Monday, March 25, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Pinned it, Made it: Mailable Birthday Cake Cards

I've professed before my love of mail.  I love sending it and getting it.  When it's not freezing outside one of my favorite things to do is check the mail.  It's generally full of junk and bills but still every now and then it's not.  And that's fun.  Getting mail is fun.  It's why I mail out birthday invitations and thank you cards to people who live 5 minutes from me and that I see on a regular basis.  Getting mail is more fun.  Cameron is convinced I'm trying to keep the USPS in business.

I always have good intentions of sending out birthday cards but let's face it Facebook has made us lazy and I honestly am not great at remembering dates.  However, early in January shutterfly was running a free calendar promotion.  So I made a personalized calendar and put everyone's faces on their birthdays and set a goal to send birthday cards out.  I figured with a big face on a date it would be easier for me to know and remember to go and get and send out a card.  Then I had a mom's morning out and went to a birthday card making workshop and made all the cards for the grown folks so that was one less step to making this a successful resolution.  But I wanted to do something cute for the kids too.  When I saw these mailable slices of cake I thought it was a great idea!  
How yummy does that look?

I posted that picture on facebook and people really thought it was chocolate cake so I'd say they are pretty realistic and yummy looking.  But it's actually a birthday card!  It's a sponge that we cut and spray painted.  Next we traced it on scrapbook paper and cut the scrapbook paper out and spray glued it to the back so we'd have a place to write the birthday message.  Then Chris piped on latex chaulk and I used a chopstick to swirl it around to look more realistic.  We made chocolate looking cakes for the boys and strawberry cakes for the girls.

Three days before Hayes' birthday, Sarah, Cody, and I set off to the post office to get it metered and mail it.  I was a little nervous walking in.  I thought the post lady was going to look at me like I was crazy and tell me I had to put it in an envelop or box.  So I just tried to sound upbeat and matter of fact as I put the cake card down and said, "hello, I need to weigh this and mail it please."  She stuck it on the scale and told me it would be $2.07 and then printed out the sticker.  I was a little worried because the sticker was bigger than stamps and so it didn't fit completely on the scrapbook paper.  I was afraid that the metered postage would come off and it wouldn't make it to it's intended target.  But I checked and it made it safely to the recipient.  I think I only annoyed the lovely post lady when I asked for it back so Sarah could go put it in the blue bin outside.  I'm pretty sure 10 minutes later she had to walk outside and pull it out of the blue bin.  

Sarah was very excited to mail the slice of cake!

In it goes!

After that we headed home and checked our mail.  When Sarah opened the mailbox she said, "Hey!  Where's the cake?"  So she doesn't quite get the mail process yet.  =)

Making the cake cards was pretty fun and I think it's a cool effect.  Perhaps next year I'll mail them to the adults on the birthday card list.  Or make white cakes for wedding congratulations, though most of my friends are married so I don't see sending that off in the near future.  Or I could send it as a just because slice of cake, as in, I sent this to you just because it's cool.  But first, I need to find some rectangular sponges to make it easier.

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  1. I still don't believe you that that's not REAL cake! Holy crap, that's amazing!