Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Sarah is 3!

My Dear Sweet Sarah, 

You are 3 years old now!  It seems so crazy that you went to Sunbeams this past Sunday.  You walked right in and sat on the front row like a big girl.  You immediately turned to the girl next to you and said, "I like your dress."  I love that about you.  You are the sweetest girl and give sincere compliments to everyone we meet.  Last night at the restaurant you told the manager you liked her bracelets.  Today as we walked past a woman heading into the Y you smiled at her and said, "I like your hair."  You are kind, considerate, and friendly.  I hope that never changes.  I hope you are always the first person to say hi to a new kid and invite them to play with you.  I hope you are always the person to brighten other people's days with your kind words of affirmation.  I know that when you put your arms around me and tell me that "I'm the best mommy ever" it makes me smile a little bigger.

Sarah, you are head strong and we do clash from time to time.  Your first instinct is to pout when you get told no and cry when that doesn't work.  But you are learning how to temper yourself and calm down.  Recently you had your worst tantrum to date, after 40 minutes of weeping and wailing and throwing yourself at the bedroom door you finally stopped, sniffed a little, and said calmly, "Mommy, I'm done crying now.  Will you open the door please?"  When I did the first thing you said was, "Mommy, I'm sorry for telling you no and being ugly."  I was so proud of you in that moment.  You aren't always going to get what you want and it's ok to be mad or upset.  It's even ok to have outbursts from time to time when you can't figure out how to handle these big emotions in your tiny body.  The important thing is you not only apologized but you were specific and knew exactly what you did that was wrong without being told or reminded.  You will make many mistakes throughout your life.  Please know that the best place to start afterwards is with "I'm sorry" and then you can go from there.

We've had a lot of exciting things happen for you this past year.  You've been on quite a few vacations.  We went to a family reunion over the summer and you met your Grandpa Smith's brothers and sisters and some of their kids and grandkids (your second and third cousins).  You were able to take a special vacation to Disney World with me, Grandma Smith, Auntie Cam, and we met Aunt Sarah there.  You loved every minute of it and still talk about that trip.  You are my favorite traveling companion.  You love to ride in the car and watch movies.  You don't often sleep in the car anymore, but you never complain about riding even long distances.  And now that you are completely potty trained (except for at night) it makes going places a little easier as long as we stop often for potty breaks.

You also started dance class and go once a week.  You love it.  You smile from ear to ear the whole time.  I want to set the foundation even at this young age to let you know that exercise and sports are important in this family.  They will teach you to control your body, manage your time, set goals, and follow through.  As you grow, change athletic endeavors and sports, it will also teach you how to humbly win and graciously lose.  It will teach you leadership skills and how to take directions from coaches and peers.  But right now in dance, I just want to teach you that you are beautiful, moving can be fun, and maybe, if we're lucky, a little musicality so you are not as uncoordinated as your mother. 

Sarah, I love you.  Your daddy loves you.  And your Cody loves you.  I actually don't know a single person who has met you that doesn't love you.  Your bright and cheery personality instantly draws people to you.  I have many hopes and dreams for you and your future and those things will hopefully come to fruition in time.  But for right now, I want to stress to you that kindness is your best characteristic and important to keep and further develop.  I guess all these years of singing the kindness song to you whenever you or I were getting frustrated with each other has paid off.  

I want to be kind to everyone.  
For that is right you see.
So I say to myself, remember this:
Kindness begins with me.

I love you dear girl and can't wait to see how you grow in this coming year.

All my love,

Sarah's 3 Year Old Birthday Interview

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