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The Schwartz's vs The Color Run 2012

Way back in May a group of us signed up for the Color Run.  It was quite a fun motley crew type of group.  There were ladies from our ward, and friends from other wards, and friends who weren't members, and a few kids, and some sisters, and my husband and his brother.  Basically a nice random assortment of people.  Our team name was No Need for Speed since some of the ladies were sure they wouldn't be able to run it, and a few people on the team are hard core runners (totally not talking about me here...we had a marathoner with us).  Plus the Color Run is an un-timed event so there was no need to sprint your little heart out.  

The race started at 9 am with waves of 1000-1500 people every 5 minutes and you could start lining up in the corral at 8:30.  So I wanted to get there around 8 so we'd have time to get the lay of the land and everything.  I know there is a lot of waiting around for races to start but for whatever reason I'd rather hurry up and get there early to wait around.  It lets me work through all of my pre-race crazies.  So to get there in time for me to get my crazy under control we met at the church at 7 am.  Man that's early for a Saturday!

The part of the group that met in Millington to carpool.
And then we did the whole waiting thing.  =)  Which is always a good time to take pictures.
 Annie and I waiting in the pre-race photo line.  That's right this is a photo of us waiting to take a photo.
 Chris and I one arming it for our pre-race photo.  I'm normally not a fan of the one arm unless you are doing it for the sheer I'm-just-doing-this-to-be-silly factor.  Generally I prefer just to ask someone around to please take a picture for us.  However, at the Color Run there are a lot of one arm photos because everyone's hands are so dirty and nasty from the powder it was hard to find a clean spectator to take a picture.  So if a dirty hand had to work the camera I preferred it to be mine just in case something happened.
 One of our friends who signed up way back when was sick and couldn't come.  A totally bummer!  However, when Cam found out that I wasn't really going to be "running" it and would walk most of it with my other friends she decided to buy our ill friend's packet off her.  Win-win, well except for the lose part of Jen not being able to come...

So after Cam got there we joined the rest of the group in the corral.  Thanks to cell phones I was actually able to the rest of my friends in the sea of white.  So we lined up and then waited, and waited in the corral for the wave starts.  I'm not sure which wave we were in.  But there were a ton of us!
 Amy, Annie, and Michelle

 So the below photo is courtesoy of Chris.  For Houston's birthday Chris signed him up to run the Color Run together.  Then Adam and Hayes signed up too.  So it was a fun little Schwartz men group.  We were all on the same team (team members get a discounted registration fee) but not really together.  Chris and I didn't even ride together though we some how managed to get parked near each other so that was neat.  Anyway, I called Chris while we were in the huge corral and was telling him to have a good time and all that stuff and then asked if he could see me.  He said, "I don't know jump up in the air."  So I laughed and then decided to do it just for fun and he actually saw me!  So we scooted up to him and and him take a picture of our girls' group with the crowd in the background to try to show how huge this event is.
Then I tried to take one for him.
 The Schwartz Boys Pre-Run

Eventually our wave was let go and we all started moving.  Everyone in our part of the group was jogging at first but I get a little claustrophobic and started moving into holes and stuff and Cam and I got separated from everyone else.  So after we went through the yellow color zone we stopped and asked someone to take our picture and then waited for the other ladies.

I think I pretty much perfected the zone pass through for highest color coverage.  I read on someone else's blog that you really need to stop and stand in front of the people to get good color coverage so that's what I did.  I picked a side and walked slowly through letting each volunteer spray me with my hands up in the air and I turned circles so I could get it on the front and back.  Then I realized that there was a ton of color on the ground so after I got through the people, I sat down and wiggled in it to get it on my booty too.  =)  
 Post Zone 1: Yellow

Then we walked with them for a little bit and I wanted to start running some more so I did.  I lost all the ladies but some how managed to catch up to Chris who came out of the first zone pretty clean.  I ran ahead to get an action shot of him.  =)

 And we stayed close enough to each other that I managed to talk him into taking my post second zone color progression picture with me.
 Post Zone 2: Pink
After that he and the Schwartz Boys zoomed off and I didn't see them until the finish.

I waited on the side walk for a few minutes and found the rest of my ladies and then decided to stick with their tempo from then on.  Yes, I could run the whole thing but it's not timed and it's not the point. So we jogged when they felt like it and walked when they didn't.  We laughed, talked, and had a good time. 

When we got to the 3rd zone the first color sprayers were being stingy but the ones near the end were going to town so we got fully dosed.  It looks like we feel into a vat of Cheetos!  Um, go Big Orange!?!
 Color Zone 3: Orange

We jogged a little bit more and then came to a complete stand still for the last color zone.  Not sure what was going there but there was a huge back up for blue.  And since it was the last one we got a little crazy and others finally saw the genius in my plan to roll on the ground.  Cam laid down to make a blue angel, and since it was blue instead of sitting I decided to lay down and swim.  

Then it was into the home stretch for the final paint party.  In your race packet they give you color packet to save for the final paint party.  Every 15 minutes they do a count down and then you are supposed to throw your paint in the air into a big poof.  Some people didn't seem to understand that so when they'd cross the finish line they just started throwing their paint up.  We went with that theory.  I think Eliza and Michelle got the post paint coverage in our finisher line's celebration.
 Eliza and Michelle

Chris and I one-arming it for our post race picture.

We had a great time!  This was definitely a fun event to do.  While I really enjoy the fun and excitement of beating a time goal with other 5Ks, it was nice to have an event where I had friends to do it with me. I'm really glad that Chris was able to do it as well.  Often times we have to pick which one of us gets to go and do a race or something because of child care (like since I'm running the St. Jude Half this year, Chris didn't sign up for the 5K even though he really enjoyed it in 2010 when we did it).  But we were both able to go since Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz let Cody and Sarah stay the night with them and brought them to the run.  

P.S. Since we were already in midtown we decided to go to the zoo afterwards.  Yep, without changing.  We got some pretty funny looks since we looked dirty and homeless.

It was Chris's turn to kiss the giraffe.  

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  1. You are such a hoot; always sure to have a good time!