Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Schwartz's vs The Mini Fashionista

This morning we were getting ready to go to the gym for Sarah's yoga class.  It's warm here today so I said she could wear shorts if she wanted.  She flipped out!

Sarah: No Mommy I can't wear shorts!  I have to wear my dress!  My polk-a-dot dress.
Me: Sarah, you wore your polk-a-dot dress yesterday.  It's dirty.  And you can't wear a dress today you have yoga class.
Sarah: But Moooooooommmmmmm!  I have to wear a dress.  Or else I can't spin.
Me: Sarah, you need to wear pants or shorts to yoga class.
Sarah: Mooooooommmmmmmm, I have to wear a dress or I won't be a princess.  I am a princess.  I have to wear a dress.

We compromised with a dress and leggings.  After she got done dressing herself she came out and turned to the side and jutted her butt out and said, "Hey, mommy, how I look?  I look beautiful!"
Heaven help me in 12 years.

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