet Memphis was putting on The Wizard of Oz.  I looked into tickets, saw they had floor seats for only $5!  I figured they must be restricted or limited view but for $5 it was worth it.  And while I was worried about Sarah not making it through, again, for $5 if we had to leave at intermission no big deal.  I mentioned it to some other moms at dance but none of them seemed interested; they even thought the show might be "too scary".  Their loss.  I also mentioned it to Bekah whose family loves the Wizard of Oz so she grabbed some tickets and brought her tribe of 7 over to stay the night with us.  I was a little worried about how we were going to accommodate 7 guests but it turned out fine.  Her 4 older kids snuggled into the day bed together.  Her littlest one slept in Cody's crib while Cody slept in the pack in play in Sarah's room.  And poor Bekah and Dustin slept on the floor in the room with their kids, though I did suggest our couch which is quite comfortable.  I think all the kids had a great time playing together.  Sarah fell in love with Miss M.  She followed her around the house and insisted on holding her hand while we walked down main street to the show.  Pre-kid #5, Dustin's grandma made all the kids Wizard of Oz costumes.  So M and D reprised their Halloween rolls, and Bekah offered to bring the scarecrow costume for Sarah but I figured my little princess who must apparently always wear a dress wouldn't go for it.  She was however very excited to wear and blue dress and red shoes like M.

 M, Sarah, and D on Main Street heading to the show.
I do love our Mommy Daughter dates.  

So, I'm a bit of an Earl.  Do you remember that show, My Name is Earl and how Earl never took a picture with his eyes open.  So whenever one of us ends up with our eyes closed in a picture we always say, hey Earl!  This picture would be cute, if I wasn't pulling an Earl.

Since the tickets were only $5, I bought my sister and mother in law some without asking first.  Thankfully they were both good sports and agreed to come.
You just can't go to the Wizard of Oz without your Auntie Em.

Auntie Em who spoils your little girl by getting her a new Good Witch crown and tiara and also embarrasses me by narrating the ballet for Sarah with her outside voice.  
And Grandma Schwartz (sorry for the cell phone picture).  I'm not quite sure if Grandma liked it, but she endured it with a smile.

As for the show I really enjoyed it.  I didn't enjoy it as much as a musical with words and singing and stuff.  But it was interesting.  I'm sure I've been to the Nutcracker before, but I don't remember any of it so for all intents and purposes this was my first ballet.  I thought the dancers did a great job really capturing the movement of their characters.  It was cool to see how fluid the scarecrow moved, and funny to watch them oil the Tin Man and have his parts start working.  I think my favorite was Cowardly Lion.  He was in a word, well, Fabulous.  But seriously, he did a great job.  Sarah also did a great job.  She enjoyed the show and really stayed with it until near the very end.  

After the show the principal characters were in the lobby for quick photo shots.  They had a bit of a nazi line person who was moving you through so fast you barely had time to say, "I enjoyed the show" before she was rushing you along.  So this picture is a miracle because we literally had 1 shot.

Since Sarah did so good I think we might try going to the Nutcracker this Christmas.  Perhaps, that can be a daddy daughter date for Chris and Sarah.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 19 Months Old

Cody, you are 19 months old today!  Here's what you're up to.

* You are starting to parrot more words back to us.  Not that you have tons of new words this month but you are working on repeating sounds so hopefully we'll have another vocabulary burst soon.
* You can now say "airplane".  You use to just call anything that made a noise a choo-choo.
* Speaking of choo-choos, you are still obsessed with trains.  You love them so much that even though you've outgrown your Thomas the Train pjs you still wear them almost every night.  You have a couple of hand me down train toys that you love and carry around with you.
* You've been pretty feisty this month.  You're favorite words have been "no", "mine", "stop", and a word you've created, "Mo!" which is no and mine at the same time.  It's also usually accompanied by a feet stomping dance. 
* You are still having some digestive issues and get about 1.5 teaspoons of Miralax in your morning milk.  You don't always poop everyday still, but your poops are soft now and you don't break out into a  cold sweat and cry every time you have to go.  
* You love to go outside!  We have to be careful about how we tell you we are going.  If we tell you before you put shoes on you cry hysterically the whole time we get you ready to go out.
* You love to slide, swing, color with chalk, and try to do anything sister does including ride her tricycle.

*  You have recently decided you love Sarah's fairy wand.  Not sure if this is because you actually like it or you just like ticking her off by taking it.  But you pick it up and wave it around and say, "bippty, boppity, boooo" with it.  I've recently started trading it out for a battle ax to keep the peace whenever you have it.  You immediately become a little barbarian and start hacking away at things, including my legs when you are mad at me.
* Your bottom two incisors have popped out, and your top two are moving so you've been a little fussy and picky about eating.
* You love to go for wagon rides.
* You hold my hand when you need to show me things, take me places, or are nervous about new places/situations.  It's sweet and I love to hold your hand.  But of course when I really need you to hold my hand like when we are crossing the parking lot you throw an ever loving fit and won't do it. 
* Sometimes you'll hold Sarah's hand to cross the parking lot and that's the sweetest thing ever.
* You still don't give kisses in the traditional sense.  You give us the gift of allowing us to kiss you.  So when daddy says, "give mommy a night night kiss" you lean your head towards me so that I can kiss it.
* Your favorite book to read right now is the Going to Bed Book.  You still still and let us read the whole thing and sometimes you take it with you to bed to look at.
* You are a paci addict and a blanket fiend and I often find you trying to (or successfully) free those two things from your crib so you can have them around the house.
* One last funny story, last week I put bubbles in the bath and you were so offended you refused to sit down.  You stood up the whole time and gave me the stink eye.  I now know not to but bubbles in your bath.  Sorry bud.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Picture Dump

We had a busy weekend; actually it seems like every weekend is busy really.  But this one was nice because Grandma and Grandpa Smith were in town for baby Allison's blessing.  And since this was an Emily event, I didn't have to clean my house or do any cooking.  Score!

Saturday morning after the race, Chris and I got cleaned up over at Em's house and then we all headed to Shelby Farms Park.  Ever been?  Well if you're visiting Memphis it's worth a little trip over to Shelby Farms to enjoy it.  I still think it's not quite age appropriate for my kids yet but they'll get there eventually and there are areas they can enjoy now like the slides and swings.
Cody really enjoyed sitting on Sarah's lap to swing.  Sarah, not so much.

Sarah enjoyed using the big girl swing.

Sarah really wanted to climb on the ropes area.  She said she was spiderman-girl-princess-Sarah.  But the ropes were just a bit to hard for her to climb.  We tried resting in one of the things I thought was supposed to be a seat, however, I don't see how anyone could sit there comfortably.  I was shocked Chris didn't have to give me a hand getting out of it.

rare picture of Mommy

After the kids were thoroughly sunburnt (whoops!) we headed to lunch, then to walgreens to pick up sunscreen and then tried a more age appropriate park over by the Germantown library while we waited on Grandma and Grandpa to finally make it to town so we could go out to eat for Em's birthday.

Daddy helping our little monkey.

Uncle David had both boys laughing in the bucket swings.

Sunday we headed to Em's ward for Allison's baby blessing.
Nuckolls Family

Sarah holding Allison
Trying to get a picture with all 4 kids looking--good luck!

Moose and Squirrel 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Schwartz's vs the Fairway 5k 2013

Saturday, Chris and I did the inaugural Fairway 5K that is now apart of the FedEx St. Jude Classic Golf Tournament.  (Even though the golf tournament isn't until June.)  I know I haven't run too many  races, only my first 5K ever that was apart of the Memphis Marathon Weekend, the Zoom through the Zoo, the Celebrate Munford, and the Color Run.  But this 5k was my FAVORITE to date.  I had the best time!  And since this was the first one, I want to set a goal to do it every year while I live in the Memphis area, pregnant, new baby, walk it, run it; I don't care.  It was that enjoyable.  First off, let me admit that the reason I signed up for this race: awesome swag.  As I was looking over the email advertising it, it said my favorite thing "finisher medal".  Now, I'm at the point in running where I do feel like finisher medals for 5Ks are a little silly, for me personally.  But that's because now I run 3 miles effortlessly most days (not all days, some days it can really suck.)  However, I can still remember back to my first 5K, coming across the finish line and someone handing me that finishers medal.  It hangs in my room on the mirror so I can see it every morning.  And it means something to me.  I had never run 3 miles in my life before that day.  I trained rigorously for 9 weeks doing C25K and I am proud of that medal.  To me it signifies all the doubt I overcame to achieve what I didn't think was possible for me.  Most 5Ks don't do finishers medals which makes that first medal even more special to me.  So when I saw this race had one, and the race was far enough out that Chris could do the whole 9 weeks of C25K I really pushed him to sign us up for it.  I wanted a new pair of medals that we earned together, side by side.  Plus the other race swag was awesome.  We got a long sleeve tech tee (not sure how very tech it is but it is a nice soft shirt), and a one day pass to the golf tournament, and it boasted of a post race party.  So I was sold on this race!  

Now as life does, it got in the way of Chris's training.  He was not going to be as far along in the program this time as he was at the St. Jude 5k in 2010.  And I got a little worried about it.  Chris and I have never run together.  We always split up at the different events we do for various reasons, at the first I was better prepared, and the zoo Chris's leg hurt so he turned early and only did the 1 mile fun run, at the Color Run we were with different groups of friends.  I was determined to run this race with him but I was really nervous about how to support him.  So I asked him at least 3 or 4 times in the week leading up to the race what he wanted me to do to encourage him.  I never really got a good answer.  So I just figured I'd do for him what my friends do for me: talk, a lot.  We looked up his old time and I knew we had to beat 39:59.  So I was hoping that between walking and running we could pull of a 12 min/mile pace.

The morning of the race was gorgeous!  A little chilly while standing around which makes for perfect running temperatures.  My sister and her husband were wonderful enough to watch the kids for us and perfectly located.  We were able to walk across the street to the starting line.  How lucky is that!  
starting line self portrait

The race itself was such a beautiful course.  It started on some hole on the TCP Southwind course, not sure which number hole but it was by the driving range.  Then it winded through the gorgeous neighborhood of Southwind for 2 miles with all their huge fancy houses, and perfectly manicured lawns.  Plenty of eye candy for me.  The course was nicely shaded, a few neighbors were outside sipping coffee.  It wasn't too hilly, but wasn't so flat and straight that it was boring.  Then we turned and finished the last half a mile or so on the golf course running on the cart path and finishing up at the 18th hole.  It was such pretty scenery!  Chris did an amazing job!  I get starting line claustrophobia and generally rabbit out of the starting line as quickly as possible to find a nice running hole and then let those who can actually maintain that speed work around me.  And Chris stuck by me the whole way through that and held on to about a 10 min/mile pace for the first .6 miles.  That was the furthest he's run constantly and he did a great job.  Then we walked for about 2 minutes and ran to the mile marker. He really did a great job!  I know he was only at maybe 3 minute run intervals on his training program and we always ran for longer than that and took shorter walk breaks then what week of C25K he was on.  So proud of him!  Coming down that last quarter of a mile stretch he was running a 9 minute pace. He may not want me putting this up on the blog, but afterwards he said, "is it normal to have to hold back tears coming up to the finishing line".  I think it depends on the race.  Finishing my first 5K when we made the turn and I saw Autozone Park I seriously almost cried I was so proud of myself.  I had so many emotions and it was just welling up.  Then when I did the Celebrate Munford and I realized I was going to PR and hit my goal of coming in under 30 minutes, I was so tired, and hot, and had worked so hard I again almost started welling up.  So I think the fact that he had that surge of emotions just shows how hard he worked during that race.  I pushed him hard.  I lied to him about how much father we had to run ("let's just run for 1 more minute" and I'd really make him run for 2, or "let's just run another .2 of a mile" and I'd make him run for .3).  He really pushed him self harder than any of his training runs that day.  And he earned that PR time!  He shaved 2 minutes off his 5K time, which is quite substantial for a short distance run in my opinion.  

And we were rewarded handsomely for our efforts!  The medal is awesome, it looks like a golf ball and is pretty big.  The post race party was great.  The food selection was awesome, tons of fruit, powerade, water, Smoothie King smoothies (very yummy strawberry banana with vanilla and soy protein), and hot Dominos pizza.  For others they also had beer, bloody Mary's and coffee.  I'm telling you it was a great post race party.  =)

So like I said, between the swag, pretty course, but most definitely because I ran it with Chris: this was my favorite 5K ever!  I can't wait to do it again next year.  And who knows, as Chris gets better and eventually faster than me, perhaps we'll make it a tradition to always run this one side by side.
Finish line photo

Official Results:
Natalie Schwartz: #428/707 finishers, 37:56.26 (12:14 min/mile pace)
Chris Schwartz: #429/707 finishers, 37:56.38 (12:14 min/mile pace) AND A NEW PERSONAL RECORD!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Schwartz's vs MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)

My friend Jamie from the Y has been telling me about MOPS for almost a year now.  She's the co-chair of our local chapter that just started this school year.  And I always smile and nod politely and think to myself, "yep, that's not happening".  I live and die by my routine.  And slipping in some support group type thing was not worth me skipping my 2 hours at the gym.  Sorry.  Plus, I still have that high school fear of walking into a room by myself.  Do you know that I skipped lunch every day of my senior year because I didn't have any friends in my 4th period class and none of my friends had the same lunch period, and I was petrified of walking into the lunch room alone.  So I went and sat in either the library or the chorus room where my oldest friend, Elise was.  One of the main reasons I joined a sorority (go Phi Mu) was because it solved that problem for me in college.  I'd always know someone whether the were in my same sorority or not.  Because of mixers and whatever it made it so that I never had to fear walking into a room alone.  When I was a teacher, I NEVER let my kids pick their own groups because that's another thing that terrified me.  So just in case any of my kids had that same anxiety I just always assigned groups so there wouldn't be that awkward moment of "what if no one wants me to be in their group..."

Fast forward to being a grown up and I still don't want to go places like what Jamie was describing alone.  It had too much of a clique sound.  And what if the other moms all already know each other and go to the same church, and what if no one talks to me.  Bla bla.  I'm crazy.  So anyway, we got a new neighbor who is very outgoing and nice.  And I was chatting with her and in an attempt to sound cool I was telling her about the various things to do around here and I mentioned the MOPS group.  She apparently is an avid MOPS goer and was in her local chapter back home and has been going to MOPS since she was pregnant with her 6 year old.  So with my big dumb mouth I said, "Oh! We should totally go together.  I've wanted to go but hate going places new alone."  So every time I saw her over the course of the next week she kept reminding me and making sure I was still going.  As of yesterday I was still working on a plan of escape.  This morning I got up and said, "I'm going to suck it up and go so I don't look like a flake."

And you know what, it wasn't horrible.  A little odd at first, you actually get assigned to a table so I had that moment of panic of what if no one likes me at my table and they are all already friends (cause MOPS only has 2 more meetings after this one for the year).  But new neighbor and I were assigned to the same table, and there were 2 other ladies who were joining for the first time today so that was nice.  Not knowing what happens at these meetings I learned they alternate between speakers and a craft project.  Tables take turns bring snacks to the meeting for everyone.  You stay with your same table for a whole year and really get to know them.  And the kids go to their own age appropriate moppets class where they have a snack, play, or sometimes make a craft.

Today was a craft day!  I love to make crafts!  I love it even more when there is a leader telling me what to do.  We use to have Super Saturdays and that was the only Relief Society activity I would go to.  An all day craft projects blitz!  Yes please!  So at MOPS today we got to make a small burlap door hanger.  At first I only heard them say we could make a cross or a butterfly.  So I texted my SIL to see if she wanted a cross, but I didn't hear back from her because my phone is country so I was pleasantly surprised to see they also had flowers to make.  (However, since there were so many left overs I asked if I could take a cross to make at home for Melissa.)  It get a little focused on my craft projects so I flitted in and out of various conversations.  All the ladies at our table were very nice.  One is a fitness instructor, another is an avid runner, and my neighbor also likes to run so I was able to chat about that.  I like having a fall back conversation topic, fitness works for me.  And I saw another mom from Sarah's dance class so that was nice.  I was pleasantly surprised with MOPS.  I guess I'll take it back and as much stress as it causes me to leave my comfortable routine of going to the Y 5 times a week, I guess, every other Friday, a little MOPS will be good for me.
Ta da!  
I'm going to attach it to my spring wreath after it dries completely.  Until then I hung it up on the shepard's hook to dry in the sun without blowing away.  I left the edges burlap on purpose.  Do you like it or should I go back and fill in the purple?  They were super easy to make it.  I might go get some burlap and make a big one.  Maybe something for the 4th of July.  Or something like a beehive.  My mom likes beehives.  And it actually seems like something I'd be able to pain.  I can't get to fancy, I'm not very artsy.  The polk-a-dots were about as good as I can do.  

After we got home I decided to wash the car.  Sarah helped for a little bit but then decided her car was dirty so she and Cody washed it instead.

I love those kids!

P.P.S- I just remember something I wanted to add about MOPS and my kids.

Cody is my timid little guy.  He loves the nursery at the Y because he loves the ladies in there but right now he is having a hard time transitioning into the nursery at church.  So dropping him off in his Moppet class was going to be tough.  He was actually clinging to me, I let my hands go and he stayed attached my chest!  So I smiled and peeled him off and handed him to the lady who graciously accepted him.  I heard him crying still during the devotional.  But after that I didn't hear anymore.  When I went to pick him up he was happily playing with toys and was all smiles when he yelled, "Momma!"  So that was good.  I think when the other kids his age got there it probably got better he didn't feel so abandoned.

Sarah is my outgoing one.  She is everything I wish I could be sometimes.  (One of my biggest fears is letting my crazy rub off on her.)  We walk into the room and she immediately walks up to one of the other girls about her size and says, "Hi!  My name is Sarah and I like your dress!  It's got a duck on it!" And ran off like she has known them forever and like we go to this place all the time.  She loved the chance to go somewhere new and make new friends.  It's one of my favorite things about her.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Swamp Thing (and a Weekend Recap)

I have been a terrible picture taker and blogger recently.  The weather has been so beautiful I've been too busy playing with my kids to stop and run inside to grab the camera or to pause and take a picture.  We have been outside every day since last Friday.  It's been wonderful!  We've played in the cove with our neighbor who has a son Cody's age.  We went to the first ever Atoka BBQ fest and subsequently learned that if you don't know someone with a tent then there is no reason to go to a BBQ contest.  Ha! But the weather was nice and we walked around and let Sarah get a glitter tattoo of a rose on her hand that she proudly wore for 4 days.  And they both played on the bouncy house some church had set up there.  
Ms. Sherry snapped this at the gym when they took the kids out to the playground. 

Sunday was General Conference.  We invited Emily out to watch it at our house.  She said, "Good, then maybe I'll get to hear some of it."  Ha!  I don't think you actually get to listen to conference until your youngest is 6 and old enough to be entertained by the coloring printables you can find online.  But we had a wonderful brunch.  I love general conference food.  It's pretty much the all day long superbowl for Mormons.  I think every family has some special breakfast that they make.  I tried a new pinterest find: Cinnamon Roll Casserole , and we had eggs and the most perfectly baked bacon, and Em brought fruit and yummy muffins.  It was all so good that I wasn't really hungry again until Chris grilled hot wings for dinner.  

And the kids really did play well enough together for their age.  We have some normal sharing issues.  And Sarah has her normal whining issues.  But what was hilarious and unexpected to me was even though Henry has always been the Moose to Cody's squirrel; Cody is the bully.  Anytime Henry wanted something Cody was on top of him taking it away.  Poor Henry, being the first and Allison still being a newborn he hasn't had to learn the hard knocks of siblings steal things.  I just couldn't help laughing at my little antagonizer.  

Then Monday led to more playing outside.  And Tuesday I was a rock star mom and had dinner ready when Chris got home.  That's a rarity that I time it so perfectly.  So since he gets home a little earlier on Tuesday than other days and dinner was ready we got to go outside while daddy went for his run and afterwards enjoy a nice walk together all before bedtime.  Except, it wasn't a nice walk because Cody was in a stubborn mood and was being quite a mule.  One downside to living in the country is no curbs.  We have nasty drainage ditches and tubes under our driveways.  So Cody was running down people's drainage ditches and looking in their driveway pipes.  I kept telling him to stop and dragging him out of their yards.  And he was just being a mule.  So daddy went back to the house to get the wagon.  While we were waiting Cody saw the big drainage pipe at the end of the street in the neighbors yard that has a stepper drainage ditch.  And he went barreling towards it.  And I was tired of getting on to him so I let some natural consequences follow.  And he fell.  Face first.  Into all the slime, mud, and muck.  It was so gross.  I made him stand there until Chris came back to take a picture.  Then we had to hose him off outside because it was thick nasty muck.  Oh he cried!  And he smelled awful!  In fact, if I had thought about the smell, I might have grabbed him before he went down the hill.  Bluh.  It was bad.  But at least we got a picture.

Swamp Cody

Hopefully he learned his lesson, but I'm sure he didn't.  I did however, and won't be letting him down there again.  Yuck!

So that's what we've been up to.  Just enjoying the lovely weather while we have it; we've got Tornado Warnings for tonight.  Welcome to Memphis' Spring!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Wordless Wednesday

I'd honestly had to do this as a "wordless" post because I can't remember what was going on.  All I remember is they were laughing and having a good time doing who knows what and I actually caught this picture.  Sometimes my kids are adorable!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Easter 2013

We haven't been to visit my parents since Christmas so we headed over to PBAR on Friday after Chris got out of class.  I still can't believe that UofM has classes on Good Friday!  Anyway, we loaded up the car and all went to school with Daddy.  The game plan was for me to let the kids play outside while Chris was in class but then it rained all morning long so instead I let them run around in an empty classroom.  I actually ran up and down the aisles for 8 minutes to kill time near the end because I was really bored and running out of ways to entertain the kids.  It worked.  You do what you gotta do.  I was sorry it was raining though because I know Chris was looking forward to showing the kids all the various decorated tigers around campus.  Oh well, we still have 2.5 more years.  

So the drive over was nice and uneventful, just the way I like it.  Sarah is still the perfect car companion, she zombiefies and blissfully watches the tv the whole time.  Cody rides for about an hour and then starts complaining to get let out.  Or throwing his puppy and then yelling, "drop drop!  Puppy!  PUUUUUUPPPPPEEEEE!  Drop Drop!"  So you pick it up and he throws it again.  And you can't make eye contact with him or he'll reach and try to get out of his seat.  Oh well, maybe in 6 months he'll finally turn into a car movie zombie for me.  

Anyway, Saturday we did some Easter arts and crafts.  Mom found a bunny craft on pinterest.  

Sarah drawing the bunny face on her plate.

Ta da!

Daddy helping Cody decorate his bunny.

Ta da!

Then it was time to dye eggs.  We picked up the only style of dye kit they had left at Target, the marble dye kit.  I must say TOO MANY OPTIONS!  We had 12 color cups for 2 kids and 15 eggs.  Too much!   Much too much!  But we had a great time.  Thankfully, Friday night a friend posted a picture on facebook of their kids dying eggs and she had them use a whisk.  Brilliant idea!  

Mom helped Cody color some designs on the eggs before we dyed them.

 Sarah dying some eggs

 Daddy helping Cody dye eggs.
 Their finished products.
 Sarah's eggs
Showing off their eggs.  

Cody now says, "Cheeeeeeee!" When you get the camera out.

This was the best attempt at getting Sarah to hold out an egg for us to see.

Sunday morning we ran around getting ready for church.  Nothing was going right for me.  I actually bought a curling iron to attempt to curl Sarah's hair and she was cooperating but I just am curling iron inept.  Hence why I didn't own one.  So mom had to take over that task for me.  Then I went to dress Cody in his new suit and some moron at Walmart who thinks they are more important than other people switched the pants on the 18 month suit I bought for Cody for some 24 month pants.  I checked the shirt label in the store to make sure the suit was on the right hanger but never thought to check the pants.  So we had to pin it a whole bunch because Cody is already short.  18 month pants were going to be big on him anyway.  So that put me in a foul mood.  And of course I tired to get a picture of them in their Easter best but it wasn't working.  This is what you get folks!

Won't it be cute to have them hold their baskets for the picture?  Nope, apparently not.

2 instructions, look at the camera and smile.  Fail.

But they were good at church.  My parents' ward had the primary children sing the interlude hymn.  We asked Sarah if she wanted to go sing, she said no, so I shamefully bribed her to go and do it.  She didn't know the song they were singing so she just sort of danced according to dad who was sitting on the stand.  From the congregation it just looked like she was fidgeting.
It was still adorable.  I guess I need to find out what the mother's day and father's day songs are going to be for our ward and start working on them so that she knows them.  Obviously from this picture my parents have a very small ward.

After lunch and nap it was finally time to hunt for Easter eggs.  We actually let the kids hunt for the hard boiled ones a couple of times on Saturday just because it entertains me.  But Sunday we hid the eggs filled with marshmallows and M&Ms for the kids to find.  Dad asked me where I was going to hide the eggs and I told him "like we did yesterday" to which he replied, "all out in the open?" and sounded a little disappointed.  They're 3 and 18 months old grandpa!  I can't really hide them yet.

Sarah did a great job finding eggs.  She had a great time doing it.

Showing off her loot.

Cody did a great job too!  He would go to where some eggs were and put his basket down and then go get the eggs and bring them back to his basket.  

Showing off his haul.

Most candy themed holidays are pretty much see how much I can lie to my children holidays.  Bless Sarah's heart she sure is pretty but so far not the quickest to figure things out.  This past halloween she still had no idea people were giving her candy.  Up until about 2 months ago she had no clue that suckers weren't "fairy wands".  And definitely last Easter I told here the whole point of Easter eggs was to shake them and make music.  

This is what happens when you open an Easter egg and let her know there is sugar stuff inside.  Look at that face!  THIS IS AWESOME!

And this is Cody's expression when you open the eggs to show him there is sugar stuff inside.  He's not surprised.  He's been a bit quicker to figure things like that out.  He already knew at Halloween that people were putting candy into his pumpkin.  

We did watch a couple of videos off Saturday night and I read to Sarah from the Book of Mormon Stories book about Jesus visiting the Nephites after he was Resurrected.  I really had hopes of doing the Holy Week family devotionals that Bekah does but with Chris still in school and he's not home 3 nights a week I thought it would be more overwhelming then spiritual for me to do alone.  So next year hopefully his schedule will be a little better for us to do that together.  All in all it was a fun Easter to spend with family.