Monday, March 4, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Disney...Again

Alright, we all know that I am a huge Disney nerd/Disney brat.  I accepted it a long time ago.  Disney is my happiest place on Earth.  When I'm stressed out and the kids are driving me nuts, I hop of the Disney website and faux plan a vacation.  When Chris's school schedule is killing me, I hop on the Disney website a plan our dream cruise we are taking in 5 years.  Yeah, that's right.  I plan vacations 5 years out in advance.  Usually, as soon as I get home from a trip I start dreaming about the next.  I feel absolutely terrible that Sarah has been 3 times and Cody hasn't been yet.  But that's life.  And honestly, my Disney trips have got to stop because we've got a lot on the horizon.  So we need to buckle down and get to May 2015.  Then I make no promises.  I mean, Chris might seriously have to walk across the stage on graduation day and straight to the car and drive this family to Disney because I am going to be JONESING for a trip.  

When I first signed up for the Princess Half Chris and I were just going to fly down, do the race and fly back.  And then I started feeling REALLY guilty about going to Disney without the kids.  Sarah is old enough now to truly enjoy it and well, you just can't leave Cody out.  Except we did.  Again.  Sorry Cody.  But you seriously are a terrible traveler.  I don't even like making the 3 hour drive to AR to visit my parents with you.  However, there is hope, soon you will become a little tv zombie like your sister and then you can travel anywhere.  Seriously.  Anywhere.  Sarah will drive without complaint for an exceedingly long time as long as she has her movies.  So I begged Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz to drive Sarah down with them (because I'm couldn't afford the air fare) and we picked her up from the wedding.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz!  I'm really glad they were willing to do this for us. Sarah loves Disney World too.  And I think it's such a special place to be with family.  

And since my mom and I splurged and did our first character meals ever on my birthday trip this past summer I thought it would be nice to treat Chris to a character breakfast.  We booked a late breakfast time so it was more of a brunch and went after the princess expo.  And we choose the Grand Floridian's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Breakfast.  It had a good menu selection, but also the time we were looking for, and new characters to meet.  (However, comparing this one to the Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine over the summer, the Play and Dine is still a way better choice for preschoolers.)

So we started the day by stuffing our faces and meeting Winnie the Pooh.

 And Tigger too!

This is my new favorite picture of the 2 of them.  And I can't believe how much she has grown in the past 6 months.  Look back at my last Disney post to see.

Then we got to meet Alice for the first time.  She was wonderful and completely in character.  She even walked across some unused chairs as she went from from room to the next.  

Sarah and Alice are talking about her shirt and their favorite colors.  Sarah told her that her favorite color was pink and that she also likes blue.  But pink, that's her favorite color. 
Alice wished me luck in the race for the next day and said she'd be out there.  She also asked Sarah to look for her white rabbit while we were in the parks today.  Sadly we didn't see the white rabbit. 

Since this is the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Breakfast it is only fitting that none other than Mary Poppins should make an appearance.
 Sarah showed Mary her silly face and Mary told Sarah that she was a card just like Burt and that they'd get along grand.  She also said supercalifragilisticexpialidocious forwards and backwards for us.

The Mad Hatter also made his rounds and wished Sarah and Very Merry Unbirthday.

 Usually the characters only visit your table once.  But since we were there near the end of breakfast Tigger popped by, pulled up a chair and hung out for a while.  I guess he must have really liked Sarah. He let Sarah feed him some rice krispy treat.  And then he started snuggling with her bib.  He must have thought it was a lovey so I corrected him and he was so embarrassed.  Thankfully some kisses from Sarah and her bouncing with him made it all better.

Then it was time to ride the monorail and head over to Epcot.  Sarah has never been to Epcot and it's not traditionally my favorite park.  When we have only one day to spend we usually skip it.  We used it as a meeting place for dinner when I was growing up.  But it does have some cool things to look at and we wanted to take it kind of easy the day before the race so that's where we went. 

I'm sorry I wasn't as diligent about taking pictures this time.  I think it was because Chris took his backpack and the camera fit in there so it wasn't constantly around my neck reminding me to take pictures.  But we did ride the ride inside Spaceship Earth.  Sarah enjoyed the different scenes and thankfully didn't point out the animatronics were "just robots" again.  I need her to believe in the Disney magic.  And then she played a few of the games in the lobby afterwards and enjoyed those.  Then we headed over to Innovations East where she participated in the fire safety house.  Even though you were supposed to exit through the closest exit she kept climbing out the window and taking forever.  But it was still adorable.  And then she played the really cute money sense whatever activity while Daddy and Aunt Sarah held our place in line to meet some characters.  The money sense game (while completely over Sarah's head) was adorable and she got to carry a piggy bank from station to station and that was pretty neat.  I was really impressed with it.  Then it was our turn to get some one on one time with the Mouse!

Giving Minnie a big hug!

And I just barely missed it but she kissed Mickey on the nose.

Her first time meeting Goofy.

After that we headed over and doubled checked her height, still too short for Soarin' and Test Track.  Oh well, but we did ride the boat ride through the gardens (Living with the Land) before heading over to the Nemo Ride, the Living Seas.

Look who found Nemo.

We walked around the aquarium for a while and saw the big sea turtle who Aunt Sarah says doesn't swim around very often and the dolphins were swimming a bit.  

Then we walked over to the garden/carnival area they set up to promote the movie Oz.  Sarah got to play the ring toss and the bean bag throw and she won some marigold seeds and a movie button for trying.  And then played on the playground for a little bit.  She was being quite the stinker and would not let me take a picture of her.

So this is the best you get.

Then we headed over to the World Showcase to start finding the fun KidCot stops.  (Not as exciting as I thought they would be.)  But we managed to get our stamps from Canada, UK, France, Morocco, China, and Germany.  In Morocco and China they wrote Sarah's name in that language on the back of her Kidcot companion.  

They already had some of the fun topiaries set up for the Garden Festival that runs through March.

Sarah's big request this trip was to meet Jasmin.  She kept telling me how she has never met her.  (Not true, she met her when she was 1 but she doesn't remember that).  I know they pop up over by the Magic Carpet Ride in the Magic Kingdom but I didn't want to waste Grandma and Grandpa's time searching for characters when we'd only have a limited time in the park on Sunday after the race so we made sure to find them in Epcot.  It's actually easier I think to find certain characters there instead of in the MK.  Jasmin and Alladin are in Morocco, Belle is in France, Snow White is in Germany, etc, etc.  There is a sign that tells the time they come out.  And we just happened to miss them however someone told Chris to go ahead and get in line because they apparently have to turn people away each time since that line is so long and popular.  Sarah was thrilled to get to meet Jasmin!

Alladin is sad because we just told him Sarah's calls his movie "the Jasmin movie"

 Apparently Sarah still hasn't outgrown reading for Jasmin's inappropriate bling.  Jasmin had to hold her hand to keep them away.

And the person I wanted to meet this trip was Mulan.  I'm not sure where you can find her in the parks other than in Epcot's China.  So we made sure to head over there.

She told Mulan that she was her "mommy's favorite, but Rapunzel is mine".  Thankfully, Mulan took it in stride.  I'm sure they hear stuff like that a lot.

Mulan showed Sarah how to pose like a tough strong woman.

And Mulan wished me luck in the race.

Then the next day after the race we hit the Magic Kingdom with Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz.  And I did an even worse job taking pictures.  Again, I blame the backpack situation, and it was rainy, and I was tired.  

But I did remember to get a family shot in front of the Castle.

And Chris took a few pictures of the new fantasy land.
Beast's Castle in the mountains.

Prince Eric's castle.

We made sure to enjoy both the new attractions in Fantasy Land.  Enchanted Tales with Belle is super cute and Sarah got to play Chip the teacup in the little show.  She was so excited when they asked who wanted to play chip her hand shot right up.

And we rode the new Ariel ride Journey of the Little Mermaid which takes you through animatronic scenes of the movie.  She had big eyes every time we were able to see her.  It was one of those rides that was a sensory overload to only ride it once but the line gods were not with us this time so we weren't able to ride things back to back.  Oh well.  She still enjoyed it.  Sarah acted a little afraid in the Haunted Mansion.  She apparently hid her head the whole time.  And she keeps doing the laugh from that ride and telling me that's what the monster says.  

We didn't have all day in the park but we made sure to ride Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain with Grandpa and we even talked Grandma into riding the Barnstormer with Sarah before they had to leave.  I hope Grandma and Grandpa had a good time because I know Sarah did.  

After they left I was feeling pretty worn out so Chris and I went to go meet the princesses.  Why?  Because it's close to the front of the park and air conditioned.  =)  Plus I needed to show off my medal.

And then of course we wound up staying around until the fireworks.  It happens.  It wasn't in the plans but once you get there you just can't help but want to stick around for the fireworks over the castle.  Plus the new light show they put on the castle before the fireworks is amazing.  Jaw dropping, stunning, just amazing.  I'm glad we got a chance to see it.  

I'm really glad my family is so supportive and helped all my Disney run dreams come true this year.  But like I said, we've got big things coming up in the Schwartz family over the next couple of years so we need to buckle down and get it done.  But I do seriously hope to do a real Disney vacation with the kids after Chris graduates.  Even if it's only for a few days.  


  1. Did you seriously just say "draw dropping?"

    BAhahahaha! Draw Something, much? This is coming from someone who's never been to Disney and read this much like I would something in a different language :)

  2. What a fun trip. I LOVE Disney. I can't wait til we can take our 1 1/2 year old. I'm thinking we'll wait at least a couple more years so he can really enjoy it.

  3. I love the picture of Sarah hugging Minnie... makes it worth the 1048378454398689358680450346356059704398705975 quarters to go. :)