Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Sweet Moments

(Sorry for the borrowed picture, sneaks just went up today and this set melts my heart.)

Sarah and Cody are growing more fond of each other.  Well, I guess they've always liked each other but they are better about expressing it now.  When it's time for bed or naps, I'll tell them to give each other a hug and kiss and Cody will walk towards Sarah and she'll wrap her arms around him and squeeze him and kiss him.  He always smiles real big, until he gets annoyed then he tries to push her off.  Sarah will tell me things like, "That's my baby Cody.  He's a handsome man.  He's my best friend."  Which always makes me smile for a couple reasons, one because she's just repeating everything I tell her, and two because I hope that she actually means it.

Yesterday both of the kids woke up grumpy from their naps.  Cody's usually grumpy when he gets up from his nap so that's nothing new.  But Sarah was being especially whiney.  After about 5 minutes Cody was over it and happily walking around the house and playing with things but Sarah was still going strong on her tantrum.  10 minutes passed, Sarah is still whining and crying and having a fit.  Another few minutes passed and Cody looked at her and then went into her room.  He came out with her Roar.   Sometimes he goes and gets her Roar just to torment her.  He clearly does it to make her mad because he has a huge smile on his face and he hugs it close to him and won't let go.  And it sets her off every time.  So when I saw him come out with it this time I thought, "Oh come on!  Please don't torment your sister right now.  She's in a funky mood as it is!"  But then he pushed her a little to get her attention and held Roar out for her.  He went and got her Roar because she was crying!  

I gave him the biggest hug and kiss and told him he was the sweetest boy ever.  Sarah immediately stopped crying and after some prompting she told Cody thank you and that he was a sweet boy.  

I know that we'll have plenty of fights over toys and many times where I'll hear stupid things like, "he's looking at me" or "she's touching me".  But sweet moments like the one today give me hope that they will often show each other that they truly love and care for one another.  I'm so in love with both of them.  And I'm so glad they both love each other as well.  After all, they are best friends.

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  1. Precious, absolutely worth the crazy moments to get to have and witness these sweet, tender ones.

    And, WOW! Those photos are amazing! I love the dress and little man's outfit, the poses, the sweet candid smiles, the whole thing is perfect! Awesome.