Monday, February 18, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Valentine's 2013

One of my friends posted this year that she is a Valentine's grinch.  And I loved that.  I feel that I am also a valentine's grinch.  Chris and I celebrated Valentine's Day when we were young and dating and even when we were still newlyweds.  Our first Valentine's Chris gave me a small bear named Buttercup and I carefully and lovingly put it away when we got married for our first kid.  Sarah now owns and loves Buttercup.  For our first valentines when we were dating I burnt Chris a plate of cookies.  I'm not kidding.  I'm a horrible cook and I think that was the first time I ever actually baked cookies.  And I didn't even make them from scratch, I scooped the dough out of a plastic bucket and still somehow managed to mess them up.  I kept sticking a toothpick in like you do with cakes.  I didn't know.  It was pretty tragic.  He still managed to chock a couple down.  (That's how you can tell he was a keeper.)

Then one year, I can't even remember which I finally confessed to Chris, "I don't want to do Valentine's Day.  I don't even want a card.  Please just take me out to dinner at some point in February, preferably not on Valentine's day it's too crowded."  He told his friends at work that I said that and they all told him I was lying.  Thankfully, he knows and loves me and didn't fret like the guys tried to convince him to do.

Chris loves me 365 days a year and shows me he loves me 365 days a year.  I don't need one day in February for him to prove it.  You know how I know he loves me.  He does the grocery shopping.  Every Saturday.  I hate to grocery shop.  HATE IT!  And many times he even takes one or both kids with him to the store, by himself, while I relax.  Who needs a Valentine's card when you have a husband who does that!  So I have turned into a Valentine's grinch.  Then I noticed a bunch of similar status updates about how this person doesn't need valentines bla bla bla and all of a sudden I realized how pretentious I was being.  A friend of mine shared with me their Valentine's tradition of getting some Gigi's Cupcakes  so on Tuesday since I was out in that area I decided that would be a nice tradition to steal so I pre-ordered the Love Box to share with Chris.  (1 red velvet, 1 wedding cake, 1 midnight magic, and 1 strawberry).  And since Chris was working late on Valentine's I had already decided to bring the kids up to have dinner with him.  However, after seeing all the anti-valentine's post and realizing I was being a schmuck I decided to Valentine's it up.  We ran to Walmart and got a $0.98 tablecloth and some $0.98 heart napkins, and I looked for confetti to sprinkle on the table but it was gone.  Then instead of making the meal from the calendar I called in an order to Jim and Nicks for Chris's favorite spare ribs and mac and cheese to surprise him with.

He was surprised at the details I put into the dinner and was thrilled with what I brought instead of the planned meal.  And it was a nice way to show him how much the kids and I love him.  Sarah even picked out a card for him while we were at Walmart (she saw the crowded card section and asked, "mommy what's that over there?" I said, that's a bunch of schmucks who waited until the last second to pick out cards for their loved ones." Her reply, "I want to pick a card!"  And I caved.)  I still don't want to go out for Valentine's day.  And I still definitely don't want a card or a gift.  But maybe a box of cupcakes to share with my family and a special meal somewhere NOT crowded (like home or his work) will do for now.  And who knows, perhaps my Valentine's feelings will evolve again when the kids are older and finally out of our house.  Then maybe I will want cards and presents.  Watch out!

P.S.  Best Valentine's gift ever!  I got hit on while I was waiting to pick up our to go order at Jim and Nicks.  Totally made my year.  =)  I can't actually think of anytime when some random stranger has hit on me.  Ha!


  1. I just hope the guy who hit on you wasn't also out shopping for a Valentine's meal for his sweetheart. ;)

    1. Yeah, I figure he was just doing his good samaritan deed of making a woman feel good on Valentines. Since he was also wearing a wedding band and after chatting with him for a few minutes discovered he was married and had 2 kids. But I'll still take it. =)