Monday, March 18, 2013

The Schwartz's vs the Drive In Movie Night

I call it the perfect storm.  It doesn't happen very often but once in a great while we run out of pull ups, diapers, and wipes at the same time and have to pick them all up at Costco in one trip.  That check out pains me.  Then while the kids are napping I log all the worthless points into the system and put everything away in the closet.  After the kids got up from their naps I hadn't broken down the boxes yet so they, of course, started playing with them.  Because the greatest toy in the world is a cardboard box.  They both climbed in a box and not being able to resist I planted my big bottom in the only box that was left  (Sarah later had to push the box over for me so I could wiggle out) and we pretended like they were cars.  And mistakenly said out loud, "we should paint them to look like cars and then we can watch a movie in them."  That was a statement Sarah would NEVER forget.  So she talked about it the rest of that week and into the next one until it was Thursday the day daddy took off during his spring break to spend playing with us.  So we woke up, went to the gym, and then went to the store to buy supplies.  Sarah wanted a pink car with blue polk a dots and black wheels.  Cody just screamed until someone handed him a bottle of paint, which Chris took to mean he wanted a red car with flames.  After nap time we put on some of daddy's old shirts and set out to make our master pieces.  They kids were so excited.  It was adorable.

Sarah painting her car pink.

Cody heard us calling them brushes and did the only natural thing you do with a "brush".

Cody helping daddy get the paints ready for his car.

Cody helped a little.  He put a few strokes of yellow on his car, and on sisters car.  But since we kept telling him to "paint his car" he then kept running over to his cozy coup truck.  I don't think he really understood the assignment.  So he played with that for a while and then would come over and paint some more and then wander away again.  But he had a great time.

Sarah did a great job and was really focused on painting her car.  She even worked hard to keep the pink paint out of the wheel circles daddy drew for her.  She was patient and put on 3 coats of paint to make sure it was really pink.  

 One of the times Cody toddled back to paint on his car.

He got paint every where, even on his forehead.  Such a cute boy.

After we got the base coat on pink finished we stopped for a dinner break so her car could dry before she added her blue polk a dots.  

Chris helped her paint her blue polk a dots.  He was diligently working on one side while she did the other.  Then he peeked at her side and she says, "look daddy!  Do you like my caterpillar?"

She was so excited she couldn't wait to have our drive in movie night.  We explained to her we'd have movie night in "2 sleeps".  Annie taught me that way of counting time for kids.  So when she woke up Friday she told daddy, "one more sleep and then we get to watch a movie in our cars!"
We bought Wreck it Ralph for our movie night.  We hadn't seen it yet but heard good things so I'm glad we went ahead and purchased it.  Chris and I loved it.  Sarah watched it because she loves movies.  It was a nice change from the princess movies we normally watch.  Cody watched a lot of it, but he didn't get a nap so she started getting squirmy and was sent to bed.  

Sarah in her car.  She insisted on wearing her tiara.

Trying to get a picture but they are already glued to the screen.  Such little tv zombies I have.

Hello ladies, wanna ride in my car?

Chris put hoods on their car to make it "more realistic" I thought it was great because it was a built in snack tray.  The kids got to have popcorn and marshmallows.  Yum!  Cody eventually figured out the best way to get to the marshmallows was to dump the whole bowl out then pick the marshmallows up.  It made for quite a mess but I must admit it was pretty effective.

I saved the cars and put them away for another time.  They both really enjoyed it.  Cody climbed in willingly and sat in his car for quite a while until he got squirmy because he was tired.  Sarah stayed in her car until she was done with her snacks and Cody was in bed.  Then she wanted to get on the couch and cuddle with me.  She's my snuggle bug.  We still haven't seen Cars 2 yet.  And that seems like the perfect movie for a drive in night.  

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  1. So so SO FUN! I love the pic of him brushing his hair!! S did a great job on her car!