Monday, October 8, 2012

The Schwartz's vs The Weekend in PBAR

Last weekend I took the kids to go visit my parents for my dad's big 60th Birthday.  Chris stayed home; he had 2 tests to study for and a kitchen floor to re-grout.

It was a nice, relaxing weekend as evidenced by the fact that I hardly took any pictures.  Which is a down right shame because for whatever reason my dad thought it would be cool to dress up like your favorite Book of Mormon figure for the BoM/Birthday dinner for dad at church.  Hi.lar.i.ous!  Mom bought him a pharos costume and I think he was supposed to be Lehi or something.  He looked more like Wicked King Noah and so his congregation was giving him a hard time.  It was awesome.  I had an important job of bringing over the birthday cakes which were enjoyed by all and well received.

The kids traveled well.  Cody was front facing for the drive and had a tv screen.  I think he watched a little bit of Bolt and slept some but there was no excessive and long spouts of crying so that was a miracle.  I haven't been to my parents in a really long time because he cried the entire 3 hour drive last time, and I seriously almost killed my entire family in a car accident when I lost control of the Freestyle doing 80 on the interstate and almost popped up on the wrong side of the road in front of 2 semis before I corrected and fish tailed in the grassy median and stopped the car.  It was seriously a miracle that we all were ok and the car drove away from that.  So, after that terrible trip I was a little gun shy to do the drive all by myself again.  Thankfully it was great and now I feel better about traveling again.

Grandma had a special surprise for Sarah.  She bought one of the twin bed some toddler rails and Sarah got to sleep in the same room with me in her very own big girl bed.  She did a really good job and didn't get out of her bed at all during the night.  She snored and it was cute.  The next day I said, "Sarah, you snore."  And she replied, "Yes, I snore like mommy."  Awesome.  The second night she woke up about 3ish and started playing with her stuffed animals, Buttercup, and her leapfrog dog Violet.  The next day I told her she shouldn't play with her stuff during the night that she's supposed to sleep and she said, "Mom! I wasn't playing with them."  In a completely exasperated voice.  I said, "so what were you doing?"  Her reply, "I was just talking to them."  I think if she physically knew how to roll her eyes, she would have done so.

Anyway, we did what we normally do.  We played at the big fish in the mall.   

Got spoiled by Grandma's cooking and ate way to much.  Enjoyed having Sarah's affections directed at someone else.  I think she said "Grandma" well over a million times in this short visit.  I'm pretty sure mom was excited to see us go so she could have some peace back in her home.

But the exciting news was Cody turned into a big boy over the weekend.
He learned how to climb in and out of the chair all by himself.  Started taking 2 and 3 steps between people.  But most importantly, he let other people touch him and play with him.  Strangers even.  He willingly went over the pew to the people in front of us at church and let them hold him and play with him.  I was shocked!  Cody hates everyone!  It was nice to see him interacting with new people and not being terrified and screaming bloody murder.  Hallelujah!

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