Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Fall Break Fun

Chris had fall break from school last week.  For middle and high schools around here that would mean a whole week off.  But for UofM students it means 2 days.  For Chris it means an one extra day to be home at a normal time instead of having to work really late.  We've been talking about taking the kids to the pumpkin patch but every Saturday fills up so fast.  We haven't had an empty Saturday in months. So we decided to have Chris take off last Wednesday for a little Family Fall Break.  He still had to go to class in the morning but made it home in time for us to pack a picnic and head to the pumpkin patch.

We went to Priddy Farms in Bartlett.  I've never been and apparently have driven past it a million times without noticing it because it's someone's house.  It's just a house.  It was kind of hilarious to me.  They bill it online as having a huge playground for kids and picnic tables for picnics, a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.  And we pulled up to someone's house and parked in their front yard.  And as much as it made me laugh because I had envisioned something completely different, I realized it was perfect for our family and completely age appropriate.  Both Sarah and Cody LOVED our trip to Priddy Farms.  We sat at a picnic table under a huge tree and ate our lunch while Sarah eyed the big boat with slides and the tree house with swings to play on.  There were a number of cute photo stations set up and lots of pumpkins of various sizes to choose from.  There were a few other families there and Sarah made fast friends with the other tots her size quickly calling them her best friends.

So after we finished eating the rule was Sarah had to let me take a few pictures before she could go play.  Don't you love her hair?  She normally won't let me fix her hair at all.  And has often times, when I've tried to put it up for her, told me very pointedly that doing her hair is JUST for dance class.  But she was a totally butt head this morning and we'd been having a rough time so to make it up to me she let me do her hair.  =)  Mommy wins!

 Sometimes this is as good as it gets for look at the camera and smile.

Then Sarah got released from picture duties to go play and we tried to take some of just Cody.

After some play time and Cody taking all the mini pumpkins off the pallets it was time for the hay ride out to the "pumpkin patch".  So I thought we'd go out and pick a pumpkin off the vines.  No.  It was a field with the pumpkin pie size pumpkins scatter through it like some sort of Easter egg hunt.  Chris and I just laughed.  But the kids loved it!

 There were so many pumpkins to choose and Sarah changed her mind multiple times before settling on her pumpkin and we let her pick one for Cody.  Cody just enjoyed crawling around and throwing the pumpkins.  (He's going through the throwing stage.)  Then it was back to play for a little while longer before picking Mommy and Daddy's pumpkins and heading home.
 He's a rocket man!
 Yeehaw!  Cowgirl Sarah riding the tire horse.
I really like those rocket bucket swings a lot better than the infant swing we have right now.  I may need to find those for Christmas.

We really had a great time.  It was nice to have a day off in the middle of the week with daddy.  And it was especially nice of him to take off on a Wednesday so he could come to dance class.  He got to enjoy watching Sarah through the window and doing all the shoe changes where she STILL (months into doing dance) throws her arms around you while you are changing her shoes and tells you "This is so fun!"  

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  1. When we went to Priddy Farms I laughed too. Not at all what I expected, but it turned out to be fun for the kids anyway. You can cut your own Christmas tree there too.