Monday, November 26, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Gobble Gobble!

I think I may actually like Thanksgiving more than Christmas, especially when Ma' Schwartz is on a culinary kick decides she wants to do all the cooking herself.  

Since I didn't have to cook anything in the morning I decided to head over with the kids and let them cheer for Chris in the annual Elders Quorum Turkey Bowl.  
 Chris is the one in green.
 Sarah loved cheering for Daddy!  She would yell "Go daddy go!" and then, "Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!"  After Chris missed a passed I told her to yell, "That's ok daddy!  You're old."  I'm such a supportive wife.

 Awesome action shoot, but I need a better zoom lens.  Sorry.

After the kids got a little tired of me telling them they couldn't go on the field they found other ways to keep themselves entertained.  Sarah started collecting acorns.  She was very excited about how many there were all over the ground.  Some she pocketed, others she gave to me and Cody to put "in the hole".

 See the hole in the yard marker.  Yeah, that's where they were depositing the ones that Sarah didn't put in her pocket and Cody didn't put in his mouth.  The weather was nice so it was great to be able to let the kids play outside and cheer for Daddy.

After the Turkey Bowl it was time to shower and get dressed and ready to head to Ma and Pa Schwartz's for our Thanksgiving feast.  Sarah was very excited about her new turkey shirt and even let me give her "princess hair" with her turkey bow pinned in.  And she tried as hard as she could to cooperate for pictures.  So the not really looking at the camera and cheesy pain smile is about as good as it gets.

 Sweet Sarah
 Silly Cody
 Two of the things I am most thankful for in my life.

After some pictures and a little bit of play time lunch was ready.  And I must say it was the best fried turkey I have ever had.  I had to really contain myself from not going back and picking and munching on the skins.  They were so crispy and yummy.  The turkey was very flavorful and wasn't dry at all.  It was delicious!  We even bummed some leftovers because it was so good!  Sarah was still on her anti-potato kick so she mostly ate bread and turkey.  But Cody was loving all forms of potatoes.  He was going to town on the sweet potatoes by the double fist full.  I really wanted to get up for seconds of just about everything but I'm a little crazy and never want to seem like I'm eating as much as Chris or more than others and since everyone wasn't diving head first into second plate fulls I resisted the temptation.  (Then begged for leftovers so I could shame eat a ton at home without anyone knowing/judging.)  But I'm sure it's a good thing I restrained myself since I'm in the home stretch of training for my first Half Marathon.

Then it was back outside to enjoy the shockingly warm weather.  Grandpa Schwartz raked up a big pile of leaves for the kids to play in.  It was pretty awesome.  As Chris and I drove home we discussed how glad we were that Sarah and Cody got to do that because neither of us could recall doing it as a kid.  There weren't that many trees or that kind of tree at my parents house growing up and Chris's family didn't move to that house until high school for him, well past the age when you want to jump in leaf piles.  So seeing Sarah and Cody enjoy that was wonderful.     

Jump!  (You can barely see the top of her head there.)

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day that we got to spend together as family.  While I wish that my family still lived in town on a day to day basis I actually like that we don't have to split homes and run to different places on holidays.  We get to just relax and enjoy all our time with the family that we're with.

I love that we get to kick off the holiday season with a day to remember all the things we are grateful for before we start lusting after new things.  The older I get the shorter my Christmas list becomes because  I realize I really already have everything I could ever want.  And I'm most thankful for that.

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