Monday, September 10, 2012

The Schwartz's vs Wright Medical Company Picnic 2012

I really need to get photoshop or something to start making collages.  It seems like posting 29 pictures individually is a bit much but we had such a great time so here ya go:

Saturday was the annual company picnic.  Each year it's more fun as the kids get older and able to do more things.  This year Sarah had an absolute blast, but poor Cody couldn't do much.  Next year will be better for him.

This year they had something new and after you signed in they had you go over to the photo booth to take a silly family picture.

 Sarah tried on lots of different items.
 Cody was not a fan of the hat.
 Schwartz family fun.

Then it was time to hit the kiddie rides.  And although I asked at every kiddie ride, poor Cody was just not old enough to be strapped in next to Sarah.  So he watched as she rode:
 the airplanes
 The dinos
And the train.

Then we headed over to ride the go-carts.  
 Poor daddy got a slow cart when it was his turn to drive Sarah.  He said he got passed by everyone.
 But when it was my turn we lucked into getting one of the fastest carts and we zoomed past everyone. Sarah had a great time on the go-carts.  She giggled the whole way and said, "we go real fast!"

Afterwards we headed over to the bumper boats.  Since it was still early there was no line so Chris and Sarah were out there for quite a while and people weren't being vicious with the sprayers so they stayed relatively dry.

Cody longingly looked on at Sarah having all the fun.  Look at that pouty lip.  Since there were only 2 boats out there I scooped up Cody and asked if he could ride with me.  The kid working the boats said, "Um, it's my first day so I'm not sure.  But the sign doesn't say he can't..."  So with that we hopped into a boat and took a couple spins around the water.  Cody loved it.  I think he was just happy to finally be getting to do something.  Of course there are no pictures because I had the camera.

 By the time we were done with the kiddie rides we met up with Grandma and Grandpa to eat lunch.  And then play some more.  Grandma took Sarah down the giant inflatable slide.

 Then the ponies arrived for Sarah's annual pony ride and our family pony picture that we do every year.
 Cody's first pony ride.
 He hated it.  He didn't cry per say, but he whined the whole time.
 3rd annual family pony picture.

 Face painting time!

 Cody and his balloon sword.  Sarah got a ladybug bracelet and Cody got a sword.  He was so funny with it.  He swung it around and as best as he could was making the "arrrrrg!" sound.  Such a cute boy!

Then it was time for one last ride with Grandma and Grandpa before they had to head over to the lake house.  Grandpa talked Grandma into taking Sarah on the bumper boats.

 I think she had a pretty good time squirting random kids in the head.  Look closely at this picture and you can see the trail of water heading towards that unsuspecting kid's head.  The both got off the boat throughly soaked.
 Schwartz Boys waiting at the bumper boats.

They had a rock climbing wall/hydraulic trampoline set up this year.  I asked if there was a weight or height minimum for Sarah and they said as long as she fit in the harness she could do it.  Score!  She watched another little girl about her size do it and was excited but wandered over to the bouncy house while the girls right in front got set up.  This was probably for the best because they screamed bloody murder and then the next kid decided not to even try.  So Chris grabbed Sarah out of the bouncy house for her turn.

 She thought it was great!  She kept saying, "look at me!  I flying!" and "I'm really high!  Look!  I jump high!"
 Then since there was no line for the ponies she proceeded to ride every one again multiple times.  She's such a big girl now she doesn't even need us to walk beside her anymore.

 In the end, we let Sarah play in the bounce house while Cody crawled around as we waited to hear that for another year there would be no door prize win for us.  Ah well, at least Chris won $15 in Bingo.  =)

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