Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Schwartz's vs New Hockey Fans

We are a hockey family.  I know I've said that before.  Chris's parents have season tickets to our local hockey team.  Really nice ones right on the glass!  The rule is as soon as you're potty trained you can start going to hockey games with Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz.  I'm not sure which one of the H's the rule got broken for because Sarah definitely didn't get to go early, but it doesn't matter the rule has been broken so Cody is benefitting and got to go to hockey games early.  They actually went to their first hockey game back in October last year.  I should have already done this post but my phone has a hard time getting picture mail so the pictures my MIL took and sent to me just recently got to my phone.  Yeah, my phone is that awesome.  And the kids just got to go to their second hockey game (still haven't gotten that picture yet but Chris got his already because he has a different phone) so I had him email to me so I could finally sit down and share this.  Because even though it took me a while to post about it, going to hockey games with Grandma and Grandpa is a really special occasion.  And we love hockey! Love it!  Especially when you get to sit in grandma and grandpa's seats.

So even though it was still October when the kids went the first time part of the door give away was the first so many fans through the door got mustaches for No Shave November.

Manly Cody

Oh dear!  Thank goodness we are blondes!

Since their first game Sarah has randomly told people about going to the hockey game.  It is seriously out of no where.  In January we were picking up the baby sitter and Sarah from the back seat starts talking about the big men she saw with big hats hitting each other.  That's her description for hockey.  I think the baby sitter and I were talking about Lord of the Rings because Chris and I were heading out to see The Hobbit.  I'm telling you it's random.  Other times she'll talk about it when Cody is wearing his onesie with ice skates on it that his Aunt Melissa got him (hockey family).  

So last week when Grandma Schwartz called to ask if they could take Sarah and Cody to the hockey game I was pretty excited for them.  However, I didn't want to hear about it for the rest of the week so I waited until it was time to get packed and ready to go to grandma and grandpa's to tell Sarah.  As I was getting Cody dressed in the ice skate onesie I said to Sarah, "I wish you had a hockey shirt.  I'm sorry I don't have one for you."  Then she proceeded to tell me, "Grandpa has a hockey shirt.  It's green and it has a turtle on it.  And the turtle has a stick."  My mouth dropped.  She has not seen anything Riverking related in our house and I would guess hasn't seen anything Riverking related since that last time she went to the game in October!  I couldn't believe she remembered all that detail.  Since I mentioned that to Grandma I guess she thought Sarah needed her own hockey shirt so they picked one up for her at the game.  So now she can wear her pink Riverkings shirt next time they go to the hockey game.

Sarah meeting the Riverthing.

Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz said both the kids liked it.  That Sarah really loved watching the game but right when they got down there someone got checked pretty hard into the glass and that made Cody a little squeamish about it.  But he apparently got over it and enjoyed banging on the glass during the period breaks.  And all this talk about hockey is making me itch to go to a game.  Now the only question is do I take the children or not.  =)

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  1. Kids or not, let's get together one weekend and go. We can let Sims skate after the game is over.