Friday, February 1, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's First Hair Cut

Little boys' first hair cuts I think are harder to time then little girls'.  Sarah had great hair when she was born and as it grew it grew straight and stuff.  No biggie, when it got long we took her and got it cut.  Tada!  But Cody's hair is different.  I kept waiting for it to grow everywhere like the sides and stuff and I thought it would eventually start to look like a girl's hair and then I'd know it was time to get it cut.  Instead, it didn't really grow in the front or sides, it just grew in the back.  And grew.  And grew.  And he had a bit of a mullet forming.  And I didn't know what to do with it because I kept thinking surely the rest of his hair will start to grow and then I will take him to get it cut.  To hide the mullet I would just give him like a Donald Trump combover and could sweep it all the way across the back of his neck and up the side of his head towards the top.  I'm sorry there's no pictures of it because it was pretty comical.  So finally I realized his hair apparently wouldn't start growing all over the place evenly like a girls and figured it was time to take him for his first hair cut.  Upon the suggestion of Annie we took him to Frenchy's Barbershop in Millington.  It was comically vintage.  I walk in, there are 3 old school barber chairs that face the people waiting and lots of old men sitting around waiting.  While we waited our turn I saw two men get the good ol' boy flat top and laughed because the lady who did it had a sign at her station that read, "flat top specialist".  It apparently was not a joke.  I started to worry that she was going to give Cody a flat top.  The kids were good and waited patiently for an hour for it to be our turn.  (Crazy!  Next time I'm just taking him to sweet and sassy with Sarah.  I don't care if he does come out smelling pretty.)  

The woman who cut his hair was very nice.  She asked what I would like, I had no clue.  I said, just the standard little boy hair cut without the mullet.  So that was the first thing to go.

 Good bye mullet!

Cody was a really good sport.  He didn't cry, but he complained a little bit.  At first he was wanted to get down but then she gave him a sucker and all was well!  Sarah did a good job keeping him entertained.  And the lady gave him different things to hold and play with when he got a little squirmy.  He was so funny.  Anytime she asked him a question or offered him something he would shake his head no.  When she would grab something else to use, like the clippers, scissors, or comb Cody would look at her with an expression like, "what do you think you're doing lady" and then shake his head no at her.  But he never fought it.  He's such a good boy.

Playing with the brush trying to get some hair off himself while Sarah talked to him.

Oh what a lucky kid!  You know Sarah didn't get her first sucker until she was almost 3.  I hate suckers.  They are sticky and they are gross.  I loathe them.  But I figured it was the only way to keep him happy and it seemed to work.  And the woman was very smart and nice and picked a flavor that would drool clear and wiped him up real good afterwards.  

Here's my handsome man with his first big boy hair cut.  What do you think?

Cody's First Hair Cut
February 1, 2013
Frenchy's Barber Shop
Millington, TN


  1. What a champ! I'm so impressed that he didn't fight it. I love his new 'do; so handsome!

  2. He looks so grown up!!!

  3. It always amazes me how little boys go from looking like a baby to suddenly a big boy with that first haircut. It's bittersweet. I'm going to miss his mullet though, he was rocking it.