Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Chris is 35!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Tuesday was Chris's 35th birthday.  I use to go all out for Chris's birthday's.  For his 30th I threw him a HUGE 80s themed murder mystery party.  It was pretty awesome and therefore I deemed it good enough for at least 5 years.  Well, it's been 5 years so I figured I better finally do something for him again.  Now that I'm a stay at homer, I've got to get creative about gifts for Chris.  I generally have 2 options, 1) something cheap that I hope he thinks is cute/sweet/an appropriate gift for the occasion, OR 2) ask him what he wants and can I have the money to go buy it for him.  This has probably been the hardest adjustment to not having my own income.  His first birthday as a stay at home mom, I seriously just listed 33 reasons why I loved him on a piece of scrapbook paper and called it good.  Last year I went with the "please name me 3 things you'd like and give me enough money to cover the most expensive one and I'll pick from your list and 'surprise' you since you won't know which one you're getting".  I got him a watch.  It's pretty awesome and actually way better than the one he picked since they didn't have it.  

So for this year I wanted to involve the kids and do something creative and fun.  I came up with an awesome idea and then was actually able to keep it a secret from him.  I stink at keeping secrets, as soon as I know what I want to get for him or do for him I pretty much can't help but blab because I get so excited.  So keeping something a secret was a big deal for me!

We joined daddy at work for lunch.  We made him pumpkin spice Star Wars cupcakes.

Sarah's been pretty excited about daddy's birthday too.  We have 3 family birthdays in September, Cody, Grandma Schwartz, and Grandpa Smith, and since we celebrated all of them back to back to back Sarah's been talking about birthdays a lot.  So for about 2 weeks she's been telling me Daddy's birthday is next and when I asked her what she wanted to get him, she'd tell me, "A pink cake.  Daddy wants a pink cake."  Thankfully when we went to the store the day before his birthday didn't have any pink cakes.  (When we went grocery shopping a few days prior they actually had some pink breast cancer awareness cakes and I was a little worried for Chris and thought he'd be getting one of those.)  She took some time picking out a cake for Chris.  She eyeballed a Spongebob one for a bit "because it's funny.  It's a funny cake mom."  And she definitely almost picked the Spiderman ring topped cupcakes.  Then the bakery lady at Wallyworld suggested a cookie cake.  Sarah was sold!  It was already blue, so Sarah said, "Well, how about some sparkles on it."  And the lady was nice enough to oblige and put a few pink, purple, and green sprinkles on some of the cake as well as write "Happy Birthday Daddy".  She even gave Sarah an Aurora ring that would have topped a cupcake.  

Then we went to peruse the toy aisle for some gifts for Chris.  Sarah confidently exclaimed, "Daddy wants a new princess" as we walked past the pink aisle.  So we talked about things she and daddy like to do together.  After some thought she said, "he likes to play blocks with me."  So we headed over to the lego aisle for her to pick out a gift.  I tried to push her to the smaller creator car series that he normally gets in his stocking but she saw the new Marvel series and could not be swayed.  Cody was upset that Sarah got to pick something and sounded his "that's not fair" alarm until I handed him a box too.

After nap time on Chris's birthday we rushed back to the store to buy some balloons.  Again, Sarah almost picked out one of the pink breast cancer awareness balloons before surprisingly choosing a ballon that actually said Happy Birthday.  Chris seemed a little confused by the Scooby Doo pick and when we asked her why she chose that one she simply said, "because it's daddy's favorite."

Sarah helped Chris open presents. 

Yea!  New legos.  Unfortunately Iron Man has already lost his head.  I'm pretty sure Cody threw it in the potty and Sarah flushed it down the next time she used it.  

Then Friday we had Chris's "party" or the big surprise I had planned for him.  Chris loves to camp.  At some point while we were dating I did what most girls do and lied to the man I wanted to marry.  "Sure I love camping" I said.  Lies!  All lies!  I think we've been 2 or 3 times since we've been married.  Chris has gone with his guy friends a few other times.  But knowing that he loves camping I decided to surprise him and have a camp in.  So Thursday while he was at work late I strung Christmas lights across the living room ceiling to be the "stars" and Friday while the kids were napping and Chris was at work I, ALL BY MYSELF, pitched our tent in the living room.  It was really difficult!  I couldn't figure it out and at one point had to phone a friend who said, "Shove the poles in the tabs."  When I couldn't find them she said, "Oh my gosh Natalie do I have to come over and pitch your tent for you."  I really wanted to say, "yes please" but toughed it out and upon further examination still couldn't find tabs but shoved the poles into some small corners and hoped for the best.  I had to stand on a kitchen chair as I tried to get the poles into the top thing and was terrified that one of them was going to snap up and stab itself through the tv.  "Surprise Chris, we're getting a new TV" was not part of the plan.  But it all worked out.

Showing the kids post naps.

Cody was a little confused by the tent but Sarah was really excited.  I was pretty excited too.  I was so giddy I almost wanted to go real camping.  Almost.  

To continue with our camping theme I set up the fire pit for roasting hot dogs for dinner and making smores later.  Of course, this was another thing that Chris always does not me so I was nervous about how to get it started and how long it would take me so I had Chris call me before he left work, a 30 minute commute home.  It took me all of 5 minutes to get the fire going.  I used a cheater log.  It shot up a HUGE flame so I was afraid to leave it unattended to go in the house so I let the kids play in the sandbox while we waited for Chris to finally get home.  

Thankfully since I started the fire so early it had almost died out by the time Chris got there so I felt ok leaving it so I could show him what I had put together for him.  I told Sarah not tell Daddy anything about the fire or tent.  I sent her around to the front of the house while I opened the garage and the first thing she said was, "Daddy! Look fire!"  Thankfully that seemed so not correct that Chris thought she had told him to "follow".  So we had daddy close his eyes and I bumped him into many things as I walked him into the living room.

He was very surprised and said many times, "This is so awesome."  I'm glad he liked it.  And so did the kids.  It was a great family activity.
 Roasting hot dogs for dinner.

After dinner the kids got baths while I cleaned up.  Then it was time for our fun family activity, watching Chris's favorite Disney movie The Lion King.  We all snuggled in the tent and watched it through the "window".  Sarah loved it.  Cody bailed around 7.  He was getting grumpy from being so tired but Sarah lasted the whole movie and got to have Smores afterwards.

Making Smores

After Smores we read Sarah her bedtime story in the tent and then declared lights out and unplugged the stars.  It was 2 hours past Sarah's bedtime so I was surprised she didn't immediately ask to go to her bed.  But she laid there for long enough that I was ready to go to bed so I asked her if she wanted to go lay in her bed.  She obliged so that I could bail too.  What?  I have a bed, I'm not sleeping on my floor.  =)

All in all it was a great birthday week and Chris has declared this the best birthday yet.  



    I love sarah's input.. She is so girly. It's so cute!

  2. You are so cool! I love how creative and loving you are to your family.