Friday, January 25, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 16 Months Old

Cody, my little man, you are 16 months old and here's what you're up to:

* You are all boy and you are a mess.  You like to rough house.  You like to walk up and push people and giggle.  It's all fun and games when you do it to mommy or daddy but when you do it to Sissy and other kids at the Y it gets you in trouble.  
* You are a human pinball.  You run into stuff all the time, bounce off of it and keep walking sometimes in a different direction like you meant to do that.  It doesn't even phase you for the most part.
* You aren't a big talker yet.  And I can see that it frustrates you.  You are going through another bout of the crying and whining but you've also added hitting into it.  I hope you start talking soon so that you and me can communicate better.
* Some words you can say for certain: mommy, duck, bee, puppy, meow, mine.
* Words you can say but only mommy and daddy know what you are saying: brush, toothbrush, marshmallow 
* Just recently you've started to be able to point to your ears and you try to point to your eyes but usually hit your forehead.  
* Your favorite mode of transportation is running.  
* You have the best devilish grin of a smirk.  I love it.  I know it means trouble when I see it, but I still love it.
* You are naughty.  Whenever I shower you either completely unroll the toilet paper or you dump all the bandaids out of the boxes.  
* In the past month or so you've finally started to like being read to.  Its sweet and I love it.  You're favorite books right now are Brown Bear ("bibaw") and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.  Sometimes you'll sit on my lap for 20 or 30 minutes at a time to read with me.  Other times you can't get past the first page before you start squirming.  But reading to my babies is my favorite thing to do so I'm glad you sit with me at all.
* Your favorite toy right now is Mr. Potato Head.  
* You are going through an anti-nap phase but you are still a wonderful little boy at bed time.  When I tell you to go give people hugs and love you run to them and make the kissy muuuuuha sound then run away.  
* You are your father's son in that you have a mullet.  At first I've tried to ignore it.  Then I laughed about it.  Now it's a little out of control so in the next week or so I'll take you for your first hair cut.  
* You are tons of fun and we're glad to have you in our family!


  1. So cute! My little Thomas has that onesie with the ice skates; Children's Place monster sale, oh yeah!

  2. Henry is a little pinball, too. He doesn't really have any words. He says mommy, daddy, dad, and doggie, but we don't think they have any meaning. Henry get wispy baby curls, which I don't like on boys, so I've cut his hair three times now! So fun watching them both grow!