Monday, November 12, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's a Walker

I'm a couple weeks late in posting this.  Cody is officially a walker now!  He walks more than he crawls and he is loving life.  He spends most of his mornings just walking around the house because he can.  He'll stop from time to time and clap for himself or giggle because he's so excited he's doing it.  I find different things in different rooms now because he likes to carry stuff when he walks, then when he gets to a new room he finds something different to pick up and carry.

I love the walker stage.  I love watching him toddle around.  I think it's adorable when he changes directions on accident and then just goes with it pretending he meant to do that.  I love hearing his squeals of delight as he walks himself from one room to the next.

Anyway, check out our little walker below:

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