Monday, November 26, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Cody's 14 Months Old

Cody you are 14 months old now and here's what you're up to:

* You wear 12 month clothes, size 4 shoes, and a size 3 diaper.
* You are a great walker now and I rarely see you resort to crawling.
* You are still a climber and I have caught you on top of Sarah's stool many many times.
* You are a snacker.  You love to snack on cheerios, animal crackers, gummies, and freeze dried fruit.  You demand a snack as soon as I come in the nursery at the gym and the minute you wake up from your nap.
* Your appetite comes and goes from day to day and meal to meal.  Breakfast is usually your most consistent meal.  You love waffles with strawberry jam or yogurt on top or a packet of oatmeal.  Lunch is usually deli meat and carrots (still can't get you to really eat any other vegetables) or a sandwich.  And dinner is whatever we're having.  In fact if we cut up your food too much and it doesn't look like what we're having you get angry and think we've done the ol' bait and switch on you.
* You love mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.  You will shove those in by the hand full and get them everywhere in the process but you don't mind.
* You enjoy bath time more now then you have in the past.  You like to play with the toys and splash the water everywhere.
* You're doing a better job taking naps.  You go down around 1 and usually sleep till about 3:30.
* You are a bed time rock star!  You don't fuss at all when we lay you down in your crib.  You like the 2 paci system.  I put one in your mouth and you like to hold on to another one, not sure why, maybe as an emergency back up system.  We cover you with a blanket and then turn on Scout and we don't hear a peep out of you until the morning.  You go to bed at 7 pm and sleep until 7 am.
* You only have 3 words you can say, momma, daddy, and yummy-yum (food).
* You have an extensive comprehensive vocabulary.  Daddy and I have been really impressed with some of the things you've understood that we've said to you.
     --For example, I've asked you to go throw something away and you walked to the trash can in the pantry.  You put it in, but then you pulled it back out because you weren't done playing with it.
     --Daddy asked you to throw something away when you were in Sarah's room and you tried to put it into the Diaper Genie.  When that didn't work he told you to go throw it in the trash can in the bathroom so you went to the bathroom and tried to put it in the trash can in there.
     --You understand the word shower and get upset when I tell you I'm going to take one.
     --You understand when I say, "Get in your chair" and you walk over to your high chair and start trying to climb in.
     --You know who Sarah is and will look for her when we ask you either where Sarah or "Sissy" is.
     --You know the names of various toys and will retrieve them when asked to do so.
* You blow kisses and make the noise with your mouth and everything.  It's adorable.
* You communicate mostly through grunting, pointing, and reaching.  We are trying very hard to reinforce words by telling you what it is when we hand you want you were grunting/reaching for.
* You know who Darth Vadar is.  It's pretty awesome!  If I sing the Imperial Death March to you you'll go look for your Darth Vadar toy and bring him to me.
* You love to brush your teeth.
* You know where you belly is and will play the belly bongos.
* One day you were "roar"ing when you were playing with dinosaurs.  I'm going to count that as your first animal sound.
* You are a determined little problem solver.  You've already figured out that the door handles will let you in and out of rooms but you can't quite reach them yet.  When Sarah was still napping last week you wanted into her room.  When the door handle failed you, you went and got my rolling desk chair and attempted to use it as a battering ram to get into her room.
* You are opinionated and bossy.  Yesterday you had an argument with Sarah in the kitchen over your snacks.  You got cheerios and she got a pack of gummies.  You were all in her face yelling gibberish at her and motioning to her gummies.  I think we all pretty much understood that you were telling her that she needed to give you her gummies.
* You like to push people.  You think it's funny.  I accidently facilitated that by laughing and playing along when you would push me.  I'm now trying to undo that.  Sorry.
* You have the most serious face a majority of the time but the biggest and brightest smile when something amuses you.

You are my handsome little man, daddy's little shadow, Sarah's best friend, and an important piece of our family puzzle.  We love you!

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  1. Your kids sleep 12 hours a night? I'm not sure we can be friends.