Friday, December 28, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's 3rd Birthday

Sarah's birthdays drive me nuts right now.  She's only 3 and I still can't figure out how to handle the birthday being so close to Christmas thing with her.  Last year we just kept it small and it was Chris, Cody, me, and Sarah's "Aunts" Susan, Steffanie, and Cam who celebrated it.  We went to a movie, came home had ice cream and opened presents in front of the Christmas tree.  I really am fine with that, except doing it in front of the tree bugged me.  I really want to have a clear separation of birthday and Christmas for her especially as she gets older.  I don't want her to feel slighted or like her special day is ignored because of a holiday.  (See, I'm a July birthday.  My birthday was and still is awesome every year.  Summer birthdays are just better...must remember that for child planning.)

This year I'm working on something "beary" special for her.  She's going to have her birthday party at Build a Bear.  We are so ridiculous excited about that.  Sarah's excited because she's going to build a princess bear.  Right now she insists its going to be dressed like and called Cinderella.  She's thrilled that she gets to invite friends.  Her guest list was pretty extensive.  When I asked her who she wanted to invite she said, in this order, "Jessie! Uncle Pete, Auntie Cam, Aunt Susan, Aunt Steffanie, Cody, Daddy, Me! (as in herself), Mommy, and Jesus."  We've since revisited her list a few times and come up with a good mix of friends to invite to her party.

I'm crazy excited because after the over board party I threw for Cody I've realized I don't like doing that.  I don't like stressing about food, and favors, and entertainment, and how to fit everyone some where.  Nope.  I don't to do that.  So for about the same cost, if not less, I get to take Sarah and 7 of her friends to build a bear.  I don't have to decorate, cook, clean, or really do anything other than show up and pay the bill.  Wahoo!  We're doing it a couple of weeks after Christmas too to make sure that the mall is all de-Christmas-fied and we can focus on it just being a birthday celebration.  And what makes it even better is that the day before Sarah's party Build a Bear is actually releasing a Disney Princess themed bear.  So she will actually get to make a Princess bear like she's been telling me!  How perfect is that.  So in a couple of days all I have to do is go online and print out the free invitations and mail them to her friends and then sit back and enjoy the party, and watch all the girls have a great time making their own furry friends.  Best. Birthday. Ever.

But you can't have a birthday with out a few presents so I'm going to stick with celebrating with whatever family we're with on her actually birthday.  Just a small cake-and-presents celebration to let her know that December 22nd is special and just for her.

This year we were in Pine Bluff with my parents so they got to do the birthday celebrating with Sarah.  Mom was so nice to get Sarah a pink cake and balloons just as she requested.  (Remember, since daddy's birthday Sarah has been wanting a pink cake and been obsessed with balloons.)

 Excited to open presents!
 Cute new clothes from Uncle Pete and Tia Elizabeth
 A new Furry Friend sent from Build a Bear with a Happy Birthday Shirt, cupcake, and a special note inside wishing her a "Beary Happy Birthday".  Thanks Amy at Build a Bear who's been helping me plan Sarah's party!
 Tearing the paper off in little bits as fast as she can to get to what she's been asking for for over 6 months:
 It's ARIEL!  She exclaimed.  She is absolutely in love with this doll.  She saw them at Walmart over the summer and said that she wanted it then.  We've visited them at Costco many times where I told her they lived.  And she was thrilled that this Ariel came home to live with her.  I was a little worried though because just this past week all of a sudden she started saying she wanted Cinderella.  
 Some new clothes and a Rapunzel dress up dress from Grandma and Grandpa Smith.  
 She loves her new princess gown and will be wearing it to her Birthday Party next month.  

 Singing Happy Birthday to our Princess.  

She had a very happy birthday.  Her favorite gifts are the Ariel doll and Princess dress.  My favorite gift is the Minnie Mouse rolling luggage that Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz gave her.  Sarah likes it too mind you.  She proudly rolled it out of their house and gladly helped me pack it for our trip to my parents house and then rolled it in there.  But I LOVE that thing!  It is so cool and adorable.  I'm going to have to keep my eye out for a matching Mickey Mouse one for Cody.  In fact, we need to run to the mall today and Disney is having their semi-annual sale.  Perhaps I'll get lucky.

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  1. Wow! I'll have to check out Build-A-Bear for my son's winter birthday!